Ghost Destroy the World

Shi Wei originally thought that Lianzhu would also sleep in bed for the day.

Who knew that before the morning was halfway through, the love pillar was already full of vitality.

At this time, the love pillar Ganlu Temple honey glass had already washed and dressed, and then came to Shi Wei's body.

Being able to stay with Shi Wei every day these days, Ganlu Temple is really very happy.

"Good morning, Mr. Shiwei! Today is another day of hope! "

Lianzhu naturally sat next to Shi Wei and carefully looked at the handsome face of the man next to him.

It's like a very clingy cat, as long as it can stay by the owner's side, it will be very happy.

For beautiful girls who really like him, he has always been ~ patient.

Because of the power of magic, he can easily see through a person's human heart.

At this moment, he also remembered, it turned out that Lianzhu was not only a large amount of food, but also a good figure. Her own physical fitness is also far beyond normal-human.

In the original anime, Ganluji can instantly restore consciousness under the condition of withstanding a strong electric shock.

"Good morning, did you sleep well last night?"

"I forgot."

This was a lie, and the love pillar was at a loss, and his face turned crimson.

At the same time, she also hopes that Shi Wei will not delve into this topic, otherwise she will really be shy.

"Don't say this kind of thing, it really is!"

"I'll go call Kanae."

As if thinking of an excuse to get out, she hurried back to the bedroom and called out to Kanae.

"Whew, why are you waking me up? My waist is so tired that I feel like I'm about to break. "

Kanae also got up, and when she got up, she felt as if her waist was about to break.

Last night's battle was really fierce.

Kanae covered her lower back and looked at Shi Wei with a resentful expression, and she pouted. "Shi Wei, people's waist hurts."

"Pain? Let me help you press it. "

Shi Wei got up and came to Kanae's body, pulled her to sit in his arms and helped her massage her stiff and sore muscles.

As the incredibly rich life energy poured into the girl's body, the originally sore waist muscles also recovered.

"That's awesome!"

After a night of fighting, the strength of the current Ganlu Temple Honey Li has been upgraded from B level to S level by Shi Wei.

Such a powerful increase in strength made her feel dreamlike, but that full power did not seem fake at all.

Obviously, yesterday she felt like she was about to die, but now she is full of blood again after just sleeping in the middle of the night.

Lord Shi Wei is so nice.

"Shiwei, what do we eat?"

"Let's eat something light, skinned egg lean porridge, beef buns, tea eggs, sauce fragrant cakes, steamed dumplings, meat boxes, spicy soup, sprinkled soup, egg scones, fried buns..."

As Shi Wei continued to say the names of the dishes, Lianzhu and Kanae began to drool constantly, obviously the two had never heard of these foods.

But with Shi Wei's explanation, they had automatically associated with the most similar food, and then one by one, their stomachs made an indisputable grunt.

"What should I do if I feel delicious just listening to the commentary?"

Shi Wei spread out his palm, and the universe of fingertips instantly took shape.

Then, in the miniature particles of light, the world appeared, these foods were carefully made from the very beginning of basic planting, and then harvested, and the creation divine power was directly condensed to create real food from scratch.

The fragrant food filled the entire table in the blink of an eye, and Lianzhu was originally the king of big stomachs, so Shi Wei specially increased the portion.

"Eat, these are all foods I created according to memory, and the taste should not be bad."

Kanae looked at Shi Wei blankly, "Shi Wei, let's just have a simple breakfast, there is no need to use this exaggerated power, right?" "

"Don't you think it's funny?"

The fingertip universe in Shi Wei's hand instantly turned into dust and dissipated into invisibility.

The breakfast ended quickly, and the two daughters were overwhelmed by Shi Wei's delicacies.

But this is also a completely helpless thing, the food created by Shi Wei is so delicious,

Those meat buns that are sweet and delicious for breakfast, with fine salt without bitterness at all, are made through multiple processes.

The portions are plentiful, tender and juicy beef grains each have one or two cubic centimeters. And the meat buns have thin skin and large filling.

Each one has adults slapped and laughed, not to mention those soft and delicious sauce cakes,

Egg scones etc for breakfast.

Watching the girls eating delicious food one by one with their eyes shining, Shi Wei was also very happy.

If girls can eat food without reservation, then these foods play their greatest value.

And being able to satisfy the stomachs of young girls also gives him a sense of accomplishment.

Rubbing the second daughter's propped up little belly, "Can you still eat?" "

"It's too much, I really can't eat it."

Even Lianzhu is now completely unable to eat. Obviously, my stomach can't eat it at all, but my mouth still wants to eat.

This expression of love pillar is really interesting.

"Little gluttonous cat."

"Take a walk, I guess you haven't walked around the whole neon yet, have you?" Let's take a walk around the country? "


Say move, Shi Wei directly took two beautiful girls with slightly bulging stomachs to teleport around the neon one by one, and then traveled.

"Hello, my lord, my name is..."

"My lord, I lost my handkerchief. Did you see it? "

"Sir, you are like my long-lost brother. Can you give me a hug? Good brother~"

"Oni-chan~, Oni-chan~! This is the flower I sent you, is it acceptable? People like you so much! "

It is clear that the neon Taisho era, which is very conservative and distance, is the beginning of the twentieth century.

These beautiful girls full of youthful vitality were so bold and active in trying to provoke him.

Unfortunately, now he is walking with two beautiful girls with filled stomachs.

Some of the girls who were taking the initiative to launch an offensive turned out to be pretty good and beautiful girls that he could go and taste.

"It's really excessive, Oni-chan~, obviously I have tried my best to give you yesterday night, how do I feel still not satisfied."

Kanae hugged one of Shi Wei's arms with a resentful look and looked at Shi Wei's side face with a resentful expression.

"You look at those young girls, as long as they see you, they can't walk. You're just walking in the world, right? "

"You slander, I'll tell you."

Shi Wei knew his own affairs, he could have already blocked his biological force field and turned off his dragon god aura.

In other words, this girl today has completely fallen just because of his appearance.

No way, even if he is wearing a fresh and trendy outfit such as mid-length suspenders today.

In the eyes of these women, that is the most typical rich and handsome. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

What happened to the two beautiful girls beside him? It is very normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines in this era.

Women can only live better if they rely on men. This is the mainstream of this era.

And the more women around men, the more attractive beautiful girls are.

Because these beautiful girls will think in their hearts, where is this man better, why there are so many women around him.

I am no worse than his woman, and others can do me.

Kanae had a smile on her face, but her voice was full of resentment, "Oni-chan, those sisters are so affectionate."

Oni-chan. "

Ganlu Temple Miri lowered her head and was held by Shi Wei's hand, she didn't know whether to stop the active pursuit of those girls at this time.

Of course, she is also very annoying in her heart, but she is just a rice bucket, is she qualified to stop other girls from pursuing Shiwei?

"Don't worry, I'm all serious about you. You are qualified to be my woman and always be by my side. "

Shi Wei's words were full of convincing power, and the uneasiness in the girls' hearts disappeared at this moment.

"Shiwei! You already have us, so don't accept the pursuit of these wildflowers. "

"But these wildflowers are now coming up to me and begging me to pick them. I can't help it. "

As long as Shi Wei and the three appeared on the street, the girls who were shopping on the street enthusiastically came over.

Some daring ones even offer to stuff notes with their home addresses.

"Sir, the little woman has no one at home these days. Can you come up to the little girl's house in the evening? "

Do you sit or do it?

Shi Wei didn't hear clearly, but Shi Wei was still looking forward to these intimate encounters with these beautiful girls.

Kanae was very strong, and she directly snatched the notes handed over by the girls herself.

"Sir, you already have us, let's be patient until the end of the day."

"Can't it be during the day?"

Shi Wei looked at the second daughter with some expectation.

Being stared at by Shi Wei, Ganlu Temple Miri's face was obviously red and about to drip water. She looked down in panic, but couldn't see her toes at all.

"Not during the day, my lord."

The amazing touch came from Shi Wei's two arms, and he enjoyed the amazing elasticity experience like this, wandering through the neon streets and attractions.

Mount Fuji, cherry blossom trees, the streets of Kyoto,

There were three of them everywhere, obviously they were already the Star Casting Dragon King, but Shi Wei also felt tired when he accompanied the girls shopping.

If he hadn't been able to eat the girls' tofu all the time, and could take advantage of the small number of people, it is estimated that he would not be able to withstand a long time of shopping.

No matter what era, there will be cute beautiful girls.

And Shi Wei's side will always have no shortage of beautiful women, of course, he will become more picky on the contrary.

"Shi Wei, are you happy today?"

"Happy, I'll be happier in the evening."

"Bad guy!"


Today's winner, Shiwei!

【Ding! Tokisaki Kozo joins the chat group! 】

【Ding! Dioblando joins the chat! 】

【Ding! Xiao Huohuo joined the chat group! 】

【Ding! Emilia joins the chat! 】

New people joined, and the attention of the group was naturally also attracted to it.

Machima: "It's fun to have a lot of new people joining this time. "

Asuka: "Why didn't Kanae come out for new guidance?" I see, she must be tired now, right?

Here is a super dimensional chat group, where you can exchange resources and intelligence to make progress together. "

Xiao Huohuo: "Super dimensional chat group? Could it be that there are crossers here? That's great. "

Shi Wei: "Xiao Huohuo? Have you repudiated your wife now? "

Xiao Huohuo: "You actually know?" Nalan Yanran has already been suspended by me! Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, don't bully the young and poor! I Xiao Huohuo will one day stand on the top of the continent! "

Time dimension; "I know that your world is called the Douqi Continent. Presumably your medicine elder has been activated, right?

Learn from him well, you can become a Doudi in the future. You come from a novel called Dopo. "

Emilia: "Wow, Doudi." What kind of powerful title is this? I don't know if the Sword Saint on our side can compare to you." "

Tokisaki Madzo: "Crossers, novels, chat groups?" It's funny, what are these are?

There are only a few of the same kind in my world, and since it is so lively here, then I will accompany everyone to have fun. "

Dioblando: "Oh? So many delicious little breads. I'm already hi! Hahahaha, the brain is shaking!

Surrender to me, and then surrender your loyalty. I want to be your Savior.

Let's rule the world! Let's go beyond Heaven Ten! "。

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