[Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, how can these fruits be so delicious?"

You see, this is cantaloupe. Such a large cantaloupe, I ate it for a long time to finish it. "】

Hinata's photo of the group happens to be a one-meter-sized cantaloupe.

Regxi: "Cantaloupe? Cantaloupe is good. Sister-in-law, this is breast enlargement! "

Hinata immediately panicked when she heard this, and she glanced down at her chest. Fortunately, it is already very large.

[Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, do you prefer big breasts?" Then I want to eat more cantaloupe! "】

[Machima: "Are there so many women who like Shiwei?" Unlike me, I just wanted to be Vi's dog at the time! "】

[Ying Zheng: "I don't understand what you're saying."] "】

[Tony: "Shiwei, what a flower you played."] But the fruit was really delicious, thank you very much.

By the way, didn't I tell you before that I would give you 6% of the shares? When will you come to get it? "】

Shi Wei didn't expect the other party to remember this matter, this Tony person is quite good. "I won't take the shares

After all, it doesn't have any practical effect if you take it.

I can create gold the size of the moon in the blink of an eye, so money is a string of numbers for me. "

[Tony: "! I'm really sour! Can you create so much material so easily?

So can you copy vibranium? If you can, please help me copy a little more vibranium, don't force me to kneel down and beg you! "】

The eldest husband can flex and stretch, and Tony does not feel that there is anything wrong with asking for someone.

After all, vibranium is the best metal on earth! It is an all-round metal that can act as an energy source, defense, attack, etc.

[Shi Wei: "It's okay to help you produce a little metal, so be it." After you build Veronica and anti-Hulk armor, remember to come to me to change!

This kind of toy is fun to play with as a collection. "】

[Tony: "I'll go." How did you know I wanted to build a base station that could support space at any time?

Anti-Hulk armor I am already working on. I'll send it to you when it's ready. "】

Kanae is pulling her sister Butterfly Shinobu, constantly stuffing grapes into her mouth.

"Sister, woo-woo. It's delicious! "

Kanae was shocked again, thinking that it was already outrageous to create a planet casually.

And can you create such a huge amount of gold at will?

What else can't Mr. Shi Wei make at this time?

"Mr. Shi Wei is so good!"

Kanae thought in a daze, and then saw that Butterfly Shinobu had patiently collected all the grape seeds.

"Sister, let's plant these grape seeds in the backyard, so that we can eat grapes every year in the future!"

"Great idea! These grapes are so sweet, everyone is happy! "

Previously, because Kanae used equipment to easily kill the ghost, now Ghost Dance has played hide-a-boo with everyone.

However, their ghost killing team is not in a hurry, and Hao Sheng's study of the Imperial Wind Sword Art is.

Honey Glass of the Love Pillar Ganlu Temple also appeared in this room at this moment.

"Wow, what a beautiful grapes."

[Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, can I give these grapes to the members of the Ghost Killer Team?" 】

[Shi Wei: "Of course, as long as it is a righteous person, it is nothing to give them food.

After all, the ghost killing team has always been fighting for their lives to kill ghosts. "】

Seeing Kanae's nodding action, Ganluji Miri jumped up excitedly.

Neon's ancient materials are very poor, and it is unimaginable to eat fruit in daily life.

Even if it is meat, they eat the most fish, and as for pork, it is very rare. Only high-ranking official families can enjoy it.

Lianzhu excitedly opened his small mouth, put his tongue on the top of his lower lip, and put the plump grapes into his mouth.

As her lips closed, sweet and sour juices rushed down her mouth toward her throat.

Even the extra juice opened her mouth and slipped down the corners of her mouth.

"Wow, there's a lot of juice."

Lianzhu immediately stretched out his left hand and put it under his mouth to catch the juice left.

"Why is it so sweet? It's bad, I'm already pregnant with the disease that can't eat this fruit every day is death, woo-woo. "

Lianzhu closed her eyes, her hands clenched into fists and constantly shook her shoulders, and with the shaking, the peaks like peaks began to shake amazingly!

The delicate snow-white peaks are so majestic and eye-catching!

"Don't swallow the grape grains, let's try to plant them in the soil and see if we can grow them."


Kanae carefully appreciates the rich energy in this fruit. "Maybe this fruit will also improve our lord's body?"

"Then let's hurry up and loosen up!"


Kanae immediately used a knife to cut some magic grapes that were smaller than an adult's thumb and brought them to the lord.

"Is it Kanae?"

Inside the Isayashiki house, Isayashiki listened to the words of his wife on the side, and he smiled at the other party.

Obviously there are hideous burns on his face, and his body is also weak. But still give them a sense of affinity and trust for the members of the Ghost Killing Team.

This is the charisma of the leader of the main public Yashiroki.

"This is a grape?"

In front of me was a plate of about thirty plump magic grapes two or three centimeters in diameter.

After careful cleaning, these grapes, even the vine stems clean, look outstanding

Especially the faint white shimmer that pervades above, these shimmers are constantly flickering slowly, just staying around it already makes everyone feel happy.

Isayashiki opened his mouth and ate the grapes that Madame had put in her mouth.

"This, what is this?"

Just as the juice entered his throat, he felt that the exhaustion in his whole body disappeared.

With the third grape in his belly, the world in front of him began to brighten

"This, this, my blindness cured? Thank you, thank you Mr. Shi Wei! "

Isayashiki was so excited that he couldn't help himself, he didn't expect that his blindness would be cured one day.

As a result, his whole body trembled. The emotion of wanting to cry and wanting to laugh came together.

"Thank you, thank you. Thank you, Mr. Shi Wei. Kanae, please help me convey your gratitude to Mr. Shiwei.

As long as it doesn't violate justice, I can do anything for Mr. Shiwei! "

Isayashiki knelt down towards Kanae and made a standard dirt seat.

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