Because of 2B, the global network is now forcibly united.

At this moment, as long as netizens use electronic devices, they will automatically install an electronic APP, Duowei Technology Co., Ltd.

Most of the world's eight billion people who can type have started speaking on this platform.

In addition to the front page about the competition of the world's first Heroes Canyon Finals and the online barrage,

The rest are forums, novels, comics, videos, and other secondary pages.

At this moment, when all netizens are forcibly connected together, the global human mind has begun to collide fiercely.

Online barrage on the homepage of the whole network

(Netizen C: "I really want those cyberprosthetics, which are said to be used by many people with disabilities.") These cyberprosthetics can have a very amazing improvement even if we normal people use it. ")

(Asuna: "I just saw the Cyber dermis, implanted with this skin that is immune to conventional 7.62mm rifle cartridges. And it has the same tactile sensation as normal skin.

Very effective for those with severe burns.

And if the price is more expensive, there is also a conventional civilian version that is not bulletproof. ")

(Kuroyukihime: "My friend used to lose mobility on both legs because the cyberexoskeleton can now walk normally.

If you don't want to install a prosthesis, you can also use an exoskeleton. ")

(Ai Hayasaka: "It is said that this company also has mecha, but I don't know if they are willing to sell it?") It looks so handsome.

I'd like to buy one if I can. ")

(Chika Fujiwara: "The exoskeleton is so handsome!") I just bought a jetpack, it's so cool, hey~~! duang!" )

At this moment, the leader of the United Nations, A, officially spoke.

Leader A: "From now on, the issue of earth security will be fully handed over to Duowei Technology Co., Ltd.

The Leaf Force Mechanical Girl produced by Duowei Technology Co., Ltd. conducts global security maintenance and has the power to cut first and then play.

Any offender who is sufficient to impose the death penalty has the right of priority to kill. "

At this moment, this discourse fell, and the world boiled again.

They are witnessing the birth of history, and everything has changed since the arrival of the dragon Thor in this world.

All netizens don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but everyone knows that this is a turning point in the fate of mankind.

Whether human beings became extinct under the advent of the dragon god Sol, or took off from then on, was all within Sol's thoughts.

Surrender and satisfy the dragon god Thor. This is what is on the minds of many people in this world.

After all, in the face of gods who can reverse time and manipulate the planet at will, it would be ridiculous for them to resist.

White wears a commander's uniform and is in charge of the combat missions of the Leaf Force around the world.

The evil hidden in the depths of darkness was excavated by them, and countless drug dealers, criminals, and arms leaders were killed one by one on the spot.

After the Zhiye forces completely controlled the situation, Shi Wei once again received a hundred copies of the World Origin from this world.

"It's really an unexpected gain, I didn't expect that cultivating your own forces in this world would have this effect."

Shi Wei was a little excited.

"The life of the Dragon King is so unpretentious and boring, I now have the authority of an emperor, the power of a god.

Now it's better to watch the beautiful girl competition and chat with the group. "

[Shi Wei: "Hinata, how is your family now?" Didn't you say before that you want to cooperate with Regency and Win Zheng? "】

As soon as Hinata Hinata saw the message from Shiwei, her face immediately turned pink and red.

"Brother Shivi, the Hyuga family has now become the richest ninja clan in Konoha Village!

Thank you, if it weren't for your matchmaking, my family wouldn't have been able to rise at all. "

[Regxi: "Big brother, thank you for your help. Now all the students in my academy and school are starting to idolize me. "】

[Shi Wei: "Just now, I created 100,000 members of the Leaf Sending Force and conveniently took over the global security problem.

Now I feel very empty, and I have nothing to do except talk to everyone. "】

[Machima: "Come and play with me!"] Didn't you say that you were empty? "】

Hinata Hinata was already a little anxious when she saw Machima's words. She made up her mind to ask.

"Brother Shi Wei, when will you come to play with me, my side is ready."

"Soon, it should be in these days. The situation in my world has not completely stabilized. In the past two days, there may be some people who are anxious to jump out. "

[Ying Zheng: "Mr. Shi Wei, the army on my side has almost been assembled, and now it is time to fight everywhere.

Of course, I have also begun to send people around the world to start looking for the elixir of life. "】

Shi Wei didn't expect Ying Zheng's action to be so fast, "Ying Zheng, all your things are ready?" "

Ying Zheng directly posted all the photos he saw in the barracks to the group.

"This is what I saw before in the barracks, because food and water are the two most important things, and Regency and Hinata are more than enough to support my legion at the moment.

And the problem of water sources can therefore be completely free.

It's really great. No matter what hot food you want to eat, the group can send it through red envelopes. The oligarchs have never fought such a rich battle!

Therefore, the widow must drive the army so that not only can supplies be sent to the various armies at any time, but also the first to detect changes in the battle situation. "

Shi Wei thought about it; "Ying Zheng, do you want me to help?"

I can directly use the concept spell to blow everyone except the territory of Daqin to self-detonate. "

Ying Zheng heard this cold sweat all over his body, "Don't, the oligarchs are going to conquer those populations." I believe in my Daqin's assimilation ability.

In a hundred years, everyone in the world will be the people of Daqin! In this way, people around the world work together, and I think we can be richer too. "

Unexpectedly, the amount of Zhengzheng's instrument was so high, and Shi Wei also understood the other party's thoughts.

"Well, in fact, except for those scumbags, normal innocent people can fuse it. As for the and the neon country, it doesn't matter if it's actually destroyed. "

Shiwei directly uploaded a lot of historical information. Such as: Opium War, Sino-Japanese War, Eight-Nation Alliance's War of Aggression against China...

Huan Zheng clenched his fists in a huff, "Angry people! Since these barbarians will be so disgusting in the future, then the oligarchs will not show mercy!

Kill, kill, kill! "

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