Chapter 23

After changing clothes, Yotsuya Miko held a coffee cup with a comfortable expression on her face.

Sure enough, demons and monsters or something, it is best not to appear.


The coffee in this shop is really delicious.

I had heard the name of the shop on the school forum before, but because I was afraid of meeting a ghost, the girl would not go far unless necessary.

Every day is home, school two o'clock and one line.

Occasionally a friend invites her to go out.

"Then it's time to talk about you."

Although Rhode knows the worldview setting of Yotsuya Miko, after all, it is best described by this person.

"Well... Good. "

Shitsuya Miko nodded.

Then she said that she couldn't see ghosts like ordinary people at first, but after a certain day, she suddenly saw ghosts, and some of her experiences of meeting ghosts.

Ten minutes later.

"This... That's all. "

After Yotsuya Miko finished speaking, she took another sip of coffee, as if this was the only way to calm the fear in her heart.

Rhode nodded.

What the girl said was not much different from the plot he knew.

The only difference is that the world she lives in is not the ghost-only world she used to be.

I have to say, there is no specific value.

Rhode asked again, "Have you ever tried to tell someone about yourself?" "

"I... I thought about doing this, but even if I said it, others would definitely not believe it, and it would be easy to be regarded as a freak. "

Yotsuya Miko whispered a broken thought.

Under the influence of the culture of the island country, the class gap between people in society is quite obvious.

The most typical one is that if you are new to the company, if you do not call the old employee a senior, it will be considered impolite and alienated.

It's about the same in school.

As long as you behave differently from the public, you are easily isolated.

Boys are fine, and girls are particularly isolated.

If you tell someone that you can see a ghost, you will definitely be asked to prove it.

Then, the result of the proof is "death".

"Is there a way to deal with ghosts?"

Rhode asked again.

"Didn't... It's useless, I have searched for a lot of things on the Internet, and the charms that the seller said about the light in the temple and the cross that moistened the holy water in the church are all useless, they are completely cheating money. "

Speaking of which, Shitanimiko is good gas.

Not only did it not compare, but it also cost her a lot of money.

"It wasn't until I met you today that I knew that ghosts can be destroyed!"

Yotsuya Miko looked at Rhode with bright eyes, and his face was full of the five words "Can you teach me".

But even if Rhode wanted to, he couldn't teach.

After all, he didn't learn any skills, how could outsiders learn it.

Seeing that Rhode did not reply, Yotsuya Miko was a little lost.

However, the girl quickly regained her strength.

She was already satisfied that her life could be saved, and the kindness of the girl would not make her ask for more, let alone resent Rhode for not teaching her the ability to exorcise ghosts.

"If you want to sleep, go to the bedroom at the end of the attic, there are no ghosts here, you are safe."

Hearing these words, although the girl did not want to leave Rhode's side, she still couldn't hold back the sleepiness that came in, and almost fell asleep after entering the bedroom.



News of a fire and explosion at a manor on the outskirts made morning headlines.

Almost every media outlet is rushing to report the news, while educating residents to do a good job of fire prevention and regularly checking and replacing firefighting equipment.

As if this disaster was really just caused by fire.

Those participants at the scene also all remained silent, and no one dared to stand up and tell the truth.

Of course, this is also normal.

After all, this is easy for the government and demons to target.

Of course, it is also possible that those participants were all erased from their memories.

If it was Rod, this approach would be the most reliable, after all, there were many people, and what happened that night must have left psychological trauma.

But Rhode didn't think much about it, and he didn't need to wipe his ass anyway.

Because it was a weekend, there were not many people in the café in the morning, but Rhodes was not idle, but got into the chat group to take a look.

The group space has a message prompt with a small red dot.

After clicking in, Rhode found that Raiden Zhen and Emilia and Erina, Hiroshi had sent their own pictures to talk about.

Raiden Jin: "A good day starts with a chat group and a selfie picture .jpg. "

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