Regency was really happy, he had always felt the injustices of this world.

Just by being born into a different race, there will be a great difference. Even if many people in this world don't say it.

But the difference exists, as long as there is no monitoring, elephants who usually see mice to give way can trample them to death at will without any punishment.

After all, there are too many disappearances in this world to count.

Louis looked at Regxi, "Regxi, our beast star now has nearly a billion various intelligent beasts

But nearly 200,000 people are eaten and murdered worldwide every year, and even more disappear each year without being traced.

To change the world, we must ensure that the whole world has a strong surveillance system.

Let the vegetarian beast have the same strength as the carnivore! "

"I see!"

After a conversation, Regesi also understood what the other party meant.

[Regxi: "Mr. Shiwei, is there anything on your side that can improve the power of our beast star monitoring means..."

After listening to Regxi's request, Shi Wei directly packaged a complete set of primary Hextech packages and sent it to him.

The number of points required for the whole set is only twenty points.

But for the entire beast star, it is already a great technology.

[Regxi: "Rub, big brother. Send you astringency! "】

Shi Wei didn't like Reghesi's many books, he wasn't interested at all

He simply examines these documents with a critical gaze and criticizes the particular poses in them.

This is all very serious exchange and learning.

[Shiwei: "Regxi, don't send this kind of thing in the future. "】

(Regency (private chat): "Big brother, please close the picture! ")

(Shi Wei (private chat): "Sensible, and don't post it in the public channel in the future, the impact is not very good. ")

(Regxi: "It's big brother!") ")

[Regxi: "Sisters-in-law, big brother. I'm going to give a global college talk in a while

I wonder if everyone is interested in watching the group live broadcast? "】

[Ying Zheng: "Live broadcast? Regxi, I really didn't expect an adult big bad wolf to communicate with me so pleasantly.

That's when I'm really going to open my eyes. "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "There are no other things besides cultivation recently, if you want to open a group live broadcast, I can also take a look. "】


Regency was so happy, he didn't expect his speaker group to be so willing to be on the stage, which was great.

In his mind, there are a lot more basic knowledge about Hextech, and just the basic knowledge is enough to realize the many layouts of Louis's predecessors.

"Senior Louis, I got a lot of knowledge. For example, Hextech

In this way, everyone can be truly equal in physique. "

Louis's eyes lit up, "Very good, then let's go to my father's company first."

I am still very experienced in the area of management and people. "


Hokage World

As the portal unfolded, the fifty thousand staff members selected from the Dragon Kingdom had arrived.

At this moment, everyone's strength has reached the C-level bullet level, and a random attack can burst out pistol bullets, rifle bullets, and even the destructive power of sniper anti-material sniper rifles.

If it is charged, it can even cause the terrifying power of Gatling machine gun fire.

In addition to destructive power, each of their physical qualities and five senses have also been strengthened, and they have become small supermen.

"Dragon God Thor is so powerful. A casual thought can give 50,000 people such a powerful power. "

"It's really a blessing from the ancestors, to be able to obtain this job qualification from tens of millions of applicants, so happy is really happy."

Many people cry with joy because they came into this world, yes.

From the moment they began to officially work for the dragon god Thor, they were completely different from ordinary people.

"We ordinary people at the bottom can even obtain extraordinary power! And there's also a chance to continue to advance with extraordinary knowledge!

Lord Ryujin, I am willing to work for you forever for the rest of my life! "

"Lord Ryujin, I want to give birth to a child for you!"

"What a dream! You also don't look at the posture of the hero players chosen by Lord Ryujin.

Only among the billions of human beings in the world, the best looking and best beautiful girls will become the women of Lord Dragon God!

So, be a little self-aware! "

At this moment, after some exchanges, everyone began to formally look at the whole world.

In addition to the floating islands of more than 3,000 meters in the sky, not far from the ground is the main urban area of Konoha Village, which covers an area of about one kilometer

and the edge of Konoha Village, which covers an even larger area and cannot be visually seen.

"Wow, how come they keep climbing which gravel."

At this moment, everyone also saw ninjas with various superpowers constantly climbing the gravel in the sky.

"Suffered! They fell down and were going to fall to their deaths! "

As the mysterious runes on the ground flickered, the speed of the figure that had fallen from high in the sky began to slow down.

A young man in a green training uniform with thick eyebrows and big eyes stood up from the ground.

"Wow, is this the power of magic? Falling from a height of thousands of meters is nothing at all.

What exactly is the source of energy for this magic? "

Looking at the floating city in the sky, it is estimated that it is at least a behemoth with a diameter of a hundred kilometers.

Each of these suspended rubble is the size of a football, and the number should be trillions.

After all, almost directly below the floating island, there will be a floating rune stone for every cubic meter.

Hinata Hinata's side stayed in Tsukushi City, and the screen in front of her also showed the situation on the ground in Konoha Village.

Not only did the Fire Nation send a large number of troops, but even the other three major ninja villages seemed to have gathered troops ready to attack.

Hinata immediately decided to ask Shi Wei's opinion, "Brother Shi Wei, not only the three major ninja villages, but even the troops of the Fire Nation are here.

What to do? "

[Shi Wei: "Since they are coming, then fight them?" It just happened to unify the entire Ninja Star by the way. What do you think? "】

Hinata Hinata nodded, after becoming Shiwei's woman, she naturally acted on Shiwei's interests in everything.

"Okay, my side will arrange troops immediately."

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