These white rains of light seem to have their own consciousness

Automatically avoided those villains, and burrowed into the bodies of Yamanaka Ino, Tenten, Shizune, Hinata Hanabi and others.

The strong life energy directly healed the dark wounds of their bodies and continuously increased the vitality of their body cells.

Xiao Nan forcibly endured the majestic vitality poured into her body, this power she could not refuse or dodge, she could only be forcibly infused into her body by the other party.

She sat involuntarily on the ground, panting uncomfortably.

The rich life energy contained in the white light rain particles was constantly improving the dark wounds in her body at this moment, and she felt that the Chakra in her body had become more active and full.

Today's ninja Chakra refining method is ultimately to squeeze the potential of cells, coupled with frequent battles, almost all of them have dark wounds.

"Why does this power still divide people? What exactly is the criterion for dividing people? "

Xiao Nan found that neither the weasel nor the masked man "A Fei" were touched by this white light.


Within a chat group.

Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, what kind of magical power are you using?" It seems that it can even distinguish between targets. "

Shi Wei: "Very ordinary locking spells, spells are just very ordinary mana irrigation." I usually use it as a reward for the Leaf Sending Troop to take a bath and soak their feet. "

Ying Zheng was stunned, because as soon as he thought in his head, he could appear immediately. "Mana irrigation? The kind that directly covers an entire planet?

Why is it so strong. "

Lin Fengjiao had already seen the horror of this power, he obviously overestimated Mr. Shi Wei enough, but Shi Wei was always able to constantly refresh his three views.

Asuka: "What? I didn't expect Shi Wei to be such a big dragon, good fellow! Really good guy, why are you so big? "

Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, thank you, I feel that my whole body is very relaxed now." Thank you so much. "

Shi Wei: "These are trivial little things, and you don't need to pay too much attention to them. Moreover, real men like to be big. "

Asuka: "Being able to land light rain around the world, if it is used to release attacks, it is estimated that it can directly annihilate humans around the world, right?"

That's awesome!

Shiwei, you must not be some apostle, right? The kind that wants to wipe out all humanity? "

Shi Wei was a little helpless, this Asuka brain hole is indeed a little big. If he really wanted to annihilate humans, he would have done it directly.

Hokage World

High in the air, which handsome man looked down at the crowd on the ground.

"My name is Shivi Aureliansall.

From the beginning, no one benefited heaven, but I was different.

I was born in heaven.

Now I have come to this world in the hope that the world will lead to peace. I will pass down the path of cultivation

Everyone should study and cultivate well, and don't waste this opportunity. "

Shi Wei looked at Hinata. "I appoint Hinata Hinata as the City Lord of Star Building City for this world, and also serve as the Divine Dragon Venerable.

, holding the Divine Dragon Light Blade and spreading magical knowledge. "

At this moment, on Hinata's right arm, mysterious golden patterns were woven into a dragon looming on her arm.

At the same time, a cool and abnormal sword hilt appeared in front of her, and the moment she held it, the Divine Dragon Light Blade immediately poked out the lightsaber from the hilt.

Shenlong Lightblade, LV85, Epic Quality, Equipment Rarity SS.

When attacking, there is a certain probability that the heavenly thunder will attack the enemy, and the attack will carry light attribute magic damage.

Durability: Never damaged.

Function: 1, pattern switching. (Multiple Floating Cannon Form, Shield Form, Lightsaber Form, Star Destroyer Form).

Even the SS-level is already an artifact capable of shattering the continent, and Shiwei is too strong to worry that Hinata will lose his hand and shatter the Ninja Star.

Since this lightsaber could only be used by targets approved by Shiwei or Hinata, and the final authority was still on Shiwei's side, he didn't feel the slightest bit distressed.

After all, this kind of thing is just a street color.

Shi Wei stretched out his hand towards the outside of Konoha Village, and Feidan, Kakuto, and the tenth class all teleported in front of him.

He landed on the ground and walked towards the horns.

Kakuto quickly ran towards the distance, but his body could only be displaced by one meter, and then returned to the same place again.


As Shiwei's words fell, all of Kakuto's hearts broke at the same time.

Shikamaru looked at Shiwei's movements sluggishly, the strength of this dragon god was beyond his comprehension.

Yamanaka Ino felt uncomfortable the moment she saw Shi Wei, and facing a strong enemy made her dress a little embarrassed now.

Shi Wei turned his head to look at the flying segment.

Fei Duan looked at Shi Wei, wearing a black red cloud robe and laughing madly. "It turns out that there are gods other than death in the world, hahaha, can you kill me?"

"Conceptual Spell - Disappear."

"No, I don't want to die!"

Like petrified rocks, the flying section turned into a puff of white smoke in just a few seconds, and turned into fly ash in endless pain.

In front of the strong enemy that the entire tenth class could not defeat with countless efforts, he was so vulnerable in front of the divine dragon.

Yamanaka Ino's heart was already full of adoration, "So handsome! Want to marry him! "

This is the first time that Ino has a heartbeat feeling, and I don't understand the original book. Ino of this world is not at all interested in which stinky fart Sasuke.

"Great revenge, I have already avenged you guys!"

Shikamaru was holding the corpse of Sarutobi Asma and secretly hurting himself, but Shiwei ignored it.

He walked towards Hinata, "Hinata gives me a general overview of the location of your clan. "

Hinata looked at the handsome man in front of her, her heart beating abnormally fast. Even his face has turned red into a red apple.

She quickly pointed behind her, "So so, so and so..."

Shiwei nodded, and Hinata's clan land had a line right on the ground, stretching from the center of Konoha village to the edge of the village's wall.

He snapped his fingers, and the entire land of Hinata's clan was directly suspended above the sky, and then Shi Wei spread out his hand, and a large amount of earth and stone was shaped out of thin air.

In an instant, Hinata's clan turned into a magical city suspended in the sky. The kind with a diameter of a hundred kilometers.

"From now on, that is Star City. Hinata Hinata will govern the entire ninja world and even the entire planet on my behalf. "

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