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Just when Shi Wei was still eating melons, the championship team had already appeared in the canyon competition of Hero City.

"I didn't expect that the competition in Heroes Canyon has already divided the championship, so I will fulfill their wishes."

Shi Wei returned to the appearance of the Star Casting Dragon King, shuttled through space, and came to the throne of the canyon competition.

Looking at the five girls in front of him, he couldn't help but think of the heroic power fused in their bodies.

Kuroyukihime (Accelerating World) gains the power of the Righteous Angel, and Kotori Yurokuka (Nakaji Sick) gains the power of the Dark Fuhrer.

Ai Hayasaka (Miss Kaguya) gains the power of the Thorn of the Outlier, Mapoulu (Blom), Kaguya (Arrow of Punishment)

As for outside the throne, there were one hundred and fifty-nine beautiful girls standing neatly.

"Now that the champion has been born, then I will grant your wish, well, say your wish. It can be done as long as it is not too excessive. "

At this moment, Shi Wei waved his hand: "In order to respect your privacy, I will disconnect the live broadcast of the entire network, and also ask the rest of the contestants to keep a low profile of "820". Don't let anyone other than the hero players know. "

(What?) Shenlong even had to cut off the live broadcast? Why. )

(No, don't, don't do this kind of thing.) )

(I just came to watch this kind of competition that I have been holding on until now, why do I have to pinch off the final wish fulfillment link?) )

Shi Wei completely ignored the meaning of these barrages, and he directly cut off the global live broadcast screen.

Shinomiya Kaguya: "I want to know what is your relationship with Shiwei?" "

Every time Shinomiya Kaguya saw the Star Casting Dragon King, a very strong sense of familiarity arose in her heart.

In order to determine whether Shi Wei was the Star Casting Dragon King, he chose to ask?

Hearing this, Wei smiled, "Relationship? The showdown, I am the Star Casting Dragon King! It is also a time dimension. "。

Shi Wei leaned his cheekbones towards the fist of his right hand at this moment, and the whole figure changed from a dragon shape to a human form.

At this moment, what appeared in front of everyone was a handsome man wearing a white coat, medium silver hair, strappy trousers, and leather boots.

"My full name is Shivio Rayleigh Ansall."

"Are you?"

Shinomiya Kaguya's eyes widened,

Even if there was already a faint guess in her heart, when this truth really appeared in front of her eyes, she was still a little difficult to accept for a while.

Not only her, but all the heroic girls in the entire hero city, they also looked at the handsome man on the throne with shocked expressions.

Shi Wei's appearance is very handsome, even those male stars on fashion weekly, they are completely handsome and handsome without thinking.

Especially that kind of detached aura, like a real Heavenly Emperor.

Little Bird You Liuhua also had an expression of seeing a ghost, "Is this really a joke?" Lord Cast Star Dragon King. So you also have a human form? The Dragon God of Creation. "

Shi Wei nodded, and then looked at the little bird You Liuhua: "Then Liuhua tell me what your wish is, and I will fulfill it for you." "

Little Bird You Rokuka couldn't wait to look at the Nakano Five Sisters, "Lord Ryujin, I want my body to be the same as the Nakano Five Sisters, the kind without side effects." "


So the figure of the little bird You Liuhua became a weight of 50 kg and a height of 159.

Whether it is the fineness of the skin, the bumpiness of the figure, or other aspects, it is completely consistent with the Nakano Five sisters.

Looking at the happy expression of the little bird You Liuhua, his mind was also very happy, it turned out that Liuhua's wish was so simple?

Shinomiya Kaguya saw Kotori Yu Rokka's wish, and looked at his own Opai again, and immediately regretted it. "Did he even choose to grant this wish? If I had chosen this wish at that time, it would have been great. "

Mei Pulu looked at Shi Wei a little impatiently, "My wish is simple, I want many, many friends. "

"Quasi! Now the girls in Hero Canyon will become your friends, and they are the kind of true friends. "

Meplu was overjoyed and cheered loudly.

"Great! I was able to make true friends because I was so autistic! "

Ai Hayasaka: "I want to be a carefree otaku who doesn't have to work every day, counts money until my hands cramp, and sleeps until I wake up naturally." "

"Quasi! From now on, you will no longer be threatened by anyone, and the entire Yoyo Force will become your backstage, so from today you can become a qualified otaku girl, eating, drinking, clothing, food, and transportation. "

As soon as Shi Wei's thoughts moved, Ai Hasaka had an extra card in her hand, and the balance in the card was one and many zeros.

Rough estimates also have at least 1000 million Chinese coins.

"Don't worry, all the money in this is real, it is the money obtained by my multidimensional technology company after trading various commodities with various countries."

Kuroyuehime's tutoring is very strict, so she likes to immerse herself in the virtual world. Only in the virtual world can she feel free.

At the same time, she also has a strong desire to explore and keen observation, and from the various speculations of the other party before, she has almost figured out Shi Wei's temper.

Shi Wei is an extremely happy person, with a strong desire for expression and lust.

And she Kuro Xueji wants to explore the truth of the world.

Since Shi Wei is a life that only appears in mythology, perhaps she can also see what Shi Wei's hometown is like.

She Kuroyukihime is curious about Shiwei's hometown.

So the girl walked up to Shi Wei, "Mr. Shenlong, I want to see the world where you were born." "

Shi Wei was a little surprised, according to his personality speculation about Black Snow Ji, he thought that Black Snow Ji would want to play all the fun games in the world.

After all, he has only roughly watched the anime of Accelerated World, and has not read and repeatedly studied the original novel.......

Thinking of the actions he had done in the Land of Fuwen before - accumulating the power of faith in order to restore Cana to the goddess of storms.

Maybe it's a good thing to have these two worlds merge too?

Since he can link the world, it is better to let these linked worlds have cultural exchanges. Whatever the outcome, it seems to be very interesting?

"Yes. The world I was born in is called the Hero Universe - Runeterra. This is called the universe, Earth.

Now, the two worlds will begin to connect. Maybe in the future, there will be more worlds linked together! "

As a result, a floating island city the size of Tokyo appeared in the neon high seas.

The amazing spatial power condensed at this moment, and the infinite creation divine power condensed a huge rectangular rune door frame.

It was a super door frame ten kilometers high and five kilometers wide, and in the center of the door frame was a flat dark blue light curtain of deep space. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The light curtain flashed with mysterious and mysterious runes at all times.

The crowd on this side of the globe was in shock, and countless citizens who saw the live situation through satellite broadcasts began to be shocked.

(Whose wish is this!) It's so powerful, it looks like a jamb. )

(Lord Ryujin really made a promise, and he really began to fulfill the wishes of the hero player!)

But what is this big door frame for? )

(I don't know, I just want to eat melon.) )


There was a major earthquake in Runeterra.

The incredible magic made all life see the door of space located in the center of Piltover and Zuan.

Their eyes "saw" the miraculous gate created by the power of Genesis 1.8 and the phantom of the Star Casting Dragon King,

The ears "heard" the mocking laughter from the mysterious and majestic dragon god.

On the Giant God Peak, the disciples of the Flaming Sun Sect knelt on the ground.

In the gutters under the Giant God Peak, the Jiaoyue Sect threw itself to the ground one by one, crying bitterly and shouting, "Lord Dragon King, have you finally woken up?" "

On the golden throne of Shurima, the desert emperor Azir collected his pride, stood up from the throne, and knelt reverently towards the place where the dragon god phantom appeared.

"The Starry Sky Divine Dragon, which has been sleeping for more than 100,000 years, have you finally woken up? Your faithful servants are willing to obey your orders. "

Under Azir, a large number of Ascended Legions knelt in the direction of the Star Casting Dragon King at the same time.

Humans everywhere in Ionia, Zuan, Birjiwater, Bandertown, Demacia, Freyrdrand and others were just "watching" in shock

Located in the miracle of Pi City, these short-born humans have no idea what the Starry Sky Divine Dragon that may have been sleeping in the starry sky outside the Rune Land for 100,000 years, millions of years, or even tens of millions of years represents.

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