The ninja of Sand Hidden Village has arrived in Konoha Village at this moment after a day of travel.

I Ai Luo looked up at the Star Building City at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters in the sky, and mysterious magic lingered around it.

As a human pillar force, he also has excellent eyesight, and he can see the extraordinary of those suspended "gravel" at a glance.

"This Star Building City is very magical, and those rune floating stones under the city also contain terrifying power."


There was a scream overhead, and Xiao Li fell to the surface from a height of thousands of meters.

I love Luo looking up and waving his palm

A burst of sand wrapped Xiao Li and sent him back to the ground.

"I love Luo!"

Xiao Li still remembers I-Ai Luo, who almost disabled him before, when he almost beat I-Ai Luo with five doors.

If Naruko hadn't stepped forward to protect him, he would probably still be in a wheelchair now.

"I also want to climb this floating stone and step into Star Building, are there any requirements? For example, sign up and pay money or something? "

"No, as long as you don't wreak havoc in Konoha Village."

I Ai Luo directly controlled the sand to fly towards the sky of Star Building, who knew that just one kilometer after taking off, he encountered countless dazzling beam shots.

The strong impact force constantly shattered the protection on his body.

He only held out for more than a minute at an altitude of more than a thousand meters, and then was shot to the ground.

"So powerful?"

My Ai Luo was about to take off, and the huge Thousand Hand Buddha statue in the sky fell to the other side.

The Thousand Hand Pillar laughed and got up again.

"Lord Thousand Hand Pillar is so powerful! It took so long to reduce his holdings! "

"Ninja God, Senjukuma?"

My Iro's eyes widened in shock, and he almost lost the ability to think.

It seems that Dragon Thor really resurrected the ninja god, so can his parents be resurrected?

This Star Building City, he must reach the top!

"Not just to learn magic, I also want to resurrect my parents!"


The Thousand Hand Pillar heard the words of my Ai Luo and leaned in front of the other party. "Then don't spoil the idea of soil rebirth.

The goal of soil rebirth has little autonomy.

As long as you can reach the top of Tsuki Star City, you can also ask Hinata Hinata to help revive your parents.

I really didn't expect Naruko Uzumaki and Nara Shikamaru to reach the top, how the hell did they do it? "


Thinking of Naruko Uzumaki's beautiful, bright smile. My love Luo's heart is full of fighting spirit.

"Naruko, I've become Kazekage. I didn't expect you to also climb to the top of Star City? I won't lose to you! "

The Zhongnin exam six years ago really shocked him, obviously the two of them are people from the village, why is the difference so big?

Obviously, both of them were feared by the villagers in the village!


Shi Wei was half lying on the sofa, watching the beautiful girls in the Hero Canyon match.

"This leg is so white, and this foot looks good."

"This mountain is really big, the peaks are like gatherings, and the waves are like fury!"

2B was holding a bottle of Coke at the moment and handed it to Shi Wei's mouth.

I took a sip of Fat House Happy Water, and then ate 2B peeled grapes.

If you are not careful, you will also hold 2B's fingers.


2B was a little confused about what Shi Wei was thinking, so the girl looked at Shi Wei quietly.


A lot of emotions appeared in 2B's heart, but there was no resistance.

She answered softly, then closed the curtains in the living room.


After the storm, Shi Wei was refreshed.

He began to scan his hero city with his divine thoughts, which was now as large as the area of neon.

Such a huge existence like the heavenly divine kingdom is just a relatively interesting palace for Shi Wei.

【Ding! Shi Wei sent a group red envelope! 】

[Shi Wei: "How about everyone take it and taste it?" It's very ordinary magic grapes, magic apples, magic bananas and the like."

Asuka received a string of magic bananas, the surface of which seemed to have a faint white fluorescent flash, and the bananas were extremely thick, each thicker than a baby's arm.

"It looks extraordinary."

She carefully separated the banana peel, stretched out her pink tongue, and put the banana into her mouth to taste it slowly.

Just one bite, the sweet banana flesh spread in her mouth.

"This banana is so delicious?"

Because the banana is so delicious, Asuka unknowingly eats half a bunch. It wasn't until her stomach pouch had been completely filled that she slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why is it so delicious?"

At the same time, the warm heat was flowing through her stomach towards her limbs, and she felt that the exhaustion caused by her long-term training had completely dissipated.

Not only her, but also Butterfly Kanae also received a lot of grapes.

In one bite, the super sweet juice mixed with the sweetness and sour of normal fruits makes Kanae endless.

Just after eating a grape, she couldn't help but eat another one.

The juice slid down the corners of her mouth into her neck, and she quickly wiped it clean with her fingers, and then licked the juice on her fingers with her tongue.

[Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, this fruit is so delicious! And when I eat it, I feel warm all over my body! It's more comfortable than soaking in an onsen! "】

Tony quickly picked up the orange he got from the red envelope and ate it.

Just one bite made Tony's eyes shine. "So delicious! Oh, my God! "

"Jarvis, help me analyze the flesh and skin of this orange!"

Tony had a dozen oranges in his hand, and finally endured the pain and gave Jarvis a whole fist-sized orange to slowly analyze the ingredients.

[Ying Zheng: "Mr. Shi Wei, this fruit is really delicious, right?

Is this the immortal jade treasure in the legendary Peach Conference? "】

[Machima: "The banana has filled my stomach, Shiwei~"].

Shi Wei smiled, the things he sent could make everyone like it, and of course he was happy.

"These fruits are very ordinary, these are the fruits that everyone often eats in the city, only because they are grown in my hero city, so they are so sweet."

Eating the fruits I grow here often can increase the magic content in everyone's body and even increase longevity. "

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