Within a chat group

Thinking that now Tokisaki and Emilia have not yet entered the anime plot, there is still a lot of room for operation at this time.

In order to become his wives in the future, the two of them can also become his wives, so from now on he will provide them with a small subsidy.

【Ding! Shi Wei presented an exclusive red envelope to Shizaki Madzo. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei presented Emilia with an exclusive red envelope. 】

Each red envelope contains 100,000 group points, which are enough for them to raise their strength to the S-level level.

Although they all have various special abilities, they are not very good in terms of actual destructive power.

Let their combat power leap and promote, a lot of trouble should be directly brute-forced. For example, giant whales hundreds of meters.

After it devours Reim, the others lose their memories of Reim.

And at this time, Emilia only needs to release a flat A, and the giant whale is directly killed in seconds.

It only takes a second for her to assemble a crusade of hundreds of people from the country's elite and fight for hours to solve the enemy.

Think about it.

The moment Tokisaki received the red envelope, he immediately covered his small mouth in surprise.

[Mad Three: "This is really too much, right? If you can't spend it, you can't spend it at all. "】

[Emilia: "Mr. Shiwei 273, the red envelope you gave is too big. I don't need so much. "】

[Shi Wei: "Take them all, these are temporarily lent to you, so feel free to use them boldly, and then return to me after you all improve your strength, isn't that faster?"

And with enough points, you can quickly solve any troubles you encounter.

That way, I wouldn't have to run back and forth from world to become a firefighter. "】

Dioblando is a little gluttonous, obviously those other women can get tens of thousands of points casually, but he still owes 9,000 points, which is really too disadvantageous.

[Dio: "Actually, I have completely repented, Mr. Shi Wei, or you can borrow my points to invest in me, and then I will directly double it.]

After all, when I cultivate the hero system, my luck will also be divided among you, so isn't it better for everyone to be a win-win? "】

Shi Wei: "But yes, Dio. I wonder if your luck will make me more unlucky? You do have the ability to be lucky,

However, who knows if you will continue to slaughter innocent humans after you have points?

(BHCE) It's better to continue being a hero like this, you can make a vision. For example, in order to make the world a better place, I am willing to spend all my energy in this life abiding by the heroic code and protecting the just and kind ordinary human beings? "

Shi Wei himself is just chaotic neutral, and he can do whatever he wants. There is no moral constraint of justice or evil.

For example, he can watch an island country in Lin Fengjiao's world directly destroy the entire island country because it took the initiative to launch an aggressive war. Even those innocent righteous citizens did not let go.

Reason? Justice? He himself does not think about this at all, but this does not prevent him from using this righteous and good heroic rule to demand others.

Aren't the so-called rules just the rules that bind others? What's wrong with him just crumbs?

Dioblando gritted his teeth, his face bruised and angry emotions surging through his body.

However, he quickly relaxed again: "Yes, Mr. Shi Wei really doesn't believe me now, but it's okay, I will prove it with actions."

I can't be hostile to Mr. Shiwei, I have to find a way to change my own personality.

In that case, then I will also try to make a vision, my ambition is to let the righteous and kind ordinary people live a good life, I will become a dark hero, punish those criminals, evildoers.

I'm going to give them a hellish ordeal.

Dark heroes are also heroes, as long as all sinners and thugs in the world are purified, then there will not only be good people left in the world? Hahahaha, really smart.

So I also need rights, I need resources. I want to establish the most perfect order and rules in the world, so I need to rule the planet. The first step is to start with running for the neon prime minister.

If I can't, let Jotaro start as prime minister and gradually make him the emperor of the earth! "


Covenant war universe, elven world.

Tokisaki looked at the chat group in a daze to meet his point balance, which was a full 100,000 points.

Although Mr. Shi Wei already has hundreds of millions of points, after all, it is his points, and he is willing to lend the points to himself, which is already a very rare thing.

It is said that dragons are extremely misers, even if they own tens of billions of gold coins, they will not give any gold coins to others for nothing.

Compared with Mr. Shi Wei, Mr. Shi Wei is too generous.

[Shizaki Madzo: "Thank you, Mr. Shi Wei, the concubine body has already decided, and the concubine body wants to cultivate the profession of dimensional walker.

Through the previous plot, I already know that if I were to descend to the human world, it would definitely cause a space earthquake.

This will cause a lot of innocent deaths. Then as long as I cultivate the dimensional walker, I can control the dimensional power and descend to the human world without destruction.

And I can also teach this power to other elves, so that they don't have to cause space tremors in the human world.

Mr. Shi Wei, can I give this power to someone else? "】

[Shi Wei: "It's no problem at all, as long as the people you teach are righteous and kind people. Because I am very disgusted by the thugs who love to slaughter innocent humans.

The bullying of the weak is the behavior of the weak, the inferior behavior. Disgusting. "】

So, Tokisaki immediately purchased the Dimensional Walker's Class Scroll and began cultivation.

Increase in experience points and increase in level. , in addition to normal monster fighting upgrades and group point increases,

You can also continuously increase your experience level through cultivation.


RE0 universe

Emilia also saw the news in the chat group at this moment, originally she was still hesitating which profession to choose for cultivation.

Now she has decided that although the strength and destructive power of these classes themselves are similar, the characteristics of each class are completely different.

The class of dimensional walker determines that it has dimensional power, can control the power of space, and summon summons from other dimensions to help itself.

Moreover, there is no risk at all that by summoning summoned summons from other dimensions, it will only summon those whose strength is equal to or worse than their own strength.

[Emilia: "Thank you Mad Third Miss, I also decided that I want to learn the Dimensional Walker's Class Scroll! "】。

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