Just between the ten maidens all teleported into the King's Canyon.

2B projects a real-time dynamic table next to Shiwei.

That's the company fund card of Duowei Technology

Since there is no upper limit on the amount transferred, not even a transaction tax.

Because Duowei Technology was directly created by Commander White of the Leaf Force in the hero city where the Dragon God is located.

Therefore, Neon did not dare to collect a dime of taxes, but only collected monthly rent and utilities.

This is also because the Zhiye troops put their guns on the heads of the other party, after "friendly consultation".

At this moment, the company's money card has an average of several million yen every second.

According to today's efficiency, today it is an easy 2 trillion yen in gold. Because the company on Shiwei's side only accepted gold, the price of gold began to rise.

2B looked at Shi Wei with some concern, "Master, don't we have to worry about humans on Earth mastering our technology reverse research?" "

"Don't worry. 2B: Do you know how civilized the technology I sell now is? "

"First-level civilization?"

"Yes, the current earth is still at the zero point seven level civilization, even the technology of the first-level civilization needs to make them frown and study for decades or even hundreds of years.

So, what level of civilization do you think the king city under our feet is? How much knowledge do you think I have in my head? "

"The city is level 4.5?"


The king city under Shiwei's feet can easily travel through the universe and has a variety of interesting science and technology.

"In the absence of human beings mastering the four-level technology, they simply cannot reverse the derivation of the four-point five-level technology.

The gap between the levels of each civilization is so large that you can't even imagine it. "

Time passes slowly.

Gui Yanye has come to the Hero Canyon.

Nakano Sanjiu also came to the other party, "Fight, Gui Yanye." "

Gui Yanye nodded, and the sword blade in his hand launched a Juhe slash towards Sanjiu.

The sharp horizontal slash easily knocked Sanjiu away, and it also directly reduced Sanjiu's HP by one-third.

Such a sharp slash also made Sanjiu serious.

"I'm going to get serious, Gui Yanye!"

The invisible air flow condensed on Gui Yanye's feet and blade

Her speed was so fast at this moment that it was blurry.

Nakano Sanjiu hurriedly stabbed towards the other party.

Gui Yanye easily dodged the opponent's stabbing and hit the opponent's abdomen again with his double knife.

"One blood!"

The strength of Gui Yanye left a deep impression on Sanjiu.

Even now that she has watched more than forty preliminary matches, she must take the duel more seriously.

The other side.

The beautiful girl Shiro held a sniper rifle in her hand and looked at Delevingne Nakano Nino hundreds of meters away.

Because of the fusion of heroes, their current battle will not be unfamiliar with weapons and skills.

As long as you have an attack in mind, you can attack.

The only difference is accuracy, as well as the multiplier of skills. The better you are at fighting and the more you resonate with your own heroes, the stronger the destructive power you unleash.

"Nakano Nina, the competition is not just about the strength of the hero itself!"

Every time she tries to get close to Shiro, she is hit by the opponent's sniper rifle, and her range is 550 meters. The other side is 650 meters.

This 100-meter gap is so difficult to shorten in the early stage.

"Abominable! Damn it! "

The more irritable Nakano is, the more difficult it is to close the gap between the two.

"Kaoru Miyazono, retreat!"

After Shiro finished speaking, he began to retreat under his tower, but Kaoru Miyazono had not reacted.

"I just saw the map, and everyone is online."

It was about two seconds after Kaoru Miyazono hesitated, when an astonishing huge stone wall blocked her body.

At the same time, a teleportation icon appeared in the grass where Nakano Yotsuba was.

Nakano May Void Fear appeared on the battlefield below.


Kaoru Miyazono was just about to use a flash that could teleport five hundred meters, and who knew she wouldn't be able to move.

Nakano four-leaf hammerstone's dark green scythe wrapped around her.

"Yay! Hooked!"

Shiro sighed, she knew that this time the head was lost, and if she helped in the past, she would only have to send another head.

As for Katerina on her side, after all, this hero is not suitable for fighting wilderness, and has not been promoted to level six until now.

The second head was obtained by Delevingne.

Soon, the game continued to enter a white-hot stage.

Gui Yanye and Bai two big guys with three rookie chickens against the opposite five slightly less dish, but tacit cooperation teammates.

The two sides directly fought equally.

Shi Wei turned off the screen, "Sure enough, beautiful girls are really not good at fighting, and it is indeed interesting to watch them occasionally." "

At this time, a new call came.

Yukino (忺物春).

Seeing that it was her call, Shi Wei still chose to answer, after all, it was a beautiful girl's call.

"Shiwei? Are you okay at Shuchi-in now? "

"What's wrong? Still thinking about me? "

"Of course, although I am still playing the Hero Canyon competition, I still like you very much.

Under the snow, no one will dare to say anything.

Now that I have fused the power of heroes, I can feel that I now have the power above the law.

No one will look down on you. "

Shi Wei was a little crying and laughing, since he came to this world, his peach blossom luck has been very prosperous.

So I also met a lot of beautiful girls.

This Yukino is one of those beautiful girls who likes him.

"It's impossible to get into the fold, and the Ye troops just found me. I am now a shareholder of Duowei. "

"Shareholders? If that's the case, then the Yukinoshita family will have to act according to your face.

Where are you now? I want to meet you? "

"That's more for tech companies."


"Yukino, as a beautiful girl with a sense of justice, if you knew that I was in the chaotic and orderly camp, what expression would you show."

Because it is a dragon, it does not have any mercy for male humans. So there is not the slightest sense of guilt for arbitrarily erasing 10 million neon people.

Playing with their lives and then resurrecting them is like playing with the GTA of infinite resurrection.

He now only covets beautiful girls.

Tell me loudly, what is the nature of the dragon?

Louder, inaudible!

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