[Shiwei: "Asuka, why haven't you heard you mention Shinji Yodo, Kafka, did you activate a son or daughter with a star core? "】

Asuka: "I don't look at that kind of boy who is weak chicken, he is not handsome and wants to die, and he has no responsibility for a man at all." "

Kafka: "The star I activated is a girl, it's cute and funny. Look, this is her picture, isn't it cute. "

"Oh, this is our daughter."

Shi Wei breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that because of joining the chat group, many things have indeed changed.

Tony: "Daughters have grown so big?" High-speed biological cloning? "

Kafka: "I'm sorry I can't tell you about the origin of the star, but I do treat her as a daughter.

Whatever choice she makes, I will support her. "

Tony: "I thought you used some method to carry out high-speed pregnancy, which shocked me." "

Asuka: "Oh, group points are so hard to earn, I can only sell my mecha operation skills and fighter control skills now." "

Hinata: "My side can only earn points by exchanging family ninjutsu, and there is a real shortage." "

Shi Wei was stunned, "Yes." Hinata's current points should not be enough to spend. These two million you take the flowers first. "

One million points is enough for Hinata to buy a book of explosive star exercises.

For Hinata now, it is indeed very much.

【Ding! Shiwei sent an exclusive red envelope]

【Ding! Shi Wei sent out a group of red envelopes. 】

To the wife is two million, to the group friends is 200,000.

But even 200,000 has already driven the group members crazy.

Kanae: "Thank you, Mr. Shiwei, I actually grabbed 10,000 points." That's a lot. "

Violet: "I have 20,000, what's the use?" "


World of Voyagers

After Whitebeard absorbed the magic potion, all the injuries that had been accumulated disappeared at this moment.

He didn't want to believe this so-called super-dimensional chat group, but the disappearance of injuries forced him to believe everything before.

"It has to be confirmed."

He walked towards Spider Skuyard's room, and then found Spider's letter to Akainu.

He had doubts, but the more he read the contents of the letter, the more frightened he became.

Just half-written miniature letters, the deployment on their side has been clearly introduced.

Spider Skuyard happened to walk in from outside the bedroom, stunned in place, and he directly picked up the knife and stabbed Whitebeard in the back.

"Skuyard, you have changed!"

Whitebeard sighed, and then ended the opponent's life with a punch.

His control of strength was not even damaged by his physical recovery, and even the nearby cabins were not damaged.

What's more, even the sound of battle was cut off by the ability to shake the fruit.

The essence of sound is vibration, and his fruit is the fruit of vibration.

With the help of the points exchanged from the chat group mall, Whitebeard's physical appearance also followed the appearance of being twenty years younger.

"What a magical potion! In that case, I will also buy this thing! "

When the words fell, Whitebeard directly purchased the Paladin's Class Awakening Scroll, not only that, but he also bought and used the Paladin's Sleep Scroll.

The power of the Paladin is not only healing, but also contains devastating beam power.

The city-destroying power directly reverberated throughout his body, and the rich divine power directly strengthened his body again.

"According to Mr. Shi Wei, the dark fruit can devour two fruits again, invalidating other fruit abilities and other abilities."

"Blackbeard, wait for death this time. Ace, I will definitely get you out! "

[Whitebeard: "Mr. Shiwei, I am guilty. My men were not clean, but I closed my eyes.

From this day onwards I will judge my sons, kill those evildoers, and act to fill the world with justice! "】

[Shi Wei: "I look forward to your justice! "】

Feeling the divine radiant power in his heart, Whitebeard began to gather his crew.

All the crew members were shocked at this moment, and one by one their eyes ran out of their heads, and their mouths were large enough to swallow all the basins.

, They didn't expect that the daddy whitebeard would be rejuvenated.

"Daddy, are you really Daddy?"

"Cool la-la-la, what's wrong, you can't recognize it when you get younger?"

The undead bird Marko hurriedly leaned in front of Whitebeard, continuously probed the other party's body with his ability, and then was even more surprised.

"Dad, how did your body become so stronger? The slightest injury is gone! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

And the activity of the cells directly more than doubled. "

"Sons, from today we have to find a way to twist the rope, but before that, I will clean up the portal."

After saying that, he killed three of his sons again.

"We are a family, but from today we will not be pirates. We do explorers, we do security companies, we do transportation! "

"Daddy, we listen to you!"

Although a few teammates died, Marko and the others were not sad, after all, all those who died were rat, and these people had long been unhappy with them.

"Now, go, save Ace!"


The crowd was boiling, obviously rushing to the battlefield, but no one was afraid.

"Sons, when we return safely, we will repair a statue for Shenlong Tianzun! It was the benefactor who healed my injuries. "

"Okay, Daddy!"

The astonishing shock swept through dozens of warships far away in the Whitebeard Ship Regiment, and the Whitebeard Ship Regiment completely set sail!



A handsome man with strong mid-split suspenders walks inside the city of Zuan, which is full of black smoke.

His beige coat is always bright and elegant. There seemed to be an invisible barrier that helped him block the surrounding smog.

The surrounding Zuan residents looked at him with jealous and hateful eyes.

Shi Wei straightened his hairstyle, "Cana, how about being my wife?"

I will help you build your faith and then regain the divine power that belongs to you. "

"You bad man! Actually threaten me like that! Villain!

If, I mean if. You can really get me back to the top, and if your character is okay, I can think about it. "

"Then the contract is established, and when you return to the peak, you will be my wife."

Next to Shi Wei was a miniature version of Storm Fury Cana more than ten centimeters tall.

She has unparalleled beauty and impeccable figure.

That elf ear, that little foot without shoes.


At this moment, a contract between the two was established purely condensed by magic power, and it dissipated instantly.

"You, I'm talking about thinking about it, not really becoming your wife!"

Cana gave up thinking and chose to lie on the other's shoulders.

Retracting his attention, Shi Wei took Cana and continued to browse the entire Zuan.

Before they knew it, the two had already arrived at the Zuan Tavern.

"Boss, have you heard the story of Storm Fury?"

"Altar of Storm Fury?"

"Yes, it is the wind spirit that guards Zuan and other people. It is said that faith in her will be blessed by the wind. "

As Shi Wei spoke, there was an invisible air flow on his hand.

He blew the tavern owner's clothes, the wine glass on the table.

The tavern owner looked at Shi Wei seriously, "Sir, are you serious?" Piltover has no place for magic. "

"So I came to Zuan, which shouldn't have been surrounded by disease and poverty. Isn't it? "。

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