Hinata's little head turned red, "What kind of person is Brother Shivi?"

Will he hate me? No, I still tried to cultivate well when there was no way. "

Hinata discovered that the Imperial Wind Sword Art is not only released using a sword, this technique can trigger the power of the wind as long as it follows a certain breathing rhythm and combines with the energy in the body.

"It's amazing! Brother Shi Wei said, is the best way to use white eyes is long-range combat?

Indeed, compared to close combat. Hinata, who has a good vision, can indeed produce a more terrifying deterrent. "

"Chop Steel Flash!"

Hinata came to the family's cultivation field, holding the wrist of her right hand with her left hand, and the power of the wind began to come together from her body towards the middle finger of her index finger together.


A fully compressed sharp air bomb exceeded the speed of sound and directly shattered rocks hundreds of meters away. Then the sound of bullets flying appeared around her.

[Hinata Hinata: "Brother Shivi, thank you. The steel slashing flash can really compress and launch again, it's too powerful! "】

[Shi Wei: "Well, there are actually many other uses of this move, such as turning the head of the air bomb into an oval shape, which can produce more destructive power on the human body.

And the sound is smaller.

Pointed warheads, elliptical warheads, spiral arrows, etc., can also increase the force of rotation when attacking. "】

[Hinata: "Thank you Brother Shiwei, I didn't expect that there were so many usages. "】

[Shi Wei: "These are just very ordinary skills, if you want to go further, then you have to find a way to improve your physical attributes." "】


The ghost destroys the world, and the house is present.

Lianzhu trained with a look of intoxication, and every time she trained, her mountain peaks would follow the training and waves.

"It's really amazing to be able to use the power of the wind.

Kanae, is this the gift from the gentleman you are talking about?"

Kanae nodded, "Yes, our own breathing method can only make humans hallucinate, and the more advanced the breathing method, the more people will hallucinate and the real effect."

But this is the power of the real wind, and just the sword qi can easily destroy the thick rock. "

"Lianzhu, let's collect everyone's breathing methods and give them to that gentleman, right?"

"Well, Mr. Shi Wei gave us such a valuable gift, we really need to give him a gift in return."

At this moment, in the Shiki Mansion, in addition to the Love Pillar Ganlu Temple Honey Glass, other pillars are also cultivating in the cultivation field.

Kanae looked at everyone present. "Everyone, Mr. Shi Wei has helped us so much. We should also reciprocate. I don't know if you are willing to give your breathing method to me, I will give it to Mr. Shi Wei. "

Purgatory Kyoshiro shouted loudly. "Absolutely! This exercise is really useful! With him, my own strength has been improved a lot! "

Tomioka Yoshiyuki: "Kanae, do you want Wei's wife at that time?" "

Ujin Tengen: "Hey, is this something that can be said in public?" Haha, my breath of sound and the music spectrum can be given to him.

This Imperial Wind Sword Art technique is really too powerful.

Although there are only five moves here, these five moves have included defense, attack, displacement, range attack, etc., and the changes are endless.


Kanae soon collected all the breathing methods except the breath of the sun.

[Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, this is all our current breathing methods. (Exclusive Red Envelope)"


[Shi Wei: "Okay, the red envelope has been received. Which of your worlds seems to have a puppet that can imitate Ji Guoyuan, when is it convenient to send it over for me to play? "】

[Megumi Kana: "Good! "】


After Shi Wei tortured Tong Mo fiercely, he returned directly to his own world.

Directly above neon Tokyo

The ultimate luxury in the three-dimensional floating city

These beautiful girls are obviously still in a daze, with a large number of League of Legends Finals matches in their minds, and about their fused heroic abilities.

"By now, everyone should have mastered the rules of the game and the heroic ability of fusion?"

Shi Weigao sat on the throne, and the girls were all wearing strict heroic costumes that wrapped their bodies.

In the live broadcast perspective of those men and other genders, they are all dressed very tightly.

From the perspective of Shiwei and normal women, they wear the same clothes as in their previous lives, covering key parts, but other parts are exposed, showing a beautiful posture.

"Come to think of it, if you just briefly introduce it, you can't understand it more truly.

So I'll show you a show. "

Fusion of the Angel of Justice Kyle's Black Snow Hime, Kotori Yurokuka (Middle Second Disease) gains the power of the Dark Fuhrer Sindra.

Ai Hayasaka (Miss Kaguya) gains the power of the Outlier Thorn Akali

Shinomiya Kaguya (Kaguya-sama) gains the power of the Arrow of Punishment Verus

Maplu (Full Point Defense) gains the power of Brelddrand Heart Blom.

The six people were shrouded in brilliance and teleported directly to the Hero Canyon in the middle of the floating city.

This is a rectangular three-dimensional arena with a length of twelve kilometers, and there are all kinds of strange creatures in it.

"Then, let's go to war."

Shi Wei's body turned into a gorgeous blue dragon, and in order to facilitate the battle with others, he only controlled his size to about ten meters.

Just slightly stretching his body in the air, his movement speed per second has reached hundreds of meters per second.

(Aurelian Saul (everyone): "Do you hear me? Remember to buy outfits when you go out. ")

"Going out?"

Shinomiya Kaguya looked at the shop next to the Resurrection Spring with some doubt, and at this moment Kaguya's hair had changed from pure black to white.

In her hand, there was an extra pitch-black longbow containing the power of the void, and the girl's whole body was covered with the strict armor formed by the power of the void.

Grandpa Timo's eyes widened suddenly, "What's the situation?" Heroes Canyon actually started again? Little dolls, hurry up and start buying outfits. "

"You! Yes, it's the guy who gained the power of Verus, buy this equipment.

And you! The guy who gets the power of Bloon, buy a salary suit.

Your opponent is the Star Casting Dragon King! The gods who create stars at your fingertips, be careful!

Even if your physical strength is limited, it is not something you can fight against! "

"Ah~, the god who created the stars at the snap of his fingers? So how could we possibly fight? "

Hei Xueji looked at the people around him, "Why don't the five of us all take the middle path?" We have five people here, and according to the rules, his strength should also be limited. "

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