"Love! Hehe! What exactly do you like about me! What do you know about me! "

"You simply can't understand the pain of having your loved ones all slaughtered overnight! You have not experienced it at all, how can you understand how painful this really is! "

"I hate you! Naruto! You always get everything! You always have the best resources! I have nothing! I can only rely on myself! You me! "

Uchiha Sasuke and the others looked at each other with Naruko Uzumaki and the others on the two giant human head statues in the End Valley.

"You don't even have a loved one, how do you understand the pain of a loved one leaving!

The Chidori that I learned so desperately, you can kill me in seconds by learning a spiral pill at will! By what! What am I going back to the village for?

Who can guide me back to the village? You? Or Kakashi? "

"Sasuke, there will be a way. Shall we go back to the village first? "

The smile on Naruko's face was ugly, she really didn't want to stalemate like this.

The chains of hatred are so strong

"I hate you, Naruko. I'll kill you! Six years, let me see your strength. "

Sasuke closed his eyes, and the next moment they opened again. Handsome dragon horns had already appeared on his forehead.

Even nine translucent two-clawed dragons appeared around at the same time.

"Naruko, I'll go back if you beat me."

Naruko Uzumaki felt the other party's chilling killing intent, and even the nine-tailed fox in her body sent a warning:

Stinky little devil, that guy is really going to kill you. Tear open the seal, I come to wish you a hand.

"Nine-tails, I know you hate me too. If I had been imprisoned in someone else's body for years, I would have been angry. Sorry,

I can't set you free right now. When I return to Konoha, I will ask Hinata to return your freedom.


The Nine-Tailed Nine Lamas were also shocked, this chick was really thinking for him!

The Ninth Lama felt the softness of his heart being touched, "It seems that you can't be serious anymore." "

Naruto Uzumaki's body also appeared on the Nine-Tailed Chakra cloak, and it was the kind that did not affect Naruko's will at all.

This scene made Sasuke even more furious

"Why? Why is it always like this! Why do you catch up with me no matter how hard I try! Why! "

As Sasuke roared up to the sky, Chakra, the immortal of the Dragon Earth Cave around him, condensed into a nine-headed dragon beast with a height of 100 meters.

On the other side, Naruko Uzumaki also condensed into a nine-tailed one. A nine-tailed demon fox with a height of 100 meters.



Haruno Sakura looked anxiously at the battle in the air, "Sensei, don't we do anything?" "

Kakashi looked at the battle in the sky, a little helpless. It's an exaggeration, the two of them are only eighteen years old.

Why does it seem to be close to the strength of the Thousand Hand Pillars.

"Keep an eye on Sasuke's teammates and don't let them mess up. Wait until the winner or loser is divided. "


[Hinata: "Brother Shivi, Naruko and Sasuke are fighting again, what should I do?"] "】

Hinata sent a video of the two fighting.

Hinata Hinata burst out a big melon in the group again:

"By the way, I love that Luo likes Naruko Uzumaki, and Naruko Uzumaki likes Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke doesn't seem to like anyone right now, just wants revenge! "

Listening to Hinata's story, the group members were shocked.

[Shi Wei: "Don't worry, the little couple fights at the end of the bed. It would seem like a clown to manage it now. "】

[Regxi: "Big brother, are they a couple?" It looks like it's a faint fight. "】、

[Lin Fengjiao: "According to Zhou Yi's calculation, there is an eight-percent probability that the two of them will get married.

This is the first time that the old man has seen such a strange couple. "】

[Ying Zheng: "It's terrible, is the current husband and wife so terrible? "】

Kafka: "This melon is too delicious, right?" "

Asuka: "What kind of love is this again." You see they are now in the sky to open Gundam,

One move to the sky fall apart, is this really falling in love? "

Machima: "What is love?" Just make Sasuke Naruto's dog, wouldn't it?

How can human beings have equal relationships? It's better to let Sasuke be Naruto's dog. "

Time dimension; "Machima, your mind is really dangerous."

Shi Wei looked at the image transmitted through the Runestone of Star Building City, and was happy to death.

"Hit, hit hard! It's really interesting that this ninja world actually gave birth to Naruko Uzumaki. "


The Eight Thousand Ninja Army of the Fire Nation appeared twenty kilometers in front of Konoha Village.

A thousand hands blocked in front of everyone, looking at the enemy with an indifferent expression.

"This road doesn't work! If you want to enter Konoha Village to learn magic, please don't form an armor and blade. "

"A thousand hands? Inferior transfiguration! Kill! "

A large number of Fire Country ninja troops charged towards Senju, and even scattered towards the Konoha village behind them.

"You forced me!"

At this moment, the Thousand Hands immediately cast the Immortal Mode, "Shuriken Shadow Doppelganger!" "

It's just that after throwing a shuriken, it directly turns into thousands of kunai.

In an instant, nearly a thousand Fire Country ninjas died.

"I said this road doesn't work!"

Thousand hands sighed, the figure flickered extremely quickly, and the Ku Wu in his hand extended fifty meters of Chakra Water Blade Knife.

It's like chopping melons and cutting vegetables, until only a few hundred Fire Nation ninjas are left and frightened and flee in a hurry.

"It's elite, hey. It's a pity to die just like that. It's time to unify the entire Fire Nation. "


The Hextech runes behind him appeared from stealth at this moment and began to scatter throughout the Fire Nation.

"The Thousand Hands Family does not save one, in order to resurrect the clansmen, the disobedient ones in the Fire Nation have been killed." The eyes between the thousand hands became colder and colder, and they disappeared from the place.


In front of the Thousand Hand Pillar were tens of thousands of ninjas from Yunyin Village.

According to Hinata Hinata, the lord of Tsukisei City, Yunyin Village is the strongest.

"Thunder Shadow can fight against 10,000 ninjas, right? If it's so strong, I'm going to get serious too! "

So the ninjas of Tens of Thousand Clouds Hidden Village saw the huge Thousand Hands Guanyin.

The height alone is probably 800 meters high.

"What's that! Is the Ninja God really resurrected? Oh my goodness! "

So a thousand Immortal Law Mu Dun giant hands hammered towards all the ninjas of Yunyin Village.

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