"The ninja world has been constantly breaking out war, and it really should be unified."

Hinata Hinata began to manipulate the magic crystal screen in the room.

The use of this screen had already appeared in her mind the moment she touched the crystal.

"With the Uchiha family, as well as the Hokage of the past, even if all the forces of the four major powers come to besiege, I think we can easily unify the world, right?"

Hinata Hinata began to continue to control the Hextech Crystal, and the thoughts about her had been directly transmitted to everyone.

A large number of levitating runes gathered in front of the numerous ninjas.

"Everyone, Iwain Village, Mist Hidden Village, Yunyin Village, and the Fire Village have all sent ninja troops, the total size has exceeded 50,000 people, and we must fight back.

By the way, we are also going to begin to unify the whole world.

Hinata Hinata, Hinata Hinata, please take the Hyuga family to snipe the Mist Hidden Village and occupy the entire Land of Water.

The fourth generation of Hokage Wave Feng Shuimen, please lead the Uchiha family to attack Iwahide Village and the Land of Earth.

Senju asks you to block the entire Fire Country Ninja Army, and if the other party insists on attacking, you can kill them all.

Between the thousand hand pillars, the ninja of Yunyin Village handed you a sniper. "

Hinata Hinata continued to control the Hextech Crystal, and each leader in the sky received 100,000 levitating runes.

"Each team has enough levitating runes, these are mobile turrets that can also act as temporary caretakers.

It can fully assist you in suppressing a country. "

Senjuma was very satisfied, he had already experienced the power of these levitating rune stones before, and the destructive power of each stone could easily cause bullet-level destructive power.

And the power of these rune stones, after being linked together, only a hundred of them can easily cause the power of the Shattered Building Level.

As the number of links increases, the power will increase even further.


I Iroh was in mid-air, watching the ninja on the ground with mixed feelings.

"The extinct Uchiha has been resurrected, but what about my parents?"

A thick layer of sand condensed around his body, and the sand condensed unconsciously into the image of his mother.

Just like his mother, even if she is dead, she must attach her soul and last will to these sands to avoid the injury of my Iroh.

"I want to resurrect my parents!"

"I will never give up!"

A large amount of destructive power gradually increased from the blade level to the broken building level magic beam bombarded the sand around him, and he was now very tired.

At this moment, the surrounding beam attacks have disappeared.

"Wind Shadow I love Luo, can we talk?"

I Ai Luo gasped, and now he Chakra, who has climbed to 2333 meters, is also consumed a lot.

"Are you Hinata Hinata? The city lord of Star Towering City? "

"Yes, I want to unify the whole world. The Wind Hidden Village and the Wind Country will be completely unified, and then I will feed everyone in the entire world.

Thoroughly bring everyone into peacetime. "

I Ai Luo clenched his fists, he looked at the trillions of magic runes in Star Building, and looked at Star Building, which had several super shadow-level combat power and the entire Uchiha family.

"Can I resurrect my parents? Fengyin Village surrendered unconditionally. "

[Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, I love Luo wants to resurrect his parents, what am I going to do."] "】

[Shi Wei: "Promise him, I will now give you a spell that can revive your private person."] Hinata's exclusive red envelope (tongyu, the Great Resurrection (No Cost Version)].

Tongyu can communicate with the spirit body of the underworld, and the Great Resurrection Technique can resurrect any target that still exists in the spirit body, even if the spirit body is broken and the body disappears.


As Hinata's words fell, in the center of the city of Tsukusa City, a white light several meters thick rose from the city, and countless mysterious runes rose on the ground where the pillar of light was.

A light mass composed of white feathers with a diameter of two meters appeared in front of Hinata

As the feathers slowly turned into particles of light, my Iro's parents came back to life.

A space door appeared in front of my Airo, looking at the strange and familiar figure outside the door.

He first felt incredible, and then the corners of his eyes seemed to be splashed with boiling water, and the stinging and hot tears in his eyes involuntarily slipped down.

"Mother, father."

For a moment, Iroh was surprised and scared, and he slowly walked through the space.

My Ai Luo's mother rubbed my Ai Luo's head. "I love Luo, you've grown up. Did you eat well? Have you found your beloved?

It's mom's fault that mom left you in labor. It's my mother's poor health, I'm sorry, I didn't accompany you all the time. "

"No, I don't blame you. Mom, I like a girl named Naruko Uzumaki. I want to marry her. "

My Iro's father knelt down to Iroh, and the standard dirt seat then shouted loudly. "I'm sorry, I only caused you endless pain.

I love Luo, please give me another chance to be a father. "

Thinking of his father's super strict treatment of him, and then thinking that he was almost killed by Xiao Li in the Zhongnin Exam.

It's also a good thing that his father is strict with him, after all, this is the ninja world.

If you are not forced to grow rapidly, you can only die, even if you are squeezed out of your life potential to train and fight.

Even if most ninjas don't live to be forty years old.

But this is troubled times.

"Lord City Lord, Wind Yin Village surrenders unconditionally, and I will try my best to persuade the Wind Country to surrender."


The foursome of Naruko Uzumaki, Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasui moved at high speed in the direction of Sasuke Uchiha, with several runes behind them.

After all, just bringing back Sasuke, there is no need to use too much power at all.

"Our mission is to bring the renegade Sasuke back, understand?"

Naruko Uzumaki's heart tugged, and she looked at Kakashi with some concern. "Teacher, what if he doesn't want to?"

"Then stun him and forcibly bring him back." If necessary, break his hands and feet. "

End Valley

After cleaning up all the ninjas of Orochimaru, Sasuke also formed his own ninja squad.

He touched the stones here, his mind full of the duel six years ago.

He raised his head to look at Naruko Uzumaki and the others, "Naruko! It's you again, why do you have to force me to go back to the village!" "

"Because I like you! Sasuke! Come back to the village with me, I will never give up on you!" "

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