In Shangjing City, the capital of the Dragon Kingdom, a group of middle-aged and elderly people sat together in a certain room.

These people generally have a characteristic that they have high eyebrows and wide brow spacing.

This is because after being in a high position for many years, you will have the image of great wealth and nobility.

Then many people picked up the thermos cup, and at this moment everyone was still meeting, analyzing the character of Shenlong Sol, as well as the strategic planning for the entire dragon country in the future.

"Shenlong Sol, create things in an instant, play with space. Converted to the level of the cosmic civilization, at least a civilization of level four or more that can shuttle nebulae.

That is to say, even He alone has already taken up an entire civilization.

We must meet His demands as much as possible. "

"An annual salary of one million dragon coins, or the equivalent of one million dragon national coins of gold, can be exchanged for extraordinary props and knowledge.

Even the opportunity to travel to Tsukushi City to learn magic. "

With such favorable conditions, even many big figures in the Dragon Kingdom today are moved!

What does it really mean to be extraordinary? It means longer life, more power.

For these high-level people, it is enough to have a longer lifespan.

Previously, just the cyberprosthetic body and exoskeleton were enough to shock the world.

"Even cyberprosthetics would take at least fifty years, if not a hundred years, to reverse study according to our scientists.

So, what about this magic? No matter what, we must try to master! "


The old man at the head patted the table, "Then so be it, immediately start using the media to recruit the people of the whole country and recruit them on the basis of merit." "


As a result, the official media of the Dragon Kingdom immediately sent out recruitment information on the Internet.

(Long Media: "50,000 people are now recruited to go to another world to take up civil management work, such as medical care, education, agricultural planting, etc.")


One million Dragon National Coins per year, or the equivalent of extraordinary items and knowledge.

And there are channels to learn about magic. Dependents can be brought with you.

It will awaken the magic of C-level (bullet-level) destruction intensity.

In addition, the state will pay a one-time cash subsidy of one million per person.

Recruitment conditions:

Bachelor degree or above, and no criminal record of himself and his ancestors for two generations.

Must not leave for at least five years and can settle permanently in the local area,")

As soon as this announcement was released, it directly shocked the world.

(Why?) I'm so envious. , Why am I not a citizen of the Dragon Kingdom, I also want to have the qualification for this job.

This is for the Dragon God. What work could be more sacred and greater than it? )

(Brothers, what does this C-grade mean?) How can I not understand? )

(Isn't there an explanation later?) This C grade means that each of us who successfully applies will have gun-level destructive power.

One finger at will can burst AK47, even Barrett-level destructive power! That's really cool! )

(So, we could also unleash destructive power similar to the Gatling Vulcan Cannon?) )

(Of course, I'm now signing up!) With a million settling expenses, I can already travel to another world with peace of mind!

Can work for the dragon god, this is really the ancestral tomb smoke! )

You must know that in today's country, the salary of ordinary people in the county is about 3,000, the waiter in the restaurant is 2,000 a month, and the worker can get about 5,000 yuan.

Even a monthly income of 10,000 yuan is already 5% of the country's high-income population.

So the annual salary of one million really detonated the nerves of countless people.

Countless citizens opened the official website of registration at this moment and began to register frantically.

Last year, the number of fresh graduates in the Dragon Kingdom had reached 10 million in one year.

Even if these 50,000 recruitment places are given to these 10 million fresh graduates, it is considered a merit-based admission.

It's still not enough for these graduates.

In less than a day, the number of applications sent by the citizens of the Dragon Kingdom to the official website has reached a staggering 90 million!

For the Dragon Kingdom, which has a population of more than 1.4 billion, it is already too amazing.

If there is no academic requirement, this number of applications should be doubled, right?

This is a real opportunity to get in touch with the extraordinary.


A whole day has passed since the successful establishment of Star Building City.

Even between the Thousand Hand Pillars, the two of them fell from the sky countless times.

Countless ninjas, ordinary people are constantly falling to the ground.

Fortunately, there is an anti-gravity Hex formation on the ground, so it will not fall and get injured.

The climbing path of this rune rune not only tests a person's willpower, intelligence, but also a person's character

Naruko Uzumaki trembled and boarded Tsukusung City, and after resting for a while, Shikamaru also landed on Tsukusung City.

"Naruto, congratulations! It seems that we can learn magic. "

Bo Feng Shuimen felt a burst of relief in his heart, and he threw the dagger in his hand again, using the Flying Thunder God Technique to move at high speed.

The next moment, the water gate teleported above the ground.

"So, what exactly is the breakthrough mechanism of this thing?"

The Bofeng Shui Gate has broken through to 3,000 meters, and there is still the last 333 meters, but these more than 300 meters are like heavenly grabens, and it is difficult to climb.

Under the premise that the ninjas of the five major villages are generally partial and decisive, it is naturally difficult to break through the final barrier perfectly.

Hinata Hanabi is bored and shopping in the huge Tsukushi City.

At this moment, he hurriedly handed the two people water and food. "That's awesome, two big brothers.

I'll go find Patriarch Hinata later, and she'll arrange a place for you to live and study in a classroom!" "

Naruko was overjoyed. "Great! I can learn magic!

I also want to have the power to fly around the stars and create a hanging city! "

The Nine Tails in Naruko Uzumaki's body were a little annoyed, "Stinky chick!

Even if the upper limit of magic is high, don't forget to cultivate Chakra. Ninjutsu is also very practical! "

"Can you travel the stars and create cities?"

"Enough! Stinky chick! Look, I Ai Luo from Shayin Village on the ground is also here! "

Naruko immediately got down on the ground of Tsukushi City and looked towards Konoha Village. With the blessing of the Nine-Tailed Chakra, Naruko's perception ability has been enhanced to the extreme.

"I love Ro! He's here too! That's great! "

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