Shi Wei and Hinata sat on the edge of the bed, "Stretch out your hand, I'll transform your magical talent." "


I don't know why after being brought into the room by Shi Wei, she should be happy to hear such words.

But why was her heart so lost.

Hinata's gaze was full of shame, and her face was rosy and seemed to be able to pinch out water.

Shi Wei held the other party's palm, and the girl's fingers were slender and smooth. Like the most perfect work of art

He slowly transmitted the creation divine power in his body into the other party's body through his palm

"It's so hot."

"Just put up with it."

Shi Wei patiently transformed the magic circuit in Hinata's body, and after this improvement, Hinata's lifespan should easily reach the level of 10,000 years.

However, there is still a big gap from the eternal life form.

But now Hinata, his own strength has reached the surface level, as long as the energy he transmits is completely absorbed, then he will enter the SSS level of Star Destroyer!

"I'm a little tired now, Hinata, can I charge some interest?"

"Interest? Brother Shi Wei, what do you want to do? "

Hinata's voice was soft, like a cat's.

"Let me play with my feet."

So and so, so and so

And so, so, so and so.

It's been a long time again,

—————— Void River Crab descended - thousands of words of content —————— that failed to pass the review took place here

"Hinata, what do you think of your family?"

Shi Wei seemed to really start thinking seriously

"Although the Hyuga clan has had all kinds of shortcomings in the past, I have solved the main contradiction of the caged bird.

I think Hinata is already thriving now.

I'm sure Hinata will get better. If it gets out of my grasp again and goes in the direction that Brother Vigo hates, I will end it with my own hands! "

It seems that under the influence of Shiwei, Hinata is more inclined to Shiwei's side when thinking about problems.

Shi Wei stood up and kissed the girl.

"Then I'll go first, I have to come on."

It wasn't until Shiwei left this world that Hinata slowed down.

"Brother Shi Wei, you are so bad! I like it so much..."

Both worried that the other party's excessive demands made the other party think that she was a casual woman, and worried that she was not attractive, so the other party did not move.

This first intimate encounter seems to be fantastic?


The world of comics

Shi Wei soon arrived within the hero city, and as the thought fell.

The area of the entire hero city has been increased by him again, and it has been topped by the size of the neon.

Due to the large number of teleportation hubs throughout the hero city, it is almost a single thought to reach any neighborhood.

"It seems that the memories of my past life are affecting me, even when I came to this parallel comic world.

In terms of resource tilt, I still want to give priority to the people of the Dragon Kingdom. "

"Obviously, I am a dragon now, in addition to the desire to reproduce that adults should have

The memories of being human are also affecting me. "

Shi Wei closed his eyes, "Then follow your heart, I want to think of who is more suitable to contact." "


Dragon Kingdom, Dragon Gate.

Hao Huiyu is a freshman who is 166 tall and has just become an adult.

She is the latest national mahjong champion of the entire Dragon Kingdom, she has a delicate face and beautiful body curves.

The purple ball head and black pupils are seriously studying the first competition of the Global Hero Canyon at this moment.

Fused with Kasha's power, she is wearing an extremely enchanting intimate Void Battle Suit at the moment.

Her perfect figure is even more graceful under the background of the Void Suit.

"How do you get the championship? What about a national mahjong champion?

Might as well be the champion of this tournament so that my country can become a real superpower. "

"It's so difficult, as the game goes on, everyone's understanding of the hero will become deeper and deeper.

What's more, the time of each battle is only about half an hour, and the fast even takes only ten minutes. "

"I'm a shooter, I have to constantly improve the fusion of my heroes, and then try to find the output position to attack."

While Hao Huiyu was constantly thinking about the coping strategy for the next game, a pleasant and masculine voice sounded in her ears.

"Hao Huiyu, I'm Aurelian Sol, come to see me."

The dragon god actually wanted to see her? It's such an honor!

"Is it because Lord Ryujin took a fancy to my body? Although the dragon nature is ... , each of the 164 beautiful girls this time is an exceptionally perfect existence.

Is it my turn to go to bedtime now?

What to do? Should I accept it? "

"Let's go and see it, in order to make the motherland stronger, I am willing to sacrifice!"

As the meditation in his heart shifted, Hao Huiyu appeared directly in front of Shi Wei.

The dragon-shaped Orelian Sol sits on a throne, its tail shining with mysterious golden patterns.

That handsome dragon face could not see the expression, but could only feel the infinite majesty, mystery, power, depth, and mystery.

All the words used to describe God can be placed on Him.

"Hao Huiyu, your wish is to make the Dragon Kingdom stronger, right?"

Those dragon eyes directly pierced her wishes, which made her whole person froze.

It's like watching a national idol on the big screen and getting up close and personal with your own eyes are two different feelings.

What's more, the dragon god Thor directly stated her wishes, which made her even more flustered:

If so, will the dragon god think that she is a woman with a scheming heart?

"Hao Huiyu, I have a strong interest in beautiful women.

But for now, I grant you permission to see my human form. "

What appeared in front of the beautiful girl was a strong, handsome man with silver hair and suspender trousers.

Just a glance. The girl seemed to forget to breathe.

"So handsome!"

The girl's mouth grew and her hands involuntarily covered the hot and uncontrollable Xiafei's cheeks.

Shi Wei stood up and walked slowly towards the other party.

Feeling the handsome man's approach, Hao Huiyu felt that his whole body began to get hot, and his uncontrollable legs were soft...

She seems to be in love, and it seems that it is not impossible to lose her purity just like that.

PS: The picture is a genius mahjong girl, Hao Huiyu. Height 166,

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