Five minutes ago

Shi Wei is studying these Seventy-two Techniques of Hell, and for example, the Kettle Heavenly Magic Power is very interesting, which is an application method about space.

He carefully studied the seventy-two magic powers that he had completed again, and he had once again gained a lot of knowledge in his mind.

Kettle days? I directly comprehend space teleportation, miniature worlds, space shields, and space rifts.

Rebirth of severed limbs, transfer of injuries,

Tan Shan? I carry the whole universe directly!


As his meditation intensified, he could feel that if he turned into a body, his body length would continue to increase at least ten times and a hundred times.

The more he carefully comprehended the seventy-two magical powers of this earth, the more he gained.

It's amazing.

Shiwei directly started the group live broadcast.

"I wondered if it would be fun to decorate planets in my hero city?"

Tony: "Planets? Can this kind of thing really be done? "

Shi Wei smiled, and then reached out and grabbed it towards the sky.

Then the infinite divine power rushed towards the galaxy outside the solar system.

Immediately afterwards, the countless planets wrapped in Shiwei's creation divine power were compressed and then teleported around the hero city.

Because special divine shields surround these captured planets, the size of each planet has become a hundred meters in diameter.

Just like guarding the dragon god, it is mysterious and full of deterrence.

Regxi: "Big brother is so powerful, this live broadcast is really eye-opening!"

The city looks interesting, and it would be nice if some wolves appeared inside! "

Lin Fengjiao: "Do you use the planets casually to hang them here like lanterns?"

So strong!"

Ying Zheng: "It turns out that in addition to being able to smash people with planets, can Mr. Shi Wei also hang them as lanterns to play?"

It's really exciting! I really want to have this power.

Even if he has 900,000 points now, he can at most improve to the strength of destroying the city. How far am I from Mr. Shi Wei? "

Asuka: "Victory? The power of destroying the city is equivalent to comparing flies to the sun in front of Brother Shi Wei!

There is no comparison at all! Don't be ambitious!"

Yingzheng didn't expect to be choked by Asuka, and he didn't argue with a girl.

"Asuka is right."


Hyuga Clan Land

At this moment, a hundred ninjas have gathered in the clan, and in the previous Zhongnin exam, the family has once again added ten Zhongnin.

These are the combat power of the Hyuga family.

Hinata Hinata looked at the ninjas who were half-kneeling in front of him, and his heart was only grateful to Brother Shivi.

It was because of his help that Hinata had the support of force to cut off the clan and the separation of the family.

Now that the entire Hyuga family has been twisted into a rope, as the current top celebrity of Konoha Village, they must unite.

The Xiao organization became stronger and stronger, and even the shadow I Ai Luo of Shayin Village was killed, although he was also resurrected in the end.

But it is undeniable that the Xiao Organization has enough combat power to assassinate shadows.

The ninja clan of the Hyuga clan looked at Hinata with respect at this moment.

Their patriarch had recently developed a new secret technique, the Imperial Wind Sword Art

He even developed the Hinata Ryu Remote Sniper Technique on his own. Destroy the enemy and thousands of meters away.

Because the attack was too fast, by the time the enemy heard the sound, he would have been seriously injured or even killed.

This is undoubtedly the most suitable battle mode for Hinata! Ultra-long-range sniping, even ultra-long-range bombing!

And all this, according to Patriarch Hinata, is because she received guidance from the gods.

These things came from the gifts given to her by the gods.

Therefore, Hinata's clan was also curious about which immortal at the moment.

Immortal, what kind of existence can make the Hyuga family get such a powerful secret technique?

This secret technique is comparable to S-level ninjutsu flying thunder god!

It's not just the ninja who can easily use the power of the wind for the windless attribute Chakra.

Even with the deepening of the occult art, the nature and shape of the wind can be developed.

Moreover, this Imperial Wind Sword Art also has comprehensive capabilities such as group attack, high-speed displacement, strong attack, and defense.

If there really was an immortal who could develop this secret technique, then he was completely worthy of being offered as an ancestor by Hinata's clan.

Hinata started the group live broadcast at this moment.

In the picture, Hinata is dressed in tightly wrapped leather armor and looks serious.

Opposite her were a hundred ninjas with Konoha foreheads, and the air was filled with solemn atmosphere.

"The tenth class has already contacted Xiao, and we must be ready to support at any time!"

"Yes! Patriarch! "

Hinata stood up at this moment, "Then let's get started."

Always remember our new battle mode for Hinata! Defend against enemies thousands of meters away! "


[Shiwei; "Hinata, you're going to fight Xiao, aren't you?" 】

Hinata's face immediately became pleasantly surprised, and she quickly nodded. "Yes, Brother Shivigo.

The Xiao Organization has enough combat power to assassinate shadows. In order to avoid the entire class of the tenth class being annihilated.

As the current clan of Konoha, I should lead my clan to battlefield support!"

The ninjas of the village should not be sacrificed so casually! "

"Then, let me go to your world to help you!"

Hinata immediately stopped walking when she heard this, and she turned to look at the clansmen in front of her.

"The immortal I said before is coming to our world, and his name is Shiwei. I hope that the clan will give him enough respect. "


At this moment, the hundred Hyuga ninjas in the Hyuga Clan began to look forward to it.

Who is this Mr. Shi Wei, who can be called a god by the patriarch?

Colorful auspicious clouds appeared in the sky, and golden sunlight shone from the sky of Konoha Village to the entire land.

Brilliant century-old lotus flowers, ginseng and other precious medicinal herbs began to appear on the ground.

The air began to become fresher, and the plants of Konoha Village began to grow, thicker and stronger.

Senju Tsunade was originally feeling exhausted all over, but at this moment he suddenly felt full of physical strength.

Not only that, but even in the potted plants in the room, plants began to grow at an extremely fast rate visible to the naked eye.

"Such a powerful life energy, it actually instantly made the surrounding lives gain gains!

Who exactly? What level of ninjutsu is this? "

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