Marvel Universe

Tony's eyes widened, and he suspected that his eyes were looking at the flowers.

Then he thought that his chat group interface appeared in his mind, so he didn't continue to rub his eyes.

[Tony: "Oh my God, why are the points behind this so demanding."] Mr. Shi Wei is really a genius, right? "】

Spies live the world

Jolforte was taking a bath, soaking his whole body in the warm water of the bathtub.

At this moment, the girl's skin became all red, and at this moment, after seeing the group message reminder, she subconsciously covered her mouth to avoid her voice being too loud.

[Jorfuje: "Am I really blinded?"] What exactly is going on with this exaggerated system integral? This level of integration makes me dizzy just by looking at it.

Mr. Shi Wei is really too talented, right? "】

RE0 universe

Emilia has arrived at the mansion of the border count of Rozvall at this moment, and no matter what, since he wants to successfully run for the king, change the country and even change the world, the power of this count is unquestionable.

It's just that after seeing the cultivation system uploaded by Mr. Shi Wei, the terrifying group points, and the power corresponding to each layer of those cultivation systems.

Her legs couldn't help but go limp, but fortunately she was now sitting in her office chair.

[Emilia: "What a terrifying point, what does the ascension path refer to? "】

[Shiwei: "Ascension refers to the ability of everyone to break through their own cosmic boundaries and go to other universes under the premise of destroying their own universe.

This is the promotion of dimensions. "】

[Emilia: "It's terrible, it seems that there is not even a strong person on our side who has shattered the continent. Even legends, there are no legends that created planets. "】

Jojo universe, neon.

A cold sweat broke out behind Dioblando's back, and according to the group chat of these times, he also saw it. Shi Wei this person hates him very much.

Thankfully, he has figured out how to move towards the dark heroes, and evil crimes will only target those criminal thugs.

Dior grabbed his shoulders with both hands, and both of his shoulders had been scratched with blood from excessive force.

"You can't provoke, you definitely can't provoke. This time Wei is too terrifying, I must avoid vendetta with him"


Shi Wei's eyes lit up, it turned out that as long as more people cultivated the hero system he created, he could directly absorb the cultivator's own qi luck.

[Shi Wei: "Can you feel the loss of your luck?" For example, suddenly the calculation ability of the brain decreases, forgetfulness, physical exhaustion, and weakness in the feet? "】

[Regxi: "Huh? I don't feel it. Could it be that my own luck is already very against the sky at present, so it can be ignored? "】

[Tony: "Wouldn't it?" Although I lost one-tenth of my luck, it was also very worthwhile to be able to increase the upper limit of my strength.

For example, if I don't practice the hero system, then there would have been only a thousand points. After cultivating, my own strength improvement caused Qi Luck to become 90,000 points,

In this way, although it is 10,000 points less luck, it is still ninety times higher than when you are not cultivating, right? "】

[Butterfly Kanae: "It's okay, this degree is nothing. Even if you drain all my luck, Mr. Shi Wei. "】

[Shi Wei: "I'm sorry, I didn't expect this qi luck percentage to be so high. "】

Although Shi Wei said embarrassed, his heart was already happy.

Higher luck can help him break through his strength level more smoothly.

Only in this way can he be motivated to continue to help the group. Where there is always a silent dedication, isn't that obvious licking the dog?

"It seems that I want to spread this cultivation system more in the Rune Land next? You can do it. "

Kafka: "It's so powerful, it turns out that after the level of 100, it turns out to be this kind of combat power." And it was even possible to create this promotion system.

Shiwei is really great, I like it so much. "

Tokisaki Madzo: "Huh? Sister Kafka: Is this a confession?

I have to say that Mr. Shi Wei is indeed not only handsome, but also very talented. Even the concubine body has a little heartbeat. "

Emilia: "Huh? Is Mr. Shi Wei so popular? I admit that he is really talented and very handsome. "

Machima: "That's when you haven't actually touched it, and if you do, you understand, and the aftertaste is endless." (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Regxi: "Sister-in-law, please elaborate." I also want to learn. "

Asuka: "This is what I can listen to without spending money?" Please elaborate. "

The group is so lively.

【Ding! Kanae exchanged the Sword Saint Erjue scroll. 】

【Ding! Hinata exchanged the first layer of extreme martial arts. 】

Extreme martial arts refers to an extreme cultivation system that merges martial arts and qi, where qi refers to the life energy of any living body.

This is a more advanced form than the qi of the Dragon Ball world, after all, the Saiyans of the Dragon Ball world will die of heart disease, and the qi of Dragon Ball is too rubbish.

[Xiao Huohuo: "It's hard to understand why sisters-in-law have so many group points."] I really want to have so many points. "】

Shi Wei sighed: "Xiao Huohuo, you have to know that you are a man. To learn to be self-reliant,

My women are different, they just need to live a carefree and happy life. "

Jorfujie couldn't help but envy: "Wow, Mr. Shi Wei is so romantic." He really, I cried to death. If I fall in love in the future, I really want to find such a romantic man and have a sweet relationship. "

Shi Wei saw this and immediately sent a private chat to Jolfujie, no way Miss Joel was really too big.

She's big, she's beautiful. Then you have to give her more attention and energy. Take care of this petite flower.

[Xiao Huohuo: "I'm so moved, no. I'm struggling now, I'm struggling. Stimulated by everyone, I began to think about whether I was looking for a rich woman.

No, I'm on my own. "】

[Shi Wei: "Come on, I support you. In fact, your starting point is already very high, as long as you are a low-key person, you will hardly encounter any danger in the early stage.

I just don't know if the lack of so much experience of dying in the early days will affect your future promotion to Dou Di. "】

[Xiao Huohuo: "No, I Xiao Huohuo always remembers the humiliation of the past. I Xiao Huo Huo will definitely stand on the top of the continent and smash all predicament! "】

Shi Wei found it really interesting to chat with the members of these chat groups.

Even Xiao Huohuo's (good, good) determined people were shaken, and it seemed that what he uploaded was too fragrant.

However, this is what the Star Casting Dragon King can do. It's just a cultivation system that pushes people to be promoted to SSS-nine.

According to everyone's current cultivation speed, by the time they cultivated to SSS-Nine, the number of universes that he could control or even destroy might have already exceeded a thousand.

Even ten thousand, one hundred thousand, million, ten million universes.........

[Shi Wei: "Since Xiao Huohuo said so, then I will point you out a little twice,

In fact, you can upload all kinds of exercises in the Doubao Continent to the group, and there are many good things in the Doubao World.

Even if it is a recyclable consumable, it can be exchanged for a lot of points in the group mall.

And you can upload the elixirs you refine, which can be sold to shops or exchanged with group members. "】

Xiao Huohuo's eyes lit up, "Thank you, Brother Shi Wei." I already have a lot of new ideas. "。

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