Just like when humans face adult tigers, especially when they are close and alone in the wild, humans will instinctively produce fear.

When human beings face good-looking, perfect body quality opposite sex, normal three views and thinking, people with sound body functions will involuntarily secrete hormones.

Unless this human being has just entered the time of the sage and has reached a state of indifference.

Their heartbeat will accelerate, their body temperature will rise, and their attention will involuntarily focus on which high-quality opposite sex is high.

This is an instinct engraved in genes for thousands of years, a subconscious instinct that cannot be artificially overcome!

And Shi Wei, as the Star Casting Dragon King. Existence that surpasses countless times the level of human life, nature has the ultimate sexual charm for the opposite sex of human beings.

Just like Machima, Kafka obviously wears a lot, but her charm is still extraordinary.

After Shi Wei personally contacted these two, he naturally did not resist eating them directly.

And he cast the Star Dragon King, and when facing such a pure little girl, she naturally had to resist the unparalleled temptation to maintain her sanity.

What's more, he cast the Star Dragon King and had no reproductive isolation from any female creatures!

That's the point! To be tested!

As long as it is in line with the aesthetics of Shiwei, he can make the other party pregnant!

"What's wrong? Your expression right now is really funny. "

Looking at the girl's demeanor, Shi Wei sensed the other party's thoughts with a simple mind-reading technique.

What a funny pure girl. He just likes this kind of pure young beautiful girl.

Shi Wei gently pushed the girl's shoulder, and there was a soft and elastic sofa behind the girl.

She sat down directly on the sofa with an exclamation, feeling the extremely comfortable surface of the sofa, Hao Huiyu's heartbeat was fast to the extreme.

"I can't figure out what is right.

However, what I should do is to be a female citizen of the Dragon Kingdom and be responsible for my actions and choices to the end. "

"Do you want to do it? Is it now? Is it right here? "

"Not now, no need to fight the winner!"

Shi Wei looked at the girl's strange state, and realized that he seemed to have forgotten to use magic to converge his breath.

Switching from dragon human form to human form, his aura seems to make the surrounding opposite sex extremely addicted.

It seems that this is the ultimate poison.

Then when I was in the Hokage World before, it seems that many girls were gaffed because of this.

Really, in order to keep the people around him normal, he even uses magic that reduces his charm.

Shi Wei's brain bombed on the opposite forehead

"My full name is Shivi Aurelian Sol. As a Hero Canyon player, you are entitled to know my human form with my full name.

I called you here this time to make you my bridge with the Dragon Kingdom.

I need 50,000 people to travel to another world to help me manage the hundreds of millions of humans there. "

Shi Wei thought for a moment. "One million dragon coins a year, as well as the opportunity to learn magic.

The strength of each staff member will be upgraded by me to at least bullet level. They can bring their families, but they can only return here once in five to ten years. "

"Me, is this kind of thing really going to be done by me?"

"Yes, you are just my liaison with the Dragon Kingdom. You are directly responsible for delivering my words. "

Hokage World, except for Senjukuma, Uchiha and others who started at the surface level.

Other ordinary ninjas themselves are not much stronger in their own combat effectiveness, after all, these managers are more about safeguarding people's livelihood or something.

In terms of combat, it is enough for the few shadows that he has been resurrected, Uchiha and the Hyuga family.

In order to earn resurrection points for themselves and their own families, the more powerful the existence is, the more resurrection points need to be earned.

In addition, Hinata has been transformed by him to have the combat power of explosive stars, so the Hokage world can be regarded as completely stable.

As long as the basic livelihood personnel of the Dragon Kingdom are in place, the Hokage World can directly enter the right track.

"Hao Huimin, do a good job."


Seeing that Shi Wei had left completely, the girl bit her lip and hurriedly transferred.

Only the soft and elastic sofa remains, and the transparent water stains on the sofa.

"It's over! How can I be so shameless! Woooo

Hao Huimin wanted to hit himself to death, but he thought that his wish had been easily fulfilled by Shi Wei. She felt immense happiness again.

She hurriedly changed into a new set of clothes, and then immediately dialed Long Guo's phone.

In the case that she has become a canyon hero player, the entire Dragon Kingdom has become her backing, helping her analyze how to fight.

How to cooperate with teammates.

No matter what resources she needs, the entire Dragon Kingdom will do its best to fulfill her various requirements.

Such a motherland, how can she not love it?

"Hey, hello, I'm Hao Huili. Mr. Saul asked me to give you a message. "

Then she repeated all of Shiwei's requirements, "How, how many people in China are willing to come to this kind of request?"

By the way, it is best to have a university degree or above. "

The other side was silent for a few seconds, and then replied with enthusiastic words.

"Please rest assured, our side will give the best quality personnel."

Excellent treatment, access to extraordinary fields.

These are all things that the Chinese people dream of, and the dragon god Thor is really generous.

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