Chapter 21

Hearing the girl's name, Rhode was quite emotionally stable.

- Miko Yotsutani.

She is the heroine of the anime "Visible Girl", and is different from everyday girls such as Kasumigaoka and Eiri.

Although she is also a high school girl, she has a pair of eyes that can see "ghosts".

However, this similar to yin and yang eyes is not born, but acquired.

That's bad luck.

After all, compared to children, adults with a formed worldview are more likely to be afraid of ghostly things.

Although adults know that the existence of gods and ghosts is fake, people just like to scare themselves.

Of course, it's just enough to see ghosts.

But all the ghosts that Yotsuya Miko sees are ghost-level existences in horror movies.

He also has the possession that as long as the ghost thinks that it can be seen, then the ghost can hurt the person who sees him.

It's like weird rules.

Once a certain rule is broken, the person dies.

Shitani Miko is that as long as she is discovered by the ghost, she will be chased and killed by the ghost.

Just now, she probably broke the rules and was chased and killed by a ghost.

Seriously, Rhode felt that she could live until now and could be selected as a wonder of the world.



The rain has stopped.

But the girl still didn't stand up.

She felt like her journey was a roller coaster.

First chased by a ghost, then fished by a ghost, almost dead, and then a mysterious man appears to solve the ghost.

In just a few minutes, the painting style changed abruptly.

It feels as false as a dream.

But at the same time, the horror that had been haunting the girl's heart all this time also dissipated instantly.

Rhode helped her and made Miko stand up.

As for the large wet skirt, Rhode thought that it had been wet in a puddle, and there was a trace of smell, and he should not have known about it.

Then he wanted to ask her what was going on.

He remembers that there are a lot of ghosts in the animation world.

Basically, walking on the street, you can meet dozens of them at the end of the day.

It's just that in the city where he lives, at least within the scope of his activities, there are no evil spirits appearing.

If so, he felt that he could go and scrape a wave of experience.

After all, no matter how small mosquito legs are, they are also meat.

But before he could speak, Yotsuya Miko cried and pleaded, "I... Can I go to your house for one night? "

This question is not for Rhode.

Although he does look like Yushu Linfeng, he will not let the girl who has only met once cry and beg for support.

Well, it's a joke.

Rhode knew that Yotsuya Miko was frightened by the experience just now.

After all, in the past, she only looked at the ghost from a distance, never touched, and completely ignored it to be able to happen without incident, but now after all, she was scared enough, although she could stand up, but her legs were still swinging.

Rhode looked at the pitiful appearance of the girl Chu Chu and began to make a psychological struggle.

Half a second later, he agreed.

It's like adopting a cute pet, and it's only for one night.

Of course.

If Yotsuya Miko's image was a strong man of five or three thick, or a greasy uncle or something, Rhode would definitely immediately call a rental to pull him away.

Although Rhodes is a warm-hearted person, he does things very clearly.

As for the exposure problem, that specifies no.

After all, Yotsuya Miko is also half an extraordinary person, but he has no combat power.

Looking back at Yotsuya Miko's pitiful but expectant expression, Rhode smiled.

"Let's go, go home with my uncle."



Deep underground.

As a special person in charge of this city, his eyes turned black when he looked at the corpse sealed in the sealing cabinet.

Shortly after the police arrived at the scene, their men also arrived at the scene.

After the bizarre bodies were recovered to the headquarters, the oral testimony of the survivors to the police was retrieved.

It is learned that these dependents who have signed a contract with the demon are defeated by the light emitted by a mysterious person who suddenly appears.

No one could see each other's appearance clearly, and there were no fingerprints, footprints and other traces left at the scene.

There is only one corpse of a demon dependent.

There is no monitoring on site and no other valuable information.

Not quite, not at all.

At least, the dependents of these demons dared to act like this, which showed that those demons hiding in hell had become more and more active.

That's not a good thing.

After all, with the existing capabilities of human beings, they cannot compete with the abnormalities like stars in this world.

After that, as is customary, they processed the participants at the scene to clear their memories and let them go.



Somewhere else.

Dark space.

A black shadow like mist travels through the darkness, and finally condenses into a strange shape.

Although it has a human-like body, the tentacles and terrifying parts of other places are obviously not something that a normal person can have.

Of course, there is much more than one existence in this space.

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