Chapter 16


The lights that had filled the theater went out without warning.

The sudden darkness made all visitors dazed for a while.

However, this did not last long, and soon a bright incandescent lamp shone from the very top of the theater.

The bright light source illuminates the place where the rich merchants gather.

Abnormal protrusions.

The guests exclaimed, and although a few began to notice that something was wrong, most did not take it seriously.

I just thought it was a special performance method of the organizer.

But soon, some people who wanted to leave found that the entrances and exits were all locked.

And the whole ground is slowly sinking.

Until finally, it fell into a place full of filthy and rancid smell.

People covered their noses and mouths and endured nausea.

And when the elegant ladies noticed the bones piled up in the corner, they all screamed.

"Ladies and gentlemen!"

The voice of the masked presenter came out of the microphone.

The panicked people looked up, but it was clear that these opening remarks were not addressed to them.

"Then we play a game where you either choose to join our extended family or be eaten by some of us right here as food."

The host's voice has been specially treated and appears rather muffled.

The bright lights also illuminated the terrified pupils of every upper-class person.

Most of them are some rich businessmen in the city, or the next city, or nouveau riche, originally thought that they were just participating in a normal auction and making friends with people of the same class by the way, but they did not expect that they would encounter this kind of thing.

In addition to some flustered people, there were also a few who were bold and began to curse angrily, threatening them to release them immediately.

But when a fat "giant" with chains all over his body appeared in front of people's eyes, everyone was scared and shrunk into a ball.

The giant casually grabbed the body of a person who had just threatened, and then easily broke his body like chopsticks.

Warm blood splashed on the beautiful lady's face, causing them to scream even more fearfully.

As the mastermind of all this, a happy smile bloomed on his face under the mask.

In the past, he was just a down-and-out homeless man.

In order to survive, he did all the abduction, and was arrested by the police and squatted in prison for several years.

After being released, because he did not have a skill, he wanted to repeat the same mistakes.

It wasn't until he met his "master" that his life changed.

He was endowed with a special, powerful power beyond mortals, and with this power, he has continuously come to this point.

Today's gathering of the upper classes is also a request from the "master".

On the one hand, it is to continue to expand its power in the human world, and on the other hand, it is also to satisfy the "master's" thirst for soul.

The more filthy the soul, the more it can satisfy the "master".

At the same time, he and his adopted younger brothers have recently become more and more thirsty for flesh and blood.

Those panicked rich people were as ridiculous as clowns in his eyes.

In the past, he despised these high-ranking people the most, but now, he is one of them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, given the present situation, and your acceptance, I can give you ... Thirty seconds to consider. "

He believes that between life and death, there will definitely be many people who choose the path of "life", even if it will cost a huge price.

Over the years, he has seen more.

There are those who betray their friends to the "master", and there are those who sell their relatives to the "master", and they all want to survive.

Of course, he still hopes that fewer people will make this choice.

After all, he wouldn't have much to eat.

Thirty seconds passed quickly.

Some people have already knelt on the ground and begun to beg for mercy, but there are still a small group of people who are either scared to the point of masterlessness or want to struggle a little more.

The results are out.

A gloomy and hideous smile appeared on his face.

At the same time, his eyes suddenly turned black, and a pitch-black mist spread from the soles of his feet, gradually transforming him, who was still in human form, into an inhuman form.

In a matter of seconds, it transforms into a monster, with a terrifying and twisted shape.

People let out higher screams and looked at the monster in front of them in horror.

At this time, the heavenly Rhode finally did not continue to watch.

Although I don't really want to save these rich businessmen, some people come to drag their families with them.

In addition, Rhode also saw with his eyes some students who were locked up in other rooms, such as those who were abducted at night as said on the Internet.

Devilish monsters approaching step by step.

But he walked fast, because he enjoyed the feeling that other people were afraid of themselves.

Although he is no longer a human being, the benefits of serving that adult are obviously more than this kind of thing.


It was like a common intuition that made him stop.

Because he just now had a feeling like a man's back.


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