Lin Fengying was very anxious, he had just done the finger calculation of Qi Men Dun Jia for himself.

His two brothers are petty murderers, and his junior brother Chizuru Dao Chang Zhong is a white murderer.

Nine pinches, the second time Chikou. The trigram of Chikou has the meaning of unlucky, frightened, dangerous, and verbal right and wrong.

And the nine pinches are like this, then it means that life is already on the line.

Hurriedly brought his own props, and left the town house talisman for the two apprentices, after the exorcism talisman.

He ran towards his junior brother at full speed, and he didn't even have time to draw the latest spell for his apprentice himself.

The power of fluctuations allows him to "see" the general shape and breath of everything.

This allows him to know roughly whether there are objects around him and what material they are.

People and animals, stones and buildings, trees and plants, zombies and ghosts, all show different fluctuating colors.

The sky was covered with dark clouds, and a thunder cut through the dark clouds and fell into the far ground.

The pouring rain fell on him, making Lin Fengjiao's mood even more anxious


The sky began to pour heavy rain, and because the roof was removed, the rain directly soaked the entire coffin.

The copper-footed gold coffin entangled in the ink bucket net began to fade continuously at this moment.

Zhong Fabai immediately noticed that something was wrong, "Quickly carry the coffin into the tent!" "

Wu Shilang blocked in front of Zhong Fa Bai's body, "Be bold! Now that only Wang Ye's tent is up, do you want Xiao Wang Ye to live with this coffin? "

Chizuru Michi anxiously watched as the ink rope of the ink bucket net became lighter and lighter, "Isn't there still time somewhere?" "

"You have to beg me, if you beg me, I'll let you use it!"

Uruguro blocked in front of Chizuru Daomaster, "No matter how strong your Dao is, you have to whisper in front of me." Did you hear that? "

"You! This is a matter of human life! This weather zombie is likely to be resurrected again! "

The golden coffin, where the frontier royal family that was once a great general, had been drenched in heavy rain for a while, and finally it was lifted up and moved towards the newly propped tent.

Who knew that the heavenly thunder fell, just hitting the golden coffin and a few soldiers

"Dao Chief, am I going to die! My arm was broken! Ah~ it hurts. "

Except for those who are still calling, the other soldiers who do not call are dead.

At this moment, the golden coffin lid flew and flew towards one of his apprentices.

"Be careful!"

Zhong Fa Baiding flew an apprentice, and his right leg was directly crushed and fractured.


The zombie flew out of the coffin and sucked Wu Shilang into a human stem in one bite.

By the time Zhong Fabai finally pulled out his broken leg, Wu Shilang and one of his apprentices were completely dead.

"Take your life!"

"Apprentices! Prepare the ropes! "。

His apprentice had not yet prepared the rope, and at this time the zombie had directly come to him as if teleporting.

With just one move, his left shoulder was pierced by a zombie's finger hole!


His apprentices were about to desperately stop the zombies, and a sudden hurricane swept the zombies to a height of tens of meters.

Lin Fengjiao gasped and leaned in front of Zhong Fabai's body. "Junior Brother! You can't die. Feel relieved. "

I don't know what kind of medicine was placed in front of Zhong Fabai's body, and in the trust of Senior Brother, Chizuru Daolong drank it in one gulp.

Then the corpse poison that had spread disappeared in an instant, and even the broken thigh, the pierced left shoulder, was actually restored!

Amazing, right?

"Senior Brother, your skills have increased so much? Your eyes? "

"Not blind, just cultivating new spells." Seeing Zhong Fabai's concerned gaze, Lin Fengjiao's heart was warm.

The amazing hurricane knocked this zombie away and suffered countless fine wind blade cuts.

Lin Fengjiao had an extra copper short sword in her right hand at this moment, and a dazzling pure white light condensed in it.

The dazzling crescent in the shape of an "X" cut the zombie suspended in the air in half at a length of ten meters.

Now in the early Republic of China, everyone can only see that the Taoist elders can use some spells similar to tricks.

Who knew that today's Taoist priest would directly play tricks, casually a whirlwind, and then a dazzling crescent blade!

This Dao Elder is already an immortal, right?

Obviously they are all Taoist priests, how can this Lin Fengjiao be so much stronger than the long bell of the Thousand Crane Dao?

Xiao Wang Ye's heart was already full of expectations at this moment.

"So strong! If only he could be my guard! This is a victorious general who has a thousand enemies! "

Thousand Crane Daoist did not expect that Lin Fengjiao could be so strong now.

Could it be that he had sensed the aura of heaven and earth? Have you escaped into the path of immortals?

Enjoying everyone's praise, Lin Fengjiao's face turned a little red.

It was great that he knew that this time it was very timely. His junior brother did not die either.

[Lin Fengjiao: "Thank you, Mr. Shi Wei. If it weren't for the red envelopes you sent, I don't think I would have enough strength to save my junior brother.

Just now, he was facing the royal zombie who was a general before his death, and he was also a corpse king who had endured thunder robbery and drank the blood of Taoists.

Just a little bit, if I arrive a minute late, he may be gone!

Thank you so much. "】

[Shi Wei: "In this way, as long as you can save people.] You're welcome, practice hard in the future! "】

Lin Fengjiao quickly replied, "Yes!" "

Fortunately, he joined the Super Dimension Chat Group, otherwise he would have lost a junior brother like his own brother.

At the moment, the heavy rain in the sky is much less. Xiao Wang Ye pulled everyone to start the commendation meeting.

"Thank you two Dao Elders for your rescue, Elder Lin Dao, this king will give you a thousand taels of silver.

Chief Zhong Dao, this king has given you a hundred taels of silver. "

"Wang Ye Xie!"

One or two pieces of silver is a thousand dollars, and one penny can buy two steamed buns or one bun!

"Chief Lin Dao, are you willing to follow King Ben?"

"That's it, thank you Xiao Wangye. I have already studied with Mr. Shiwei.

What I have learned in Xia Now is given by Mr. Shi Wei, and I just want to benefit the rest of my life. Looking at Xiao Wangye's immature face, and pretending to be mature, he only had the people of the world in his heart.

Even if he followed Wang Ye, the people of the world were still so poor.

Zhong Fabai put the zombie corpse that was like a zombie chopped to death by thunder into the coffin, and his heart was full of emotion.

"I really envy Senior Brother, is this a great adventure of atmospheric luck? But I will continue to work hard to improve my morals. "

Zhong Fabai looked at Lin Fengjiao, who was far away, and thought in his heart: "Which immortal is this Mr. Shi Wei?" I also want to worship a teacher! "

Lin Fengjiao has already blossomed happily at this moment, silver thousand taels! This money is completely enough to make his Yizhuang all turn into red brick houses, and he is very rich.

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