Mist Hidden Village in the Land of Water

A large number of Ninjas of Mist Hidden Village looked at the sky in amazement at this moment.

Terumi's heart was filled with unparalleled envy

"Is that the power of magic? It seems that the pattern of us ninjas is too small. "

Mist Hidden Village is the last existence of strength among the five major ninja villages, coupled with the reason for the contemporary Mizukage Yakura Blood Mist Policy, the ninjas, who are already small in population, are now even thinner.

Now no one knows that Yakura is controlled by Uchiha Obito, at most he feels that the current water shadow brain is not normal.

Yakura was sitting in the water shadow seat at the moment

"Launch a general attack on Konoha Village!"

"Lord Mizukage, isn't that appropriate?"

"The Dragon God has already created an entire hanging city, is this kind of powerful strength really something we can fight against?"

Yakura slapped the table in front of him heavily, "It is precisely because he created an entire city, and now his power definitely has a huge decline.

This is our chance!

Not only us, but Iwain Village and Lei Yin Village have also formed an alliance with me, and we will jointly form the Three Shadows Alliance to jointly attack Konoha Village and Tsukisei City. "


The fourth generation of Lei Ying Ai had just put down the Escape Scroll in his hand, and by consuming a certain amount of Chakra, he could communicate with the shadows of other countries to a certain extent.

The eight-tailed man Zhu Liqi Rabbi looked at his brother with a sad face at the moment, Ai.

He immediately came to a section of iron mountain backing, plus Kun Fist.

"Chek trouble, brother, you said trouble, which mother-in-law, what is the intention?

We really, attack Konoha? "

"Kirabi speaks human language! You don't sing and rap in front of me! "

Ai clenched his fists tightly, "This is the last chance, we must not watch the Hokage become big!" Head to Konoha now for a general attack. "

"But, where, between the thousand hand pillars!"

"That's just a temporary resurrected existence, nothing to fear! The power between the thousand hand pillars is just a legend, all blown out by the predecessors! "

Ever since the Thousand Hand Pillar and the others began to climb Star City, the global live broadcast had been cut off.

Naturally, everyone here did not see the real thousands of hands between the thousand hand pillars, the wooden dragon.


Tsuchikage two-day scale Onoki is also palpitating at this moment.

"Impossible! That is all an illusion of the enemy. As long as we, the ninjas, are united, Konoha will be destroyed!

Must unite, must launch a general attack, and cannot let Konoha really rise!

It was clear that Konoha was weak enough before, why did such a change occur? "

Onoki thought of the tens of thousands of ninjas in his ninja village, and unlike other ninja villages, the number of ninjas on this side of their Iwain Village was very large.

After all, their ninja village has been engaged in an arms race to encroach on the entire world, and they are constantly accumulating the number of ninja in their ninja village.

"Han, you will come with me this time!"


Han is the five-tailed human pillar force of today's Yanyin Village, and when a ninja village brings all the human pillar force, it means that they are about to start moving the real thing.

In fact, this is the case, not only Iwahide Village, but also the other two ninja villages allied with it have also brought their own tailed beasts.

"This time is definitely a bluff in Konoha Village, they have become weaker and weaker under the leadership of Sarutobi Hinata

In that case, let's give it a gorgeous burial. This is the wrong person, I can afford it! "


The Thousand Hands Pillar and the Thousand Hands Pillar are constantly climbing towards the sky, and there is no doubt that even the Ninja God is trapped at an altitude of more than a thousand meters and climbing extremely slowly.

Hinata Ninji looked at the human body of which dragon god in the distance.

"He looks so young? Is it because he is so old? Or is it already one or two thousand years old, or even longer? "

Hinata Hanabi is a cute beautiful girl, and at the moment her big curious eyes are staring at Shiwei.

"Lord Dragon God, why are you so powerful."

Shi Wei turned his head at this time and looked at Hinata Hanabi on the side.

The girl's face is eight points similar to Hinata's, with white bright eyes and long black hair like a waterfall.

Delicate and perfect fair face, the girl full of youthful vitality is always so cute and cute.

Shi Wei rubbed the girl's head, "I don't know how old I am, if I calculate it according to memory, I can count it as about twenty years old." "

"Twenty years old? Can twenty be so much better than me? Is this fate? No! I want to break this ridiculous fate! "

Ning Ci struggled to climb towards Star Building City in the sky.

Hinata's clan was also moved at the moment, although they could also teleport directly to the city, but there was no chance to learn magic.

In that case, the Hyuga clan could only help the city lord manage the entire city.

Only by learning magic can you continue to become stronger and have the opportunity to explore the starry sky.

What is power? Strength is the confidence to break the rules! It is the strength to resist in the face of injustice!

In the past, their pattern was too small, and they would only play on one star, so it was better to concentrate on learning magic to explore the starry sky!

In this way, they can spy on a trace of the power of the dragon god.

Shi Wei looked at Hinata, "Let's go." We headed to Chikusung Castle. "


In the luxurious Tsukushi City, Shi Wei and Hinata, and the fireworks stayed in the city lord's mansion.

Hinata Hanabi is Hinata's distant cousin, "Why can I come here too?" "

"Hinata trusts you."

Shi Wei looked at Hinata, "It's hard to thoroughly manage this world just by yourself."

Later, I will directly send 50,000 highly educated college students to this world to help you manage this world.

I'm sure you can. "

Hinata's mood was a little uneasy, "Brother Shiwei, can I really manage it?"

This is managing the whole world. "

Shi Wei rubbed the other party's head, "It's okay, Shikamaru from Konoha Village and his father will assist you."

There are also Senju and others. Believe in yourself. "

Hinata Hanabi saw the other party's feelings for Shiwei through Hinata's emotions, this powerful and handsome man, even if she first met, she would have a strong affection.

This Shiwei is really mysterious, and she also wants to know this man more deeply.

Shi Wei took Hinata's hand, "Hinata, I have something I want to talk to you about." "

"Go quickly, go quickly, go quickly."

Under Hinata's ambiguous gaze, Hinata was pulled into a room by Shiva with a flushed face.

(PS1: Hanabi has been changed to Hinata's distant cousin, because a certain Lu can't write the plot of sisters, mother and daughter, one man and more neodymium... )

PS2: The picture shows Hinata Hanabi

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