[Ying Zheng: "Good news, my subordinates have already inquired about the elixir.

After getting the medicinal herbs in a few days, can Mr. Shi Wei help make the elixir? "】

[Shi Wei: "Elixir? This kind of thing can increase the lifespan of about a few hundred years at most.

However, I am also really curious about what the elixir on your side is made of. "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Elixir? But I don't have many points left to use.

The role of group points now is to improve their skill proficiency, as well as basic attributes. "】

Hinata: "I'm not in a hurry about the elixir of life, no, in fact, I also want to see what the elixir is like." If it's really expensive, I'll wait until I'm a little stronger in the future. "

Machima: "I'm also curious about how this elixir is made, even if I want to try it." "

Regxi: "I really want elixirs!" If there really is, Mr. Eimasa please be sure to keep one for me.

I will definitely try my best to exchange it for an equivalent price. "

Kanae: "If it's an elixir of life, I'd like to try it."

It seems that I have to find a way to kill Wu Miserable as soon as possible. After the unmiserable solution, there must be many other ways in this world to change the world! "

The group members began to talk about it, but Shi Wei was not ready to tell the group about his ability to create elixirs.

After all, he is not a savior or a philanthropist. It doesn't matter at all if you send everyone in the group a little bit of strength.

But if you want to send the group members in the group to live forever or something, it's just that the relationship between group friends is not enough at all.

Lie on your side in the royal capital in the hero city.

Shi Wei continued to browse the live broadcast of the mostly technological APP

At this time, there were girls who were not competing and were walking around the city.

After fusing with the power of the Desert Emperor, she can manipulate the power of sand at will to condense endless sand soldiers.

This power matches her shogi family.

The girl walks the streets of the heroic city in a well-wrapped costume.

This is a majestic city suspended in the sky, a perfect combination of science fiction and magic.

Holographic intelligence of various buildings that surpass the earth for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, even Wanzhi is completely confused and does not know the role of most of the buildings here.

(For Mihan Manchi: "Hello everyone, I'm for Mihan Manchi.") This is the hero city.

As we all know, hero cities are mysterious creations that are far beyond the earth's technology for at least a thousand years. ")

The girl walks in the city, and the brilliance of the city changes slightly. Food City, Clothing City, Alchemy Workshop, Hospital.

Rune Mech, Hextech (a combination of magical technology).

Wan Zhi pointed to the hospital next to him: "If you are a relative of the current contestants, then you can get the most advanced medical treatment for your own diseases."

In this city, even spatial teleportation is something that can be seen everywhere.

Not to mention the tens of thousands of leaf troops in this city. "

(Lingyin Hohoku: "What is the use of you and netizens in popularizing science here?") To add a little influence to your family?

Might as well find a way to win the game! Wouldn't that make you more able to fulfill your wishes? ")

(Gui Yanye: "I will win this time!") I will definitely win! ")

Shi Wei originally just wanted to open his company's APP to see what sand sculpture netizens were talking about.

As a result, who knew that he directly saw Gui Yanye.

He immediately closed his eyes and pondered, and an invisible divine power immediately enveloped the entire earth.

"Nothing? That's great. "

Makoto Ito has not yet been born in this world, otherwise he would definitely appear directly in front of the other party, and then destroy the other party's corpse.

How can the two-dimensional wife he likes be touched by others?

Even if the other party has not done it now, who knows if it will do it in the future.

(Ding!) Now the second round preliminary round of 82 to 41 begins).

Red square

Suzune Hokita (Strength Supreme) (Ice Girl).

Gui Yanye (Sun on Campus) (Yongen); West Garden World (Sun on Campus) (Katerina);

Kaoru Miyazono (April is Your Lie) (Kotome).

White (Game Life) (policewoman).

Blue square

(Flowers in five equal parts marry five sisters).

Kazuka Nakano (Iwafin), Nino Nakano (Delevingne), Miku Nakano (Yaso), Yotsuba Nakano (Hammerstone), May Nakano (Void Fear).

Shi Wei's attention was directly attracted by this game.

Whether it is the five Nakano sisters or the five beautiful girls of the red side.

It's a rare thing to see so many beautiful girls competing on the same stage.

Needless to say, the Nakano Five sisters are real quintuplets, especially their team has a full four flying heroes, and even a rock sparrow that can support at high speed in the half-court.

As for the red square, white is the No.1 in the neon online game industry. So far, no matter what the game, there has never been a defeat.

And Gui Yanye has been practicing Juhe swordsmanship for many years, and with the hero of Shangyongen, his strength is even more unimaginable.

"The lineup of the red side is a little worse, but there are white and guiyanye.

Although the blue side is all scum, after all, they are the five sisters, and there are strong heroes like Delevingne, the lineup is also very good, and the winning surface should be great. "

Receiving the ice coke from 2B, he began to look carefully.


The world of Xiyuan Temple brought the punishment and chose to go to the wild area to fight.

Since the team was fixed at the very beginning, she had to find a way to improve her operation score, all in order to win.

Everyone has a desire to fulfill, and she is no exception.

As for Gui Yanye, she is naturally the same.

The Dragon God can grant any wish that is not excessive, and each of the five members of the championship team can get a wish.

In that case, even if they put in all their sweat, they have to find a way to fulfill which wish!

Nakano Sanjiu fuses Yasuo's Imperial Wind Sword Art, while her opposite is Yongen, who fuses the Demon Sealing Sword Soul.

The heroes of both sides were once brothers, and they used the power of the wind.

What a fateful showdown.

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