At the same time that Dior was defeated, he quickly adjusted his mentality.

"Is this all true?" Great, since this is the case, then my dio can also grow rapidly, constantly surpassing one limit after another, hahahaha. "

Dioblando thought of himself again, and he already owed 10,000 points. His face suddenly became extremely distorted.

Ying Zheng: "Do you want to have a discussion with me in Dioblando?" If you win, you can get 20,000 points, and if you lose. How about just owing another 10,000 points? Do you want to gamble? I take 20,000 points, and you only have to pay 10,000 points. "

Xiao Huohuo: "No, it turned out to be Qin Shi Huang!" I've been hearing about your glorious deeds since I was in school.

But can you really beat this powerhouse with a timeout? "

Dioblando smiled angrily, he was diligent in thinking, how could he not know what the other party thought.

It must be because one feels certain of victory that such words will be spoken.

When Dioblando was facing Shiwei, his mind was to test Shiwei's reaction with the first three seconds.

When he was sure that he could not fight back in a stop-and-stop state, he took the roller to smash people, the 15 strongest tricks.

Go attack this strange enemy.

In his mind, if at the 4th hour, the opponent still has the ability to counterattack, then he will retreat at the 5th second, open the distance and observe the opponent again.

Who knows he still miscalculated, so he won't make the same mistake again.

"But I refused. One of my favorite things to do in Dioblando is. Say no to anyone who thinks they are better than me and refuse him!

How could I not know that as long as I promised to gamble about it, I would once again bear a debt of 10,000 points! "

Ying Zheng: "Yo, I actually saw it by you." So what about this? As long as you fight me, you can get 10,000 points if you win, and 1,000 points if you lose, how about it?

Shouldn't you have started crying in fear under the covers? "

Thinking of being beaten and crying by Jojo in his early years, Dioblando felt a fire in his heart. Anger almost consumed his sanity.

"Okay, then it's as you wish."

The second ring competition began again.

Night sky

Dior stood in the middle of the street of the city, and in front of him was a man in a yellow robe, who looked exactly like the historical Qin Shi Huang.

"At a glance, you can see that you have no traces of training at all, like someone like you, how can I lose to you?"

"Then let's try it."

Shizaki Madsan's eyes lit up, but she could see the strength of this Zhengzheng. The other party has the power of contract, and he seems to be proficient in transformation.


"First second"

"Hahahaha, it seems to be a false alarm. , you are no more. "

Dioblando took out more than a dozen throwing knives from his body and flew towards Ying Zheng.

A transparent protective shield appeared in front of Ying Zheng, as if these things could defend against the upcoming attack.

"If this is your hole card, then you really underestimate me, see me destroy him directly."


"Wood big wood big wood big wood big wood big wood"

With the world's overspeed attack, Diobrando's face became more and more ugly, and he didn't expect the opponent's defense to be so hard.

Soon, a full 5 seconds passed, and he couldn't even untie the opponent's defenses.

"How could this not happen, and why is there such a big gap between us?"

The space was torn apart, and an astonishing sense of oppression appeared from the side of Ying Zheng.

This is the summoner's one-mind skill activated by Yingzheng, summoning the contract apostle.

"I will meet you, I am the fourth apostle, Casillas the Conqueror!"

Gillias is a purple-skinned ghostly swordsman armed with a blade.

The astonishing momentum on his body can be felt even by Dioplandu, and the other party exudes overwhelming power,

Dior felt an endless aura of fear.

Compared to Shiwei, he couldn't even perceive Shiwei's breath and power level.

But from this Casillas, he felt that overwhelming power.

Every skin and every cell of his felt that breath of fear.

"Is the gap so big? No, how could it be so big? (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The moment Dioblando was about to start again, he saw Casillas move.

Then he lost consciousness, and a dazzling white thin line appeared between heaven and earth.

Diobrando's whole body was directly shattered into minced meat by the invisible air blade.

The buildings in the distance collapsed and shattered one after another.

With just one move, Casillas destroyed an entire city, and he lowered his blade and looked at the sky.

"Although I can't sense your level, my intuition tells me that you are the strongest being here.

You stand high in the sky. Can Casillas challenge you in Lower Casillas? "

Celias bowed very respectfully to Shi Wei, and the fierce fighting intent burned on his body.

"Interesting, you have to challenge me."

Shi Wei thought about all the energies about this Casillas, who himself was once an arena slave of the Shadow Demon Clan.

But as it continued to cultivate, it began to be invincible. In order to pursue a higher realm, he went to the demon world to challenge, and finally lost miserably to the First Apostle.

In order to defeat the First Apostle, Casillas signed a contract with a certain magician and went to the continent of Arad to continue fighting!

"Yes, in order to pursue, I often ask myself if there is a limit to the sword, and whether there is a higher realm for the existence of swordsmanship?

I've been honing for a long, long time, dignity is not important to me at all, I just want to challenge stronger enemies! "

"Then I'll come down and meet you." "

When Dioblando died, his spirit became a spirit again, and his debt was reduced by a thousand points at this moment.

But this arena is not over

Ying Zheng and Shi 173 Wei conducted the third ring competition.

This time, Shi Wei patiently fought with the other party, and he used his index and middle fingers to condense the sword of divine power. Fight each time with one percent more power than the other party.

"Ghost Face Kill!"

Even mountains the size of Mt. Fuji could be easily cut open by him in the face of his attacks. In order to strengthen the power of this attack,

Casillas had condensed all the sword intent into a line.

"Void Star River Slash!"

As Shi Wei's fingers fell, the entire galaxy, and even the time and space of the entire universe, echoed the sword intent on Shi Wei's body.

Except for Shi Wei's back, half of the universe turned dazzling white at this moment.

"This is the supreme realm?"

Casillas, who had turned into a spirit body, looked at Shi Wei and the shattered earth and starry sky in front of him in shock.

Shi Wei shook his head and said, "No, the true supreme realm is to destroy the entire infinite universe in succession.

All I can do now is destroy several universes. "

Xiao Yan and the others looked at Shi Wei in shock, "Is this the strong?" Can you destroy several universes casually? "

And at this moment, the half of the universe that was born also began to collapse ...

【Shi Wei Sheng! 】

Shizaki Crazy San's eyes lit up, "Shi Wei is so handsome." "

Emilia: "What a strong force!" Compared to him, my world is too peaceful. "

Xiao Huohuo: "666".

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