Chapter 50

Rhode directly grabbed those barbs, and then pulled them a little harder, this time directly using tens of thousands of tons of force, and directly ripped these barbs off the body of Wu Wu.

The dark black body fluids continued to flow out, and the howl was even more miserable.

Severe pain is accompanied by incredible feelings.

How is this possible?

He studied for nearly a hundred years before he developed this invincible set of blood demon techniques.

With all the ghosts scattered throughout Tokyo's densely populated gathering point, he can desperately transform into what he is now, as long as there are problems that cannot be solved by conventional means.

Sacrifice the flesh and blood of the city and let him evolve into the posture of "king".

But Rhode's set of silky little combos directly stunned Wu Miserable.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

It shouldn't be like this.

His arrival will bring fear and despair.


Without miserable hysteria, lifting the last power to burst out of the blood demon technique, plasma gushed out with a part of the body, but everything was lightly dissolved by Rhode stretching out his palm.

Immediately, the silver fist burst into the air.

With a dull loud noise, the miserable body was directly pierced, and the fist force that brought up tore through the building and the earth, and the storm gushed out furiously.

Just at this moment, the city with a radius of thousands of meters was destroyed, and the mountains in the distance were shaken by the hurricane brought by the fist.

Due to special effects and funding constraints, Tokusatsu is unable to express the true power of the giant.

This has also led to many memes that make people "relish".

For example, the classic one-trillion-degree fireball.

But in reality, this kind of supermassive object weighing hundreds of thousands of tons at every turn, casually moving is a natural disaster that human beings cannot resist.

And in the comics, there is also a picture of the adult directly blowing up the planet with a Spicum ray.

Just like now.

With a slightly serious punch from Rhode, the aftermath can destroy the city.

However, there are not many living people left in Tokyo now, and the aftermath just now has only caused the building to collapse.

Rhode looked at Wu Wu, who was almost half dead and was slowly recovering, and used his mental power to throw his body into the sky.

Yaoyao locked the ghost king who was thrown into the sky.

Then he raised his arms, and after a short period of accumulating power, the surging energy gathered in his hands, and the churning energy was ready to move on the surface of his body, followed by a cross-shaped rainbow storm shooting out.

The rainbow light scattered the clouds and seemed to split the world in two.

And the last consciousness of Wu Miserable is the cross storm that rushes towards him.

So brilliant, so powerful....

If he had been able to contact this light earlier...


The fiery energy directly evaporated the miserable body to the point that there were no atoms left.

Rainbow-colored shockwaves spread out in the sky, like a round of the sun, illuminating the obscure city.

And in this world, the most unforgettable picture is the silver giant standing on the ground, slightly facing their figures.

The light that had not yet dissipated illuminated his silhouette and outlined the figures of the gods.

This scene will eventually be imprinted in the hearts of everyone, and it will linger for the rest of their lives.


Rhode confirmed that Wu Miao had died.

The plasma that pollutes the city is also just a useless pile of pus.

After dawn, it will slowly evaporate with the appearance of sunlight.

With a miserable character.

Although the ghost king of this universe has the posture of a hero, the restrictions on his subordinates should be similar to the misery of the Boss Universe.

When he dies, all the ghosts die with him.

Of course.

It doesn't matter if you don't die.

The remaining ghosts are only three or two big cats and kittens, even if they don't care, it doesn't matter at all.

There is no time to care about the admiration of those survivors.

The silver giant slowly disappeared along with the light particles, and then converged into a human form on the ground.

Rhode, who had changed from photon form back to human form, opened his eyes, looked at the collapsed palace, and jumped from the gap he had broken before.

The Infinity City still exists, after all, it has been integrated into the basement of the palace.

It's just that after Naruto, no ghost can manipulate this alien space anymore.

Rhode came to the previous place, and there were still traces of the battle on the ground.

But everything is quiet.

Of course, Rhodes "revisited" is not for sightseeing.

His eyes scanned the rocks and wood, and he soon found a locked safe inside the collapsed room.

After the violent disassembly, there was only a piece of rice paper inside, and the words on the rice paper were Chinese characters.

That's what Rhodes was looking for.

The prescription used by the doctor to treat the disease without tragedy.

It was this prescription that turned the misery of people at that time into a ghost.

Of course.

This is not the original formula, but the formula that he wrote by hand after recalling and completing the flowers on the other side.

And at this moment, a prompt came from the chat group.

Feilu's 18th anniversary brand upgrade to give back to readers! Charge 100 and get 500 VIP bonds!

immediately preemptive(Event Period: August 10th to August 20th)


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