Shi Wei soon came to the bottom of the defense tower in the middle, and he began to reminisce with his hands around his chest.

Once he was a very ordinary man, his hobby was reading novels and playing games.

And now, he has become the Star Casting Dragon King. With a global gaze, just a random promise is enough to drive billions of humans crazy.

Interesting, really interesting.

This life is fantastic.

As long as his women have an eternal lifespan, then no matter how many years have passed since he woke up, his women will always be with him, right?

Now, it's about choosing a concubine.

Let him come and see these beautiful girls, those women who are qualified to be him, and enjoy the eternal scenery with him.

【Ding! The chat group has activated the party draw. Congratulations to Shi Wei for obtaining the equipment backpack manufacturing method. 】

[Ying Zheng: "What is the equipment backpack?" "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Never heard of the statement? What kind of magic weapon is this? "】

[Hinata Hinata: "Is this a ninjutsu scroll"


"Good, good.

First has the power of dimensions, and then is it a game panel-like existence? "

Shi Wei was very happy, originally the blessing attribute he gave to the girls was only automatically enhanced according to the equipment purchased by the other party.

With the power of dimensions, he can fold the space infinitely, and fold countless arenas in the same position.

With the equipment bar manufacturing method, then other players can get the increase in equipment attributes even if they do not have blessings.

Shi Wei spread out his palm, and endless divine power condensed in front of him.

Soon, a high-latitude distorted space similar to the origin of the world appeared in front of him.

"Is this an equipment backpack? Very good. "

[Shiwei: "Equipment backpack refers to the ability to carry multiple pieces of equipment at the same time and enjoy their attribute bonuses.

For example, empty-handed, but everyone can still enjoy the attribute bonus of the chainsaw sword.

And any attribute can be stacked, such as six pairs of shoes in the backpack, six chainsaw swords, six pieces of exhilarating armor..."

[Ying Zheng: "Shhh

[Ying Zheng: "Shhh

[Ying Zheng: "Shhh

[Ying Zheng: "Shhh

Even if just one piece of A-grade equipment already has the energy to explode the street, if you can wear six pieces of equipment at the same time, it is really difficult to imagine what you can do.

And the group of friends all thought that this is an additional six pieces of equipment.

This means that the user can also wear several pieces on them!

Shi Wei raised his head and looked into the distance.

The five beautiful girls all came to the middle road.

Shi Wei smiled involuntarily, "Very good, I allow you to use any tactics." Come on, let me experience the fun of fighting. "

Shinomiya Kaguya looked at the dragon flying in the distance, and she felt a familiar breath.

"Shi Wei-san? No, Shi Wei is just an ordinary person, he is a god. "

"I allow you to attack for half a minute, which is a gift from God."


The girls looked at Shi Wei in shock, everyone's attributes obviously did not open much gap, how did he have such courage?

Shinomiya Kaguya did not believe in evil and directly picked up the longbow and fired a bow and arrow at the other party.

Who knew that Shi Wei stayed where he was, and the stars suspended around him automatically blocked in front of him.

"In thirty seconds, he'll explode."

Above Shi Wei's left hand, a small galactic star vortex was taking shape at an extremely fast speed.

All the women felt bad.

However, no matter how they attacked, Shi Wei stood in place, and the three levitating stars intelligently resisted everyone's attack

"Feel the pain, experience the pain, accept the pain, understand the pain.

Can’t see the forest for the trees. It's just that you don't understand the meaning of peace.

Those who do not understand pain will not understand true peace, and now begin to make the world feel pain - (Spicy Tensen) Shinra Tensei! "

The stars in Shi Wei's hands are shining with the moon in a distance

The next moment, people in the Americas were horrified to discover that the moon was gone.

People on this side of Asia are spotting the moon falling towards them at breakneck speed.

Strangely, this moon seems to be wrapped in a strange layer of energy, and the entire neon does not feel tidal forces and amazing gravity.

Kaguya and the others looked up and saw the moon falling towards their heads.

"Moon? How did it end up here? "

In the desperate screams of the girls, the moon quickly shrunk to a hundred meters in diameter and smashed towards the vicinity of the second tower in the middle.

The astonishing range of the shockwave swept half of the Summoner's Canyon.

The five girls were sent directly back to the spring

(Netizen A: "The moon above my house is missing, don't tell me that the dragon god Thor just took him and threw it away")

(Asuna: "That's the moon!") What a terrifying force. ")

Countless netizens watched the live broadcast in shock at this moment, while at the top of Freedom Wall Street, Tokyo Shogunate and so on

They also all received the news, and at this moment they were already breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Aurelian Thor is so terrifying, he is currently known to have the power to create objects out of thin air, teleport in space, and manipulate planets."

"Just now the space station told us that the moon is gone."

The top officials of every country are breaking out in a cold sweat at this moment.

"We want to control the environment of the network, and any words that slander the dragon god Sol will be punished according to the crime of violating network security, up to the death penalty!"


Shi Wei saw that his killing ring was full, and he now had 1600 gold coins in his backpack. He began returning to the city and bought a murder book as well as a straw shoe, and even sold a bottle of medicine for a permanent true eye.

(Thor (everyone): "It's a pity that none of you can hurt me, otherwise my charge skills will be interrupted. ")

Shinomiya Kaguya clenched her fists, when did she suffer this qi? She has never lost since she was a child, and she has always won as long as it is the field she is involved in.

"Which Thor am I going to teach a lesson!"

[Note: In the everyday world, except for 2B, no one knows that Shiwei is Aurelian Sol.] 】

Kuroyukihime sighed, she knew that Kaguya was on top, but everyone was not familiar with it, and now it was better to stop the loss in time

"Divided into three ways, right?" We only need to push the crystal first in Bisol to win. "

Shinomiya Kaguya: "I'm going to the middle road!" "

Maplu: "Then I'll go to the middle of the road too." "

Black Snow Ji: "Then I'll go on the road and try to push off the crystal as soon as possible." "


Hinata Hinata continued to train, and as she trained, the power of the wind around her began to gradually continue.

She condensed the power of the wind on her fingers, and the sharp energy once again crossed hundreds of meters through the two-meter-thick rock.

It wasn't until the rock burst that the sound of supersonic bullets flying began to spread.

Hinata Hinata was stunned, and at the same time her heart was shocked. As the patriarch, he naturally discovered the strategic potential of this power.

"Hinata, you really are a genius! Our Hyuga family really needs long-range attack methods. "

"No, these are the credit of Mr. Shi Wei." Hinata had a rosy smile on her face as she said these words.

It's like Sichun's girl recalling her sweetheart.

"Shiwei?" Hinata Hiashi suddenly felt the pain of having her small padded jacket snatched away. His heart ached violently

The old father's intuition was at this moment.

"Mr. Shi Wei also said that he would come to our house for a few days in the future when he was free."

"Ah, do you still want to come to our house as a guest?"

"Father-sama? What happened to you, father? "

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