Inside a certain alley in Zuan

A beautiful girl who is as beautiful as a fairy appears.

She has golden hair that is coiled into a bun and has crimson ribbons tied around her silky hair.

Wearing a snow-white cloth ~ raj dress with ribbon decoration.

The magic water-crystal brooch of the emerald pendant on the chest shimmered.

The white skirt was draped over a short Prussian blue blouse, and on the feet were covered with cocoa brown boots.

Holding a suitcase that looked heavy in her hand, this beautiful girl Violet Eve Gardenen

It gives people a beautiful and quiet feeling like a doll.

The turquoise pupils covered with golden eyelashes resemble a glow from the bottom of the sea.

The girl put down the box in her hand and removed her gloves, revealing her prosthetic hands full of cyberpunk atmosphere.

The three robbers who blocked the girl at the mouth of the alley were a little surprised at the moment. "Leave the box and the gem on your chest, and you can roll."

"On the orders of her master, Violet Evegarden came to clean up the evil people of Zuan."

"Sinner? Hahaha, we don't rob and kill, what to eat and drink? "


The inside of the girl's clothes, the exoskeleton Sannwestein attached to Violet's spine, was activated at this moment.

Except for her hands, which were pure cyberprosthetics, none of her body was modified.

Her own time began to accelerate, reaching the center of the three at a speed that the robbers could not understand.

In the palms of both hands, the polymer line poked out from it, cutting the brains of the three in half in an instant.

Blood fell from the sky, but only dripped onto the energy shield of her own equipment.

"The Cyberarm prosthesis is functional, the Sanwestein exoskeleton is functioning normally, and the energy shield is normal.

Experience points are absorbed, skill points are improved. The level of mechanics has been improved, and personal attributes have been improved. "

"You can learn new skills, so continue to clean up Zuan criminals."


Piltover Swover, the Temple of Parliament

The male Yodel Hemerdinger, who was hairy and about one meter tall, was sitting on the council seat at the moment and looking at Jess in the center.

"Jace, magic is dangerous. I have seen with my own eyes the dangers of it, which is endless destruction, the withering of countless lives! "

Jace was obviously unwilling, "But I already have results!"

Hextech is stable enough to allow people without magical talents to use the power of magic!

This is epoch-making technology! "

At this moment, the gate slowly opened.

A handsome man in a beige coat and mid-split suspenders has a magic basketball in his hand.

He carried the basketball in the palm of his hand at the door, and the mysterious time magic made the guard at the door like a comedy performance, slowly turning around, slowly opening his mouth,

"First... Bear...... Please...... Leave...... On..."

Shi Wei lowered his coat to one side in mid-air, and it was suspended in the air, falling towards the ground at a speed of several millimeters per second.

"Magic is not terrible, no matter what power it ultimately sees, how does it work? Isn't it? "

"Just like I am a manufacturer of kitchen knives, robbers take kitchen knives to block the road, kitchen knives are very dangerous, then we don't produce kitchen knives?"

Shi Wei threw the magic basketball in his hand behind him, and the magic basketball was directly condensed into a cold ice hanger, and the beige coat was propped up and hung at the door.

This hand shocked all the members of parliament present.

Some parliamentarians even stood up in shock.

"Time magic! Is that time magic? If you can learn it, will you be able to live forever? "

"What amazing magic, this, why can magic be so exquisite? Doesn't it only bring destruction and calamity? "

Heimerdinger looked at the handsome man in front of him with some surprise.

"Who are you?"

"Me? My name is Shiwei. "

Shi Wei walked slowly towards the conference seat, and his body began to change as he walked.

Behind him was an extra dragon tail like a star, and his eyes radiated a sky-blue brilliance.

Golden dragon horns appeared on both sides of his forehead, and his body quickly turned into a five-meter-long Star Casting Dragon King.

The whole body is blue and deep. From a detailed look, it seems that his body is composed of pure stars, galaxies, and rivers of stars.

It seems that he has a whole universe in his body!

"Full name, Shivio Resili Ansall."

"Maybe you can also call me the Star Casting Dragon King."

Shi Wei stopped, and behind him was a throne made of gorgeous diamonds.

He stooped and sat on a pure white cushion filled with precious down.

"Star Casting Dragon King?"

With his mouth wide open, Heimerdinger quickly began to rummage through his documents, and then picked up a few photos of the starry sky at night in Picheng.

"A month ago, the starry sky of the Rune Earth changed." (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

He jumped out of his seat and leaned in front of Shi Wei.

"Look, are these stars and nebulae constructed in exactly the same order as yours?"

Such an amazing aura, such exquisite magic, so that everyone present did not dare to act rashly.

Even if there is still a cerebellum, you know that you don't say a word at this time.

Shi Wei looked at the painting in Heimerdinger's hand, and he found that it was indeed exactly the same, and he also had a guess in his heart.

It seems that he had been sleeping in the universe where the Rune Continent was located before, and then a month ago because of his crossing,

So from the Rune Continent to the everyday-to-day earth?

Is that so?

"Yes, that's me. I've been sleeping in the starry sky for a long time, so I wanted to come and see this runic earth with my own eyes. "

Shi Wei stretched out his hand and rubbed Hei Merdinger's head, even if the other party was now a hundreds of years old yodel.

He seemed to have no resistance to the furry creatures, as well as the beautiful and cute young sister of the water spirit.

Shi Wei spread out his hand, and a fingertip star river condensed in an instant in his hand.

Then it collapsed in an instant. "Does it look good?"

"Good, good-looking." Countless people were shocked again.

So terrifying, does it instantly shape the stars?

Compared with the Dragon King, these Picheng councilors are even lower than ants.

What exactly can I do to get the favor of the Star Casting Dragon King? They also really want to learn magic.

As for repelling magic? How could it be, Pi City has always been open. I didn't study magic before, just because there was no research channel yet!

"Lord Casting Star Dragon King, what do you want to do here?"

Shi Wei smiled, "I came to propagate the faith to one of my wives,

Goddess of the wind, Cana.

I will recruit believers for Cana in Pi City, Zuan, and even the entire Rune Land. "

"Believe in the Cana religion, she will protect every righteous and good person and give them strength.

Anyway, don't want money, believe a little. "

A portrait of the goddess Cana, dressed in a tightly wrapped white and gold divine robe, appeared at Shi Wei's side.

Shi Wei snapped his fingers, and the wind of revival exclusive to the goddess of storms, Cana, echoed throughout the room.

The exhaustion of all people, the disease was completely cured at this moment.

Heimerdinger and the others looked at the statue again in shock.

"Cana God Sect, anyway, don't want money, how much do you believe?

Is it really good that the teachings are so casual? "

Heimerdinger hurriedly raised his hand, "Sir, I am willing to believe in the Cana God Sect!" "

Jace quickly raised his hand, "I am also willing!" "

【Ding! Adherents of the Cana Cult +1]

【Ding! Adherents of the Cana Cult +1]

【Ding! Adherents of the Cana Cult +1]

【Ding! Adherents of the Cana Cult +1]

【Ding! Adherents of the Cana Cult +1]

【Ding! Adherents of the Cana Cult +1]

【Ding! Adherents of the Cana Cult +1]


【Ding! Cana collected the power of faith from a heroic unit! 】

【Ding! Cana collected the power of faith from a heroic unit! 】

【Ding! You get 10 units of World Origin]

【Ding! You get 10 units of World Origin II].

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