Shinomiya Kaguya looked at the shocking portal in the distance in shock, who would have thought that just one portal could hit like a mountain range?

But Shiwei did just that. Why did he have such terrible power. Sure enough, is the dragon just able to do whatever he wants?

Ai Hayasaka's eyes widened, "I'm not dreaming, am I? What does the Rune Continent really exist? "

Kuroyukihime had a lot of ideas in her heart, but when this portal really appeared in front of her eyes, she was still shocked.

To the naked eye, that portal was even like a sharp sword, as if it was going to directly cut through the sky.

"Mr. Shi Wei, did you already have the idea of connecting the two worlds together?"

Shi Wei smiled, "I won't tell you this. "

He clapped his hands, focusing the girls' attention on him.

"Now, everyone can travel from Hero City through teleportation crystals to the crossover gate of Tianmen City.

Whether you continue to live in Hero City or travel from Tianmen City to Rune Land is up to you. Now, you will get the game model 16 board and be eligible to respawn in the hero city after death.

The Canyon of Heroes Global Race is completely over. "

Shi Wei's figure disappeared, but the beautiful girls present were even more shocked and puzzled. Blood bars, blue bars (energy bars) appeared on the top of each of their heads, and even game templates appeared in their minds.

These include Level, Blue Bar Blood Bar, Skill Bar, Equipment Slot, Friend Slot, Equipment Mall. Chat interface, world map, teleportation function, etc.

Kuroyuehime looked at these new changes with some curiosity. "Could it be that it's still like a game, we can go to another world to fight monsters and upgrade?

It's possible.

Rune Land is most likely a world with various dangers, we are only one level now, it is better to act together! "

Thinking of this, Kuro Xueji stood up directly, and she spoke loudly, "Sisters, for the sake of our future, let's team up and go to the Rune Land, right?" "

"Add me one!" Shinomiya Kaguya walked over, and with her movements, more and more heroic beautiful girls also chose to join.


Shi Wei disappeared after saying that, and teleported to a certain villa in Picheng.

He collapsed on a large soft bed, beside Cana, the goddess of the wind, who slept inelegantly at all.

"Cana is so good-looking, the people of both worlds should be very shocked now, right? Interesting.

I've wanted to do this for a long time, starting with having the cutest beautiful girls compete in Hero Canyon, so that they can learn to master their abilities and develop the ability to work together as a team.

Then there is this, leading the girls to spontaneously go to the Rune Land, fight with the Void creatures there, or travel in the Rune Land.

I felt the luck passed on from those beautiful girls! "

More than a hundred different girls' qi luck directly drilled into Shi Wei's body at this moment.

Inside Noxus, an expeditionary force had gathered at this moment, and their direction of advance was exactly that cross-border portal.

At the same time, Demacia also sent a scout regiment to the cross-border portal.

Not only that, in Bandar City, a dream city that exists between the real and the unreal, there are also lovely yodels who have opened the portal between Pi City and Zuan.

In the Void Land, seemingly endless void creatures came out of the spatial cracks, and then moved quickly like a tide in the direction of the portal.

The Void Land and the Rune Land are not in the same dimension, and the Void Land is an abyss that does not exist without light, heat, matter, time, and human beings.

However, when they came into contact with the material world, the Runeterra, the world full of life breath was unbearable for the void creatures.

Thus, irreconcilable contradictions were born.

The ground, the ground, the sky, and the entire world turned into a purple sea of bug-like void creatures.

The Void Daughter Kasha escaped from the spatial rift, "What happened here, how come so many Void creatures began to attack the material world of the Rune Continent?"

Too much! Can't kill at all! "

The liquid creature armor like venom on Kasha's body was also responding to the host's thoughts, and dozens of biological missiles flew out of her back instantly, each of which could kill several void creatures.

But compared to the Void Zerg like a sea of tides, her attacks are like a drop in the bucket.

Killing hundreds of void insects in an instant only set off a wolf flower in the sea...

"Is this the catastrophe that the Rune Earth is about to face? Just roughly estimate that there are more than 100 million of these in front of you, right? "

Because of the Void Creature Armor, her own aura was already covered in armor. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Those Void Zerg will only fight back when attacked, or Kasha's body has a temporary unrepairable wound in the bio armor.

"It's over, it's all over!"


Within a chat group

[Kafka: "Shiwei, I want to ask how we should improve after we are promoted to above the explosive star?

One hundred levels should not be the limit? "】

Shi Wei thought about it, Kafka himself is a star core hunter, so he has terrifying powers.

It is also understandable to want to determine the path ahead.

Shi Wei: "Your five professions have reached the full level?" Even if it is fully integrated, it will take a long time to reach all levels, right? "

Kafka was a little embarrassed, "Yes, the experience required to upgrade the level of five classes at the same time is very amazing.

But I'm just curious, and that's okay. "

Shi Wei rubbed his head, it seemed that he needed to think a little again.

Looking at the tens of thousands of 377 products that have been uploaded by him in the group.

"I didn't want to put the power of the high rank into the chat group so early, because it was just a façade. The group members can't afford it. Forget it, upload it first. "

Shi Wei only had a few thoughts in his mind, and he had already conceived all the follow-up cultivation directions of these five professions.

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the hero system upgrade path - Void Pole Sword Art, which is divided into nine layers, corresponding to SSS-Destroying Planets, SSS-

(Destroys stars, 1.3 million times the size of Earth), (Giant stars are 100 million times the size of Earth)


The first layer sells and buys 10 million points, the second layer sells for 20 million points, and the third layer sells for 30 million points............ )

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the hero system ascension path - Void Pole Martial Art, Void Arcane Art, Void Rune Art, Void Word Spirit Art]

【Ding! Shiwei received a total of 810 million chat group points. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei can obtain one-tenth of the qi luck of all members who cultivate this system. 】

【Ding! Shiwei has created a path to the Hero System Ascension, and you have automatically received the honorary title of Hero System Creator God. 】

【Ding! You have obtained one-tenth of the luck of the 164 cultivators of the Hero System. 】

【Ding! You have obtained one-tenth of the luck of the cultivator group of thirteen hero systems. 】。

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