Chapter 3

The music in front of the mouth of the moon flashed with a crimson brilliance.

On the other side, the monster that sensed the point was ready to run.

After all, such a large braincase, even if it is a monster, the IQ will not be lower.

And it turns out that it really should run away.

The cool atmosphere was replaced by unimaginable heat, and the crimson light in front of Rhode quickly condensed into a huge fireball.

Crimson seemed to be surrounded by thunderous fire, like a cannonball shot out, and the mighty tearing atmosphere was like a huge red dragon winding in the sky!

The pitch-black night sky was suddenly illuminated, causing the surrounding temperature to instantly rise by tens of degrees, and the fire dragon roared and rushed towards the monster.

In a flash.

The monster was hit.

Even the cry of sorrow did not have time to come out.

The skin that could not even bring a little scar from the missiles launched by human fighters would melt in an instant.

Until he died, with his big braincase, he couldn't understand why such a terrifying existence appeared in this world.

After melting the monster's body, the flames caused a violent explosion.

The nearby mountains were similarly crushed.

Along with the endless mountains and trees, they were set on fire.

As for the monster that was hit, it has long been blown to pieces!

The only living thing left on the scene was the huge, humanoid insect-like giant life form standing on the earth.

The scorching heat distorted the space around him.

This scene will never be forgotten by everyone.

The pitch-black creatures standing in the flames are like incarnated demon gods.

Not only did it not make mankind feel a little joy of being saved, but it also gave birth to an irrepressible fear.

Rhode naturally didn't know what the others were thinking.

Even if you know, there is no way around it.

Although he has obtained the power of light of Saiga Ultraman, he cannot use it at the moment.

If he could, he would certainly want to fight with a handsome and powerful Saiga leather case, not Hypajeton's skin.

Although, Hypajeton is not ugly, but Rhode was still a person in his previous life after all.

And the fire that burned, and Rhode was sorry.

The first time he used Hypajeton's power for battle, although the energy has not fully recovered, Jaydon's signature skill, the Dark Fireball, can still be emitted.

This is not a small flame in the tokusatsu film that can only smash a window of the Kurt team building, but a real trillion-degree fireball.


Rhode suddenly felt a feeling of energy satiety.

Hypajeton and the power of light in his body have all been enhanced, then... A hint of it.

He turned his head and looked around, and found that the only thing that could explain the situation was the monster he had defeated.

Can emotional fighting monsters be upgraded?

This is also his goldfinger?

In this way, just like the game, you only need to fight monsters to level up.

The more powerful the monster, the more experience points it will increase.

And sooner or later, he will be able to recover his peak state at Hypajeton, and even the power of light can also grow.

Thinking of this, Rhode was inexplicably happy.

In this case, wouldn't he be able to have all the power of both Hypajeton and Saiga Ultraman in the future?

This does not take off directly?

In a word.

Rhode has just arrived, and he is already in love with this world.

More monsters like this.

Set a small goal.

Kill ten little monsters a day.

Fight for a month, no... Get back to the top in a week!

Then, Rhode looked around and activated Hypajeton's teleportation ability to disappear from the battlefield.

This made the people in the war command room chaotic again.

This time, no matter how the radar searched, it could not search for a high-energy response at all.

So big creatures say lost and lost?

When the monster first appeared, it was discovered by them!

The commander's face changed several times.

“... Get the finishing touches, call the fire brigade to put out the fire, and don't let the fire spread to the city. "

All they humans can do is wipe their asses.


Human radar, of course, cannot search for Hypajeton.

Because Rhode changed into a human form on the way to teleport.

It's still what he was in his previous life.

It's just that maybe it's because of the fusion of the two forces, which makes his skin much better than normal.

"Well, the corners are clear, the sword eyebrows are starry, even if I go to eat soft rice now, I am afraid that I can live freely."

Rhode looked at the mirror on the street and nodded with satisfaction.

Although Hypajeton is a Baxter Starman, a powerful monster created specifically to destroy the world, Rhode did not inherit Hypajeton's evil.

If you let the Baxter people see that the ultimate weapon they created, not only did not destroy the world, but also helped humans repel other monsters, even in the coffin, they would be revived by anger.

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