Chapter 40

The next day at noon.



The butterfly sisters waited left and right in their anxiety and did not wait for news, and their mood slowly sank to the bottom.

There was no news outside for so long, and the assassination operation was a failure.

"Endure, let's go."

Holding back her sadness, Butterfly Kanae packed her bags, and Butterfly Shinobu, and the other members left through different exits.

However, to their surprise, there were many more people on the street than yesterday.

When passing by a square, a group of people gathered around and talked about something, as if they were discussing something.

The butterfly sisters leaned over to hear what they were saying.

Passerby A: "That's great! That group of bandits and robbers were finally caught by the government! "

Passerby B: "What's going on?" Wasn't martial law imposed two days ago? How did you catch it today? "

Passerby C: "Let me tell you, my friend's brother's wife's wife's child's friend's father's father works in the official palace, and I heard that last night the gang of robbers infiltrated the palace and wanted to assassinate the current Emperor Taisho!" "

Passerby B: "What?!" That's too daring! "

Passerby C: "Who says it isn't?" If I want to say, this group of bandits should be beheaded, not only killed so many innocent people, but also wanted to mess up the whole country, it is simply lawless! "

Passerby A: "But fortunately I was caught, otherwise I would have to make people panic." "

At this time, a woman holding a child came over: "My child has been scared to sleep these nights, but now it's okay, thank God, I finally caught those people." "

The people are all talking about this matter, and the attitude is basically unanimous applause.

This made Butterfly Kanae's eyes couldn't help but moisturize.

Biting her lip gently, she tried to restrain the emotions that welled up in her heart, but in the end she didn't let the tears slide down her cheeks.

It's just that Butterfly Shinobu felt her sister grab her hand and increase her strength.

The butterfly couldn't help but be indignant.

If it weren't for the fear of exposure, she would have been unable to resist cursing.

This ignorant crowd!

Don't know anything at all!

"Sister! Look at it! "

Out of the corner of her eye, Butterfly Shinobu caught a glimpse of several ox carts from the end of the street.

Iron cages were fixed to the butts of the ox carts, and in each cage was a decadent figure dressed in ragged clothes and prison uniforms.

"Those people are..."

Although they all look unkempt, they can still be seen from their size and vague appearance that they are members of the Ghost Killing Team.

At this moment, they are being paraded through the streets as if they were ancient.

People gathered around, agitated, holding rotten eggs or unwanted garbage and throwing stones over.

The people of the government were responsible for maintaining order on the sidelines, only symbolically blocking it.

"These bastards!"

Butterfly Shinobu clenched his fists.

Even before you die, do you want to insult them?

The Butterfly Sisters did not leave, but followed the crowd until they saw them being sent to the execution ground.

Come to your senses.

The two sisters looked at each other.

We all saw the same look in each other's eyes.

If you can, you naturally want to rescue them.

But the two are not fools.

The government used them to parade through the streets in such a grand manner, obviously wanting to fish out the remaining ghost killing team.

But even the most elite pillars were captured, and what can the rest do?

Although the butterfly Kanae is also a flower pillar, her strength is not as good as that of the predecessors in some pillars.

"Sister, do you remember the Lord Rhodes I told you? Just wait until the evening, he will definitely appear. "

Now, she is only one last point away.

Come to think of it.

She and Kanae leave the execution ground.

Then he immediately contacted Rhodes in the chat group.

Butterfly Shinobu: "@罗德, Lord Rhode, are you sure you have time at midnight tonight?" "

Rhodes: "Yes, what happened?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "My companion sneaked into the palace last night to find the ghost king, but the plan failed, all of them were caught, and the execution will be carried out at midnight tonight." "

Rhode was still sitting in his café today, as usual.

However, after receiving the news of Butterfly Shinobu, he immediately couldn't hold back.

What is this situation?

Didn't he ask those people in the Ghost Killer Team to stop their activities and wait for him to lie down and win?

Butterfly Shinobu: "It's like this..."

Butterfly then told what happened last night.

And Rhode said that a group of pig teammates really can't be moved.

However, Rhode also reassured the butterfly that as soon as the world shuttle card arrived, he would pass immediately.

Erina: "Don't be afraid, since Mr. Rhode promised you, he will definitely pass." "

Raiden Zhen: "There are still a few hours left, don't worry." "

Amelia: "Mr. Rhodes will definitely save your companion." "

Other group members also came out to comfort the butterflies not to worry.

At the same time, he transferred all the points he had saved.


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