Isayashiki's current actions made Kanae a little flattered

"Lord, please don't do this, I immediately want Mr. Shi Wei to convey your respect."


Shi Wei raised his eyebrows, "Oh, has the master of that ghost killing team been cured of his blindness?" "

[Kanae: "Yes, not only blindness, but also the various diseases that have plagued him for many years have completely disappeared at this moment.

Now the Ghost Dance has gone into hiding, but each of our Ghost Killing Team has now begun to practice the Imperial Wind Sword Art.

Everyone's strength and perception will continue to increase, and in the future, even ordinary team members may have the power to kill alone. "】

Shi Wei left a hand when he presented the group members with the Imperial Wind Sword Technique.

That is, only those who have justice in mind can fully exert its power, and it is very difficult to learn or even get started if you are a criminal who disregards life.

Of course, even if this was the case, he didn't want the Imperial Wind Sword Art to be mastered by those bad guys.

Shi Wei looked at his hero city, and now the entire city is temporarily enough.

After all, it is just his palace, and there are now hundreds of selected harem candidates in such a palace.

In addition, there are already 100,000 parasitic leaf troops in the entire comprehensive world, and the individual combat power of this parasitic leaf force has also been strengthened by him again.

He is fully qualified to be called a 100,000 Heavenly Soldier Heavenly General.

This scale is currently sufficient.

[Shi Wei: "Everyone remember to look for more rare fruits in their own world

There may be fruits that everyone takes for granted in the world, but we don't have them here. After my cultivation, the taste and efficacy of these fruits will be greatly improved. "】

As a native flower farmer, Shi Wei is now interested in what to grow.

Especially after obtaining the Star Casting Dragon King to master the creation divine power, he began a large number of creations in his hero city, as well as filling the entire city with a beautiful sea of flowers and trees.

After all, in the hero city that covers an area of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, there are very few people living in it.

Today, the entire hero city is suspended at an altitude of 9999 meters, because of the special Hex technology shield and other internal circulation technology, the people living in it are almost no different from living on land.

[Ying Zheng: "Does this fruit have such a strong effect?" Oh my God, is the place where Mr. Shi Wei lives the legendary Dongtian Wonderland?

Where are the very ordinary fruits placed, and after ripening, they can actually achieve the repair of severed limbs and stump?

I can't bear to eat these fruits now. "】

Shi Wei: "What can't you eat?" It's time to eat. I have hundreds of thousands of land here, most of which is intended to be used to grow various plants. You can't eat more ripe fruit in the future. "

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei, I really don't have anything delicious here. The entire country is now under the faint rule of the Great Qing Dynasty

Most ordinary people are starving to death.

In the past, my apprentice and I could occasionally eat a meal of meat, but fortunately, now our skills have increased, and our hands are richer. "】

[Shi Wei: "In that case, then Lin Fengjiao, don't you directly oppose this dynasty?

Ruled by a mediocre dynasty, robbed by foreign rulers of thousands of years of cultural heritage in their own country, and the heritage left by various ancestors.

Don't you hold back?

This kind of garbage dynasty might as well be directly reversed! "】

Shi Wei knew from his communication with Lin Fengjiao before that the world Lin Fengjiao was in was the late Qing Dynasty and early People's Dynasty.

All kinds of times are right, that is to say, the humiliating invasion of China by the eight-nation coalition has broken out, and the Old Summer Palace no longer exists.

Even a permanent one-way crossing passage can be adapted by the other party, and Lin Fengjiao should be worried that he will slaughter all the enemy barbarians after his time has passed.

Or cause serious irreversible things to Lin Fengjiao's world, such as directly slaughtering all the Qing royal families or something.

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei, please don't say this kind of thing. I'll think again. "】

Lin Fengjiao's heart was also full of entanglement and pain.

He was very worried that Mr. Shi Wei's arrival would bring misery to the whole world, and even affect innocent people.

After all, Shi Wei is a true god-like existence, and his joy and anger are all in an instant. And just through chatting the masses have only been in contact for less than a month.

People's hearts are separated by belly, Lin Fengjiao still tries to avoid Mr. Shi Wei from reaching their world.

Lin Fengjiao let out a long sigh, "Unless a hundred thousand people are in a hurry, I still try to rely on myself." Mr. Shi Wei, I'm really sorry. "


Big Bad Wolf - Regency is now the leader of the green beast of Cheriton Academy

At this moment, he happened to open the office of the brown deer-Louis senior, and looked at the female rabbit - Chun, who was madly exported by Louis to weigh fifteen kilograms

Regxi's eyes were about to protrude, knowing that this female rabbit was only one meter and five meters tall.

And Louis's height is not counting the length of the angle is one meter seventy-two, the height difference is so big, this scene is really shocking.

"I'll come back later"

Haru involuntarily shouted out, and she saw Regxi, "Regency come together, right?" "

Louis was also stunned, and then showed a bold smile. "Let's come with Regsi."


"Ah, no."

Regency slowly closed the door and waited boringly in the hallway for three minutes.

"Come in."

Regency couldn't help but let out a loud sneeze, and he closed the door to the room, then opened the window.

The strong smell of heather flowers almost made him faint.

Looking at Haru, who was already dressed, Regesi also felt strange.

This spring is just that, completely incomparable to Juno.

"Regxi, we want to change the world! Research and develop technology, so that all intelligent life can get rid of physical differences only by using the power of technology!

In the face of the power of science and technology, everyone's so-called excellent physical fitness will become extremely ridiculous. "

"Moreover, this can also cure the night blindness of vegetarian beasts, not all of them have night blindness!"


Regency was awakened, yes. As long as they have the power of technology, their current predicament will be completely reversed!

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