After the ring collapsed, everyone returned to their respective worlds.

Within a chat group

"Why does Mr. Shi Wei have such great power?"

Emilia Shiwei became curious, as long as a normal person would be curious about Shiwei's transcendent dimensional power.

"Quite simply, I slept. After waking up, he found himself reborn as the Star Casting Dragon King. "

Xiao Huohuo called out to the insider, "Through rebirth? I was also reborn into a child.

Brother, I have to say that my luck compared to you is really bad. You have become a cosmic-level powerhouse.

And now I still need a little effort to become stronger, so that I can land on the top of the continent.

Does the power of the Doudi seem to be the Exploding Star? "

Tokisaki Crazy Zo: "Oh, there are really few sign-in points here." I only had fifty points. Shiwei, how many check-in points do you have? "

[Tony has performed a group check-in and has earned 100 sign-in points.] 】

[Xiao Huohuo has carried out a group check-in and has obtained 100 sign-in points. ] 】

Shi Wei was also stunned, "Yes, there is even the matter of signing in points, I haven't signed in much." "

[Shi Wei has conducted a group check-in and has received 30,000 sign-in points. 】

Asuka's eyes widened in shock, "What the hell? How can there be such terrifying points. "

Tony was originally still in the shocking scene of Shiwei's shocking Void Star River Slash, but this time he was directly stunned.

"Am I blinded? Aren't group sign-in points generally 10:20? At most, it lasted a hundred points.

I thought that a hundred points was already very scary, but is this thirty thousand a bit too exaggerated? "

Shi Wei sighed, "Is it a lot? I feel that checking in every day is just a little bit, which is completely uninteresting. "

"Do you hear that you are speaking in human language?"

In the ghost crying wolf howl of countless group friends, Shi Wei found the envy and jealousy of group friends even across the screen.

In order to divert attention, Shi Wei quickly looked at Shizaki Crazy San's avatar.

The chat history of the other party in the chat group has quickly appeared in my mind,

It seems that today's Tokisaki Crazy San has not even come to the real world? That's it.

"Tokisaki Madzo, do you know? You are actually a popular character from an anime called "Covenant Wars".

Among countless two-dimensional wives, he has always had an amazing popularity value.


When Tokisaki heard this, he didn't know how to react, in short, it was a very strange emotion.

It's like parents sitting next to them watching themselves write adult novels about Tetris.

It's weird.

Shi Wei had no way to see the expressions of his group friends through the interface of the chat group,

So he continued to spoil the future of Tokisaki Madzo: "In the future, Mad Three and many elves will descend on the real world and cause millions of deaths in space,

Of course, the elves were unaware that their arrival would cause great damage.

Moreover, you will also be pursued by a gokawa sissy, dating. "

"The most embarrassing thing is that Gokawa Shido is such a sissy, this guy who has no male responsibility at all, he even has a date with many elves or something."

These words directly made Shizaki Crazy San feel disgusting, "The concubine body feels so disgusting,

Sissy or something, how can a concubine like it. If the concubine body really likes that kind of guy, it must be that the concubine body has been controlled by the enemy and has been brainwashed! "

"What to do? If that's really the case, will Shi Wei come to save the concubine? "

Shizaki Mad covered half of his pretty face with three pairs of hands, and put on a very angry expression. Then he took a picture and sent a private chat to Shi Wei.

When he saw such a handsome and powerful man appear in the ring, Tokisaki was already moved.

Start with appearance, fall into talent. These two points are her attitude towards Shiwei, who has been bored in her world for too long. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

She also wants to talk about a sweet love.

((Private chat) Tokisaki Crazy Zo: "Little brother, do you want to have a sweet love together?" .jpg")

((Private chat) Shi Wei: "The sweet love you said is not serious, if it is serious, I will talk about it."

If it's not serious, it's better, hurry up and rush me! ")

Kanae could fully understand the disgusting feeling: "Sister Tokisaki, there is actually no need to worry at all.

From the moment you join this chat group, the once established destiny is gone.

You can definitely turn your fortunes around. "

Tony: "Just made a few new exoskeleton suits, and I gave them to everyone as toys." Heh, it seems that you can set up a black list of red envelopes and not let someone receive it. That's great. "

So except for Dioblando, all the group members received a Mark 6 new energy armor.

"Because I awakened the power of the dimensional walker, I put a lot of energy into combining the power of the dimensional space with the technological battle suit.

So the current research and development progress is a little slow, but these suits should still be very interesting to use as toys, right? "

Xiao Huohuo: "Wow, that's so cool!" Mr. Tony, I saw your movie before I crossed over.

Your intelligence and talent are really powerful, and the popularity of women is so powerful, you can have a pool party every day. "

Tony was a little embarrassed, "Ahem, there is no need to say the following words." Actually, now I'm ready to propose to Pepper.

I want to give her a promise. Hearing Jarvis say she's been reading baby books lately, I think she wants to have children.

Oh hell! Jarvis said Pepper was pregnant. I have to propose to her, and I'll talk about the development of the suit later. "

Shi Wei: "Congratulations." "

After speaking, he gave Tony a red envelope of 30,000 points.

Xiao Huohuo began to think, listening to Mr. Shi Wei's explanation before, he already knew his future.

If you follow the plot of the past, his road is dangerous and abnormal.

If you are not careful, you may die without a place to be buried, and he is not afraid of death. But he thought that he hadn't joined the chat group.

Then he can only keep desperate, and may fail when facing the final boss in the end.

After all, every time he appears, he comes at the last minute.

"It seems that I want to strengthen my strength with points as soon as possible, and since I have entered this chat group, then I have to make good use of it."

So Xiao Huohuo opened the mall of the chat group, and then he was stunned by the millions of various goods in it.

Any prop here has the destructive power to destroy the city, shatter the continent and even the star destroyer.


Xiao Huohuo had a plan in his heart. "Brother Shiwei, can I borrow points from you? I want to borrow four thousand bodies. "

Shi Wei: "Yes, I will directly lend you 40,000." It's just a big deal to invest in future potential stocks! "

Xiao Huohuo received Shi Wei's red envelope, so he gritted his teeth. "Mr. Shi Wei, this is a burning decision, please accept it."

Today's kindness will be doubled in the coming day. "

【Ding! You have been incinerated. 】

【Ding! You have evolved incineration into a template; Infinite evolution.

Equipping this template, you will gain the power to devour evolution infinitely, increase your strength infinitely, and no longer have racial shackles. 】。

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