Chapter 30

Long before Yotsuya Miko saw the old woman ghost, Rhode had already discovered the existence of the other party.

However, because I was looking for the Three Fox Valley Shrine, I didn't have time to pay attention to it.

However, things backfired, and Rhode, who wanted to release this evil spirit, did not expect that the other party actually took the initiative to send it to the door.

This is the new car I just bought, what do you want to do with it?

Therefore, Rhode was not used to her at all, and directly pinched the old woman's ghost's neck and pinched her into the car.

And at the moment of contact, a flame ignited on the body of the old woman and ghost.

He didn't use any ability, purely because his own life energy was too exuberant.

For the evil spirits of yin, it is a humanoid self-walking sun.

It's just that Rhodes is usually very low-key.

The old woman ghost kept struggling in Rod's left hand.

He stretched out his palm full of nail nails and grabbed it, but it burned even more violently, and in a short time only a wrinkled head remained.

Seeing this scene, Yotsuya Miko was taken aback.

However, seeing Rhode's understatement, he gradually regained his composure, and even looked at the ghost in Rhode's hand with some curiosity.

"What is this? It's completely different from the ghosts I usually see. "

If not discovered, the ghost moves slowly, like a zombie.

But this can only keep up with the ghost of a car with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, and it really gives her a whole thing.

"You don't know?"

Rhode casually threw away the residue in his hand, and asked with his left hand propped up the window.

Yotsuya Miko thought about it, but still shook her head.

"Although it is also a ghost, it is not the same as ordinary ghosts, strictly speaking, it is more like an urban weird talk, you should know about the high-speed mother-in-law, right?"

Speaking of this, Yotsuya Miko nodded.

She did have a little impression in her head.

High-speed mother-in-law should be a relatively common urban weirdness.

It tells the story of driving on the road at night, meeting an old woman who runs fast, and the driver will be frightened when he sees her, resulting in an accident.

There are also some strange stories in which high-speed mother-in-law takes the initiative to attack people.

Yotsuya Miko's scalp was a little numb.

I didn't expect to encounter this kind of thing in addition to ghosts.

If she encounters other more powerful ghosts in the future, won't she even have a chance to run?

A hundred kilometers per hour.

Even if she broke her leg, she couldn't run so fast!

"Without triggering specific rules, these special ghosts will not appear."

Rhodes said.

"So don't worry about running into them every day, and of course if someone asks you to play a night adventure game in the future, it's best not to go."

"Of course, of course."

How could Miko Yotsutani play that horrible game!

Others can't see the ghost, but she can even count how many hairs the other party has.

If only she played this kind of game and met an eight-foot woman, and she waited for death directly in the toilet.

The atmosphere fell into tranquility.

Yotsuya Miko saw that the vehicle had driven into the barren mountains, and couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Rhode, where are we going?" "

"As a reward for new employees, as the boss, I will get you a small benefit."

After that, Rhode stopped the car.

It was dark all around, only the lights of the vehicles illuminated the environment in front of them, but the left and right were still dark, and the dim halo made the woods form mottled and distorted shadows.

Not to mention that girls can see ghosts, even if they can't see it, ordinary people in this wilderness will be a little afraid.

Come to such a place for welfare?

She just wants to go home.

However, the family does not seem to be safe with Rhode.

So after getting out of the car, the girl sneaked to Rhode in three steps and two steps.

Rhode turned on the bright flashlight, and the bright light instantly illuminated the road ahead.

It was a long path that zigzagged to the top of the mountain.

As he stepped on this road, Rhode felt a rather weak resistance, but it quickly disappeared.

But this also proves that his conjecture is correct.

The shrine here is indeed extraordinary.

Without much thought, he stepped forward.

Along the way, you can occasionally see some stone statues of foxes on both sides of the road.

Once at the top of the mountain, you will be greeted by a long-faded torii.

After passing through the torii gate, I saw a very small wooden house in front of me.

There are also wind chimes and drop boxes hanging in front of the cottage.

However, these things have been abandoned for a long time, which can be seen from the overgrown weeds around them.

Yotsuya Miko leaned closer.

It was obviously a shrine, but she always felt that there was something hidden nearby.

Rhode, on the other hand, strode towards the direction of the shrine, and after glancing at the cash box, he said to the girl behind him: "Come and make a wish, just say let the mountain god here become your Shikami." "


Hearing this, the girl was a little silly.


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