A large number of ninjas had absolutely no room to resist in front of the true thousands.

The eight-tailed man Pillar Liki Bira immediately transformed into a fifty-meter-tall eight-tailed beast at this moment, but in front of the real thousands of hands, it was like a small cat with a big slap.

"The ninja god Senjukuma is really resurrected? Why? How is this possible? "

Kibila immediately launched the Tailed Beast Jade towards Zhen Qian's hand, which was his strongest move!

The scarlet and dangerous beam flew directly towards the giant wooden idol.


It was as if a concentrated cloud bomb exploded around the real thousands.

However, this powerful attack only broke the opponent's two wooden arms.

And it's also an arm that can be fully recovered easily.

"What? This is the only effect of my desperate trick? "

Chibila fell into despair!

"Is this the power of Yaoi? Yao, your power is too dangerous~! "

After saying this, the Thousand Hands Pillar directly clapped his hands, and the two big hands directly grabbed Yao in the palm of his hand.

Just like an adult playing with a kitten that has just reached the full moon, the other party has no room for resistance at all.


Lei Ying was angry, and his whole body emitted a dazzling lightning charge, and a blow just broke one of Zhenqian's hands pinching one of Kibila's arms.

"It's troublesome."

The other hand between the thousand hand pillars squeezed hard, and Kibila immediately vomited blood, and then was thrown to the ground from a high altitude.

"Impossible!" Ai looked at the movements between the thousand hand pillars in disbelief, he didn't expect that the dead man was really resurrected.

And it can even be so strong.

Immediately afterwards, the contemporary Lei Ying Ai was also seriously injured by a punch and flew away.

A large number of wooden giant hands shot towards Yunyin, and the 10,000 Yunyin Village ninja army was destroyed............


Land of water

Nara Shikamaru followed the Hyuga family ninja army led by Hinata Hiashi to the public seas.

A thick mist obscured the entire sky.

Nara Shikamaru raised his head and looked into the distance. "Two o'clock direction, 1333 meters. The number is three hundred. "

"1900 meters in the direction of six o'clock, the number of 8000 people."

Hinata Hiashi was stunned, originally remote reconnaissance was his business, who knew that he actually stole the limelight.

"I obtained the blood magic inheritance of the Crimson Reaper Vladimir from the dragon god Sol, and I can easily lock it on to the living."

Nara Shikamaru began to continue commanding, "Everyone, advance 900 meters towards six o'clock. "


Half a minute later.

Above the sky, majestic blood cells began to appear in their original form, and instantly condensed into a large number of finger-thick blood bullets.

These bullets spanned a distance of thousands of meters and directly reduced the number of 2,000 ninjas in the Land of Water.

"One blow kills two thousand people in a second!"

Hinata Hiashi didn't expect Nara Shikamaru to be so strong now.

"Attack with all your might!"

Countless Chakra bullets, wind bullets condensed by the Imperial Wind Sword Art began to cover the enemy army.

One thousand Hinata against 8300 Mist Hidden Village ninjas, complete victory.

Hinata Hiashi and the others continued to approach the country of water, and in just a few days of kung fu, the entire country of water had been fully accepted by the Hyuga ninja army.


Land of Earth

"I'm not good at immortal mode, which is really troublesome."

Bofeng Shuimen closed his eyes a little helplessly, and when he opened them again, golden eyeballs had already appeared.

Pitch-black pupils appeared on it, and behind him were a thousand Uchiha people.

In the distance is the 10,000 Gowa Hidden Village ninjas.

"Transfiguration? Judging by this power, do you think you really can stop us? "

Tsuchikage Onoki is an old man whose white cubes are condensing in his hands.


A dazzling beam of light flew towards the Wave Feng Shui Gate.

Four special kunai instantly appeared in front of the Wave Feng Shui Gate, and the pitch-black black curtain absorbed the dust, and then on the side of the Wave Peak Water Gate

Another pitch-black curtain returned the dazzling pillar of light formed by the dust.


Hundreds of ninjas who couldn't react at all died just like that.

"Stinky boy!"

"I won't play with you guys!"

"Nine Lamas!"

The golden tailed beast suit appeared on the body of Wave Feng Shuimen, and with the amazing Chakra's Bitter Shadowless Doppelganger, he once again harvested a large number of ninjas.

"Tailed Beast Jade!"

The tailed beast jade of the nine tails erupted from the hand of the wave feng shui gate.


The Uchiha family also opened the Sharingan Eye one by one and joined the battlefield.

An astonishing variety of fire began to spread throughout the battlefield.

In just half an hour or so, the fifteen thousand ninja formations of Iwain Village were swallowed up whole.

"War is cruel, I hope that in the next life we will not be enemies."

After Bofeng Shuimen finished speaking, he used a spiral pill to smash Onoki's braincase.

"From now on, receive the entire Land of Earth."



Land of water

These days, the Land of Water is cleaned up entirely.

A large number of dignitaries were imprisoned, and with the runes of Star City, the ninjas of Star City in each country executed their characters very efficiently.

Nara Shikamaru's combat power is now comparable to the super shadow-level combat power. Even being able to single out the eight-tailed Chibila.

All this is a gift from Yoshinryu, as he and Naruko Uzumaki are the only ninjas to climb Star City.

"Mr. Shikamaru, do you remember me? I am the chief of transportation in the Land of Water, and I am responsible for selling the medicinal herbs of your Nara family to the Land of Water. "

Nara Shikamaru sighed, "Sir, we are now receiving territory, power, and wealth from all over the world. and reassign resources.

I advise you to be honest, if you don't commit adultery, rape women or something. At most, the property is confiscated, and there is no fear of life.

Of course, if you are not benevolent for the rich, you still have to kill the head.

Don't worry, in the future, the entire Ninja World Star will be under the management of Tsuki Star City.

Ninjas are already a thing of the past, and now is the age of magicians. "


"Yes, there is no magician talent to learn Hextech. Those who have magical talent can learn magical knowledge, or learn Hextech at the same time. "

"What's the use of magic?"

"Food and clothing, national prosperity and security, exploration of the starry sky, immortality......"

Looking at the excited red light of the high-ranking officials and rich people in the prison, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's really troublesome to stabilize these people."

"But the results are good."


In less than a week, all the five major powers fell under the control of Star Building City............

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