Butterfly Kanae shivered: "Afraid, but if my country is going to launch an aggressive war now or in the future, I will definitely stop it."

As long as it is war, people will bleed and die.

It is pitiful enough for humans to be eaten in the face of ghosts, but even in such a situation, it is too much for humans to wage war for power and desire. "

Machima: "So my country has ever carried out such acts of aggression?"

But now the neon and even the whole world has been cleansed by me, thank you, Shiwei. "

Shi Wei hurriedly said, "Don't worry, everyone in the group.

Whatever happens in your group, anything that can't be solved can be said in the group. I'm interested in helping out. "

Regxi: "Big brother. Don't you really come to see the beauties on our side? All of them are in good shape.

In addition to wolves, foxes, dogs, and all kinds of sea creatures. "


Shi Wei was helpless. "Naw, Regsy. It's better not to discuss this kind of thing so squarely. And in the future, there will be a second-level foreign mother's book that can be sent to me privately. "

"Rub, big brother! No problem at all! I'm just good at this mouthful! "

"To tell you a secret, if you can unify the world you live in, or even evolve the world, then the lifespan, luck, etc. of all of you here will increase significantly.

That is to say, even a world like Kanae, Lin Fengjiao. As long as you can complete the unification of the world, and even let the world evolve, then basically everyone has a lifespan of at least thousands of years! "

[Ying Zheng: "When I hear this widow, I come to the spirit!" Is the world evolution worth it, is most people's combat power evolving from F level to E level or even higher? "】

[Shi Wei: "That's right, I can go to your world in the future when I have time."] "】

Lin Fengjiao: "My side is ready." "

Hinata: "My side is also ready. "

I chatted with the group members for a while.

Shi Wei was immersed in an endless ocean of knowledge.

"By the way, now you can start preparing all the inheritance sets from level 1 to level 50 for everyone.

Before it was just white, blue, purple gear prepared. Even golden artifacts. "

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the S-class inheritance soul control goddess armor suit. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded - S-class inheritance war goddess heavy armor suit. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded - S-class inheritance war goddess wallet suit. 】


【Ding! Shiwei received 120,0000 system points. 】


[Shi Wei: "This point is too good to earn, right? Can't spend it all, can't spend it at all! "】

[Regxi: "Rub, big brother! That's a lot, it's really a lot. These points are something I don't even think about. "】

[Ying Zheng: "I don't blush at all, as an emperor I have never seen anything, I really haven't owned so many points! ] "】

[Kanae: "Amazing, is Mr. Shiwei's creativity so strong?" Don't you have any creative bottlenecks? "】

Shi Wei scratched his head, "Creative bottleneck, what is that?" Am I just a little bit of knowledge? "

Machima: "Billion points? If you didn't make a typo, it seems that I know.

Shiwei, your knowledge is calculated in billions, right? "

Hinata Hinata: "Hmm~, so it is." I always thought that Brother Shi Wei had made a typo.

If I usually train while watching group messages, there will be typos. "

Machima: "Shiwei, do you really have so much knowledge?" I'm really getting more and more curious about you.

Why do you have so much knowledge? And what the hell are you? "

Shi Wei: "Didn't I say that?" I'm a dragon. As a dragon, isn't it reasonable to have a little more knowledge? "

Regxi: "Big brother, I remembered. It will be said in many works of fiction.

Dragons are creatures that inherit the knowledge of their ancestors at birth, which means that dragons are creatures with rich knowledge from birth. "

Shi Wei: "Yes, I am also like this, as soon as I wake up, a lot of knowledge appears in my head.

So do you have any other nice works? I also want to keep looking. "


Shinobi Exam in the Forest of Death

"Hinata! It's time for you to start playing. "

Hinata then slowed down and looked at her father.

"Hinata, today is the Hyuga clan's clan Dabi, get serious!"


The Hyuga clan now has a hundred disciples in the clan who participated in today's Zhongnin Exam, of course, including the clansmen who failed the previous session.

To put it bluntly, this competition is still for the high-level of Konoha Village to see the strength of the clansmen who graduated from the ninja school.

Then this exam is a propaganda.

Hinata Ninji will lead a hundred Shinobi clansmen, as well as a total of 400 Shimo-Shinobi from various other countries.

Occupy the Shinobi arena from all directions. All uninjured Shinobu advanced directly to the final qualify.

"In order to shut up the elders, I will prove the advantages of long-range combat in this competition."

Sasuke had been defecting for six years, and not long ago a tailed beast from the village of Sunahide had just been snatched away.

Their Hyuga clan must change their combat methods as soon as possible, and only ultra-long-range high-power attacks are the correct positioning of the Hyuga clan.

Hinata stood at the top of the duel tower and rolled her eyes. Chakra and the power of the wind began to condense throughout her body.

Her vision became wide, and she could easily see targets within a radius of three or four kilometers.

Oval Chakra bullets condensed from her fingers, and then hit ninjas one by one at random.

Silent and spinning bullets at high speed, very difficult to dodge. As long as you hit the ninja, you can directly make it fall to the ground.

Inside the duel tower, many Hinata's high-ranking people, as well as Konoha's high-level officials, watched Hinata's movements like this.

Eight hundred rounds of Chakra bullets directly incapacitated 360 Shinobi.

Under normal circumstances, one middle ninja can complete ten lower ninja. If it is a single assassination, thirty is not a problem.

But the key, this is nearly four hundred lower patience!

When did Hinata Hinata become so strong?

They had no idea that Hinata Hinata had received Shiwei's help, so she had the power she has now.

(PS: The timeline and age of the characters have been modified, and it is currently the beginning of the plot of Shippuden.) )

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