Chapter 34

It is larger than it, and there is a sense of oppression like an abyss, obviously there is no aura and resentment, and it is not difficult to feel the hidden power of the other party.

After the evil god breaks through the seal, can he kill all sides at the beginning of entering the novice protection period?

Where did this super giant come from!

Rhode, on the other hand, leaned over and looked at the appearance of the "True-Mountain God", his eyes thoughtful.


It is worthy of being a god, and it is really just a casual long line.

In island culture, people like to call some supernatural demons and monsters "gods".

The gods are actually the mountain spirits on the other side of the Celestial Empire.

Although Rhodes now knows that the overall pattern of the world is not the same, there are still cultural differences in some details.

All in all.

After looking up at Rhode, who was much bigger than himself, the consciousness that was almost completely dominated by resentment also produced an illusion that it was a younger brother at this time.

"Little brother, what's going on with you?"

Rhode subconsciously joked.

However, because Jaydon, as a biological weapon, its own language system is not developed, so the spit out words are a repetition of the standard word "Jaydon".

The low, hoarse and slightly electronic sound made Rhode's sense of oppression stronger.

He is also a ghost with intelligence.

At first, he was full of resentment and wanted to make the world feel pain.

But now after it saw Rhode, the creature's instinctive profit avoidance made it shrink into the ground, and then the worm-like body burrowed into the ground faster than it came out.

I don't bother, I'm gone ha.

Don't worry about me, paramecium, big guy.

And the mountain gods on the side were almost stupid to see.

Although she had never seen the power of the gods, she could also sense that the power of the gods was far beyond herself.

When the god had just appeared, he also felt an extremely terrifying sense of being locked.

After all, he also suppressed the gods for a short time.

If the god ran out, he would definitely kill her at the first time.

However, what happened just now made the mountain god's eyes darken.

I thought that the very powerful god would engage in a tense and fierce battle with the guy who forced him to sign a god contract with a human being.

But what he didn't expect was that Sui Shen glanced at Rhode and turned around and ran, playing the tactics of "collapse and selling" to the limit.

Of course.

How could Rhode let go of the experience package sent to the door.

Monsters are physical monsters, but some powerful gods can blur or shrink their bodies like monsters.

This god possesses this power.

After shrinking to the ground, he made his body smaller, and then he rushed deep into the mountains and forests.

But before he could escape far, he felt that the body at the end was grabbed by someone, and he was completely unable to move forward.

Look back.

I saw a big black hand directly into the ground, and the ground was torn apart like tofu dregs, grabbing the tail of the god.

Knowing that he was cornered, he exerted all his strength and began to fight back.

But its attack method can only wipe a little spark on Rhode's hand, leaving not even a trace.


Chaotic flames appeared in Rhode's hands, burning the gods to the slag.

And after the death of the gods.

A large amount of milky white faint light and shadow suddenly surged out of its body, and Rhode could see that those lights and shadows seemed to have the appearance of a human, and seemed to thank him.

Immediately afterwards, those lights and shadows formed a light swimming around him.

Rhode was a little surprised at first, but soon he was surprised to perceive the pure energy of those lights and shadows.

As soon as his mind moved, absorbing these lights into his body, Rhode felt that the power of light in his body had been greatly improved.

Only then did Rhode understand what those lights were.

Presumably human souls that were killed and enslaved by gods in the past.

After the death of the gods, they were liberated, but because of the wear and tear of hundreds and thousands of years, their spiritual intelligence had long been extinguished, and the existence of obsession allowed them to normally dissipate in the air after saying thanks.

But who made Rhodes himself a huge light receiver.

The ownerless soul light was directly sucked in by Rhode.

As for the changes after absorption.

Rhode felt that it was not a problem to rub a Spichum ray with his hands now.

As for turning into light, that is, transforming into Saiga, it should still take some accumulation.

Thinking of this, Rhode had some expectations.

After all, who wouldn't want to transform into a handsome and tall silver giant.

Although Hypajeton is also good, he always feels that something is missing.

The gods were destroyed, the mountain gods were captured, the experience was obtained, and the whole mountain range returned to calm.

Although the movement just now is not small, it may have an enchantment, and the impact on the outside world should not be very large.

However, Rhode did not want to stay in this place any longer, and drove away with Shitani Miko.

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