Chapter 45

Dense shells rained down.

It was large enough to have no bones left of everyone in the execution ground.

It seems that Wu Miao is also determined to let all the members of the Ghost Killing Team die.

But Rhode didn't care about these backward weapons at all.

The soldiers who surrounded the scene were horrified to find that the shells they fired were actually blocked by an invisible barrier.

Fireworks bloomed outside the barrier, and the people inside were unharmed.

The girl inside the barrier was even more shocked.

All along, they could only hold their heads under the aim of thermal weapons, unless they were in narrow terrain, or close in advance, otherwise they would lose their combat ability if they were hit by one bullet.

But now, the friend who was brought by the butterfly ninja, like a god, blocked all the shells out.

Butterfly Shinobu's eyes showed surprise.

The other side.

Rhode was nothing to be proud of.

This kind of barrier can be used by both Hypajeton and Ultraman who has the power of light, and he is still only cast in human form, if after transformation, the strength of the defensive barrier, even if all the nuclear weapons in the world are blown up in front of him.

After the rain of shells ended, Rhode raised his arm.

In this day and age.

Powers are still legendary beings.

Even if he lived under the same roof with the ghost, he had never seen the release of the blood ghost technique.

Rhode unleashed a dark fireball towards the sky, which began to disperse as it continued to rise.

Immediately after that, it fell in all directions like a heavenly lady scattered flowers.

The precise landing on the soldier's station then caused the most violent explosion.

All the soldiers were torn apart by the shock wave in an instant, and some who were a little further away were burned black by the qi wave, lying on the ground and howling miserably, but it didn't take long to swallow.

Rhode has no psychological burden on ordinary people.

Both a soldier and hostile, there is nothing to say about being killed by him.

Leaving the execution ground, looking at the stump and broken arm in one place, everyone in the ghost killing team fell silent.

It's not about being scared of what you're seeing.

After all, a bloodier picture than this is not unseen in the past.

What they really feared was Rod's means.

This kind of power is heavenly and human, whether it is a ghost or a human, it is all destroyed in an instant.

In front of Rhode, they could only keep their heads down.

Only Butterfly Shinobu can say a word or two to Rhode.

"You take the others to find a place to rest, and I'll take care of the rest."

Rhode raised his head and looked at the city shrouded in rain.

Although the entire city is shrouded in resentment, if Rhode is more careful, it is not difficult to find out Wu Miserable.

As the biggest villain in this world, there are thousands of people who have died directly and indirectly at his hands for hundreds of years.

The resentment in him is probably the strongest.

"Lord Rhode, is it okay to be alone?"

Butterfly Shinobu raised his head and looked at Rhode.

Looking up at Rhode is not for any other reason, purely because the current butterfly Shinobu is too short, and his height is not even one meter five.

Although it is partly due to the natural causes of the island's genes, her sister Kanae is not short.

Rhode sighed, the butterfly was afraid that it was crooked.

But it's small, and it's cute.

"Of course, just be taken by me to lie down."

Rhode still didn't say the phrase "you're just dragging."

After all, the Ghost Killer Team has worked very hard.

But in this era, there are too many traitors, and no waves can be turned over.

Butterfly nodded, and then watched Rhode soar into the sky, and his body broke through a wave of qi and flew towards the center of the city.

Rhode is not a human body, but a special existence with two powers, so flying as a human is not a problem at all.

I don't use it usually, I am simply too lazy to use it, and I don't want to expose it.

But it's not in the resident world that there aren't so many rules.

In a finite world, you can fly around.

Rhode broke through the air.

However, Ghost Mai Tsuji, who stayed under the palace, was a little panicked.

It can be known through Tong Mo's memories before he died.

His opponent is not a member of the Ghost Killing Team, and it is not the Nikki Dao that killed him, but a light.

Light is something that lives after it for Wu Miserable.

At first, he regretted killing the doctor so quickly, so that he could not relieve the sun for a long time afterwards.

Until later, after collecting the country's resources, after experiencing nearly 10,000 experiments, he finally found the last medicine that could overcome his fear of the sun - the other shore flower.

Although he has now overcome the weakness of light and become the most perfect creature, Rhode's appearance in the sky still makes Wuxian feel like his heart tightens.

It's like the time I met Ji Guoyuan.

"Naruto, it's time to retreat."

The intuition in his heart made Ghost Mai Tsuji no miserable already make a decision.

This intuition allowed him to live from the sword of Jigoku Enichi to the present and rule the country.

This time is no exception.

Misery didn't intend to go head-to-head with that weird humanoid creature, something only an idiot would do.

For hundreds of years, he had fused the Infinite City with the underground structure of the palace, and wanting to leave was just a matter of thought.

But before Naruto could teleport him out, he heard a loud rumble from above.

The humanoid creature that was still in the execution ground on the outskirts of the city half a minute ago actually stepped directly on the ground, and appeared in front of the ghosts along with the broken rock formations and stone slabs.

"Sorry, ghosts can retreat from the environment."


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