Shi Wei was a little surprised, he simply deduced the entire incineration, and then the incineration actually evolved.

He is already the Star Casting Dragon King, how strong can he be after surpassing his own racial boundaries?

Soon he found that his whole body seemed to have broken some shackles. His divine consciousness had already enveloped the three worlds.

They are the Everyday, Runeterra, and Black Beast.

And now, it seems that a new universe has appeared in his mind.

There's the StarCraft universe! He perceives humans, star spirits, zergs...

The sacred Kara connects each and every one of us...

This discovery, even he felt extremely happy.

[Shi Wei: "Thank you Xiao Huohuo for your incineration, because of your incineration, my own strength can now be promoted without limit. Now I have been promoted to X-4

Just linked to the new world.

I glanced at which universe had the Void Zerg, the Star Spirit, and the human being. They have been fighting never-ending and killing. "】

When Shi Wei finished saying these words, the entire chat group shook again.

Most of the group members know that the protagonist has extremely terrifying powers, but now he obviously hasn't had a long time to get promoted next time?

Also linked to a new world?

[Hinata Hinata: "Brother Shiwei, your real 880 power is already very strong, can you continue to break through without limit? "】

[Tony: "I always feel like a complete fool compared to you."] It's really more popular than dead. No, I'm going to keep trying.

When technology and magic come together, I can break new ground. "】

Shi Wei looked at Tony puzzled: "Tony, are you digging into the horns?" You can spend points to buy the knowledge of Hextech. "

Tony: "Yes! Hextech! Isn't this the perfect combination of magic and science? I'm so stupid! "

Shizaki looked at the chat group enviously: "Ah, ala, the concubine body is really envious."

We are here almost eternal, and only a few elves exist in such an empty world.

Every day is so boring! "

Dioblando: "Mr. Shiwei, I've sold my own vampire bloodline, as well as the gargoyle's mask."

I didn't have a choice before, now I just want to be a good person.

Can you point me out? "

Shi Wei looked at the chat group mall, and he did see the gargoyle-mask uploaded by Dioblando and his own vampire bloodline.

In this way, he himself has lost his vampire bloodline, and he has no weakness to fear the sun, and there is no way to recover his injuries by killing others.

But think of Dioblando, who will stop at nothing to obtain JoJo's inheritance and poison his adoptive father.

There are also those who have no psychological burden at all, eat small breads and kill countless people.

Even if Dioblando really wanted to be a good person, Shiwei would not fully trust this person.

Dioblando continued to cry out for help in the group: "What should I do now, everyone I am really ready to repent, and I don't want to be killed by Jojo."

You can see that I have been maintaining law and order throughout Egypt recently, and before Egypt was full of thieves, robbers and liars, and now I have governed the whole of Egypt to the subservience.

My men have also been transformed. "

Various news reports of Dioblando in Egypt were uploaded in the chat group, and those news were indeed promoting the good people and good deeds of Dio.

Dioblando sells miserably in the group, promoting the good people and good deeds he has been insisting on doing recently.

In the end, Xiao Huohuo couldn't stand it and chose to point him out. :

"Dioblando, if you are really going to be a good person, then I can help you."

Xiao Yan directly purchased steel potions and witchcraft potions in the group mall.

"Originally, your future would have been killed by Air Conditioner Jotaro because you awakened a stand-in, so Air Conditioner Bearer Taro's mother Kujo Hori would also awaken a stand-in because of the same bloodline.

However, Kujo Heli could not control the stand-in, and his spiritual energy was constantly consumed, resulting in a serious illness and his life was in danger.

Therefore, as long as Holly drinks the witchcraft potion and the steel potion, then it will have enough physical and mental strength to control the double.

Then you go and ask for the forgiveness of Jotaro and his family, then you should no longer be hunted down and killed by their family. "

Dioblando suddenly realized, "So it is, is this the so-called fate?" I understood, since this is the case, I will definitely think of a way to get the forgiveness of Jotaro the air conditioner. "

Dioblando thought of his new development after (BFFG), which is to become a dark hero,

Punish those sinners in darkness. He is extremely evil in nature, and since doing good deeds makes him sick.

Then it is better to eat black and black, the villains in this world only need him alone, and those sins in the darkness will be left to him alone to clean up.

"Mr. Shi Wei, I know you can't trust me now, but it doesn't matter that I will show it with actual actions, I myself know that I am a very evil person, so I am ready to become a dark hero to punish those sins in the darkness."

Criminals have no human rights! Hahahaha. "

Shi Wei's eyes lit up, and he didn't expect that Diobran Rabbit would make this choice, which is a completely opposite route to the plot of the original book.

If he is really willing to persevere, then everything will change a new way.


JOJO World

Dioblando looked at the two potions that appeared in his hand, "Instead of becoming an extreme villain, and then being killed by the air conditioner Jotaro and becoming a clown."

It is better to incarnate as a dark hero to punish all the sinners in the world. The thought of those criminals trembling and crying under my tyranny made my whole body boil.

It's really too good to work. Hahahaha........."

"I still have a huge amount of points debt on my body, even if it is oh, checking in every day, it only takes me more than a year to solve it easily.

I saw the elixir and those class scrolls. As long as I behave, I can also surpass heaven!

Hahaha, that's it. I want to transcend heaven, live forever, and even gain eternal life! "

Dior picked up his cell phone and dialed a number, "Jotaro Kujo, I'm Dio Brando."

I have a potion that strengthens the spirit and life energy, and I want to use this thing to gain your forgiveness.

May I? (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )


On the other end of the phone there was a busy tone, "If what you said is true, then I am willing to forgive you."

But I can only speak for myself. "

Then came Joseph Joestar on the phone, "You're Dioblando.

I am Joseph Joestar, and as long as your medicine does work, then I will forgive you as well, and we will now set off for Egypt. "

"Honorable Hou Dachai!"

Dior breathed a sigh of relief, "Since you can't defeat it, let's be friends!" To transcend heaven, everything is worth it. "


JOJO World

Neon Tokyo

Air conditioner Jotaro has carried out a series of safety checks on the medicine sent by Dioblando and found that it is indeed harmless to the body.

Immediately after that, she let Holly drink it, and as a result, she not only changed her height from 165 to 180, but also directly returned her appearance to the twenty-eight girl, and even her figure became extremely hot.

"Hahahaha, interesting."

"Jotaro Kujo, I want to be your father!"

Jotaro Kujo's face suddenly turned cold, and his right hand clenched his fist and hit Dior's chin fiercely, directly knocking the other party several meters away.

"You guy don't give me an inch!"

"The woman I fancy Dior, I will definitely get!"

"Son, he's so handsome." Holly's face was a little crimson, and she saw Dior just after recovering, and she couldn't help but be attracted to the other party.

"Oooo Jotaro looked at Dior with a gloomy face. "It seems that we still have to fight!"

"No, son. He is my lifesaver, we should invite him in for tea...".

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