Chapter 54

Jerk, how can a pink fox steal food in the kitchen?

However, when Rhode approached, he noticed that it was not a pink fox, but a girl with long cherry hair who had always been working the table.

The object of hard work is naturally the food in the kitchen.

It seems to be something called cherry bread.

I ate it at a banquet last night, and it is made of flour, sugar, oil, and cherry blossoms, and it has a faint sweetness.

Even though the kitchen door was opened by Rhode, until she got closer, the silver-haired girl still didn't notice who was coming.

"Is it really that delicious?"

Rhodes said.

"Well, it's delicious, I can eat two hundred a day."

Hearing this, the girl subconsciously replied.

But then the body eating the cherry cake froze violently, and then raised his eyes to look at Rhode.

Immediately afterwards, as if seeing some flood beast, the girl's mouth opened into an O shape, and she was able to hold four or five cherry cakes, looking frightened and stupid.

Her light leaf green eyes were wide open, there was a tear mole under the left and right eyes, two of the three cherry pink long twisted braids hung behind her and one hung in front of her, but the ends of her hair were grass green.

He wears the uniform of the Ghost Slayer, but there is a snow-white haori on the outside.

The girl stiffened and didn't understand.

And Rhode also recognized the girl's identity at this time.

The girl's name is Ganluji Miri.

In the main chapter of Ghost Slayer Blade, he is the same as Butterfly Shinobu as the "pillar" in the Ghost Slayer Team.

But at this time, there is still some time before becoming a column.

It seems that he is currently studying under Yanzhu and has developed an original breath of love in the future.

The so-called "love" naturally means love.

Compared with other members of the ghost killing team, the purpose of joining the ghost killing team is much simpler.

It is to find a husband who is stronger than himself.

And the reason for this is also because of the special physique of the girl.

Muscle density is eight times that of the average adult, and it is also a big stomach.

It is said that the reason why my hair turns cherry blossom color is because I eat 170 cherry cakes every day for eight months.

In addition, the clothes are not taken out to reveal the northern hemisphere as in the anime, but a set of tightly wrapped clothes.

In this regard, Rhode had to sigh that the place of the Ghost Slayer Blade was really a masterpiece.

Tanjiro is an iron-headed baby, and Ganluji Miri's physical fitness is eight times that of ordinary people.

If it is placed in the world of immortal cultivation, I am afraid that it can become a unique physical cultivation.

Working in the Ghost Killing Team, I really wronged her.

At this time, Rhode found that a layer of fine sweat appeared on the forehead of the honey glass of the Ganlu Temple, which quickly gathered into beads of sweat, dripping as if they had been exercising for a long time.

It didn't take long to sweat like a column.

Rhode shook his palm in front of the girl: "Hey, it's dawn." "


The girl seemed to be awakened, and then looked at Rhode with a frightened expression.

He was a little depressed, am I so terrible?

But apparently Rhode was wrong.

After regaining consciousness, Ganluji Miri's face was gradually replaced by an expression of excitement and excitement, and the blush on her face was like a ripe apple.

At the same time, he began to gasp heavily.

"Well... So close! And so handsome... Why did you let me meet such a handsome man! "


Rhode was silent, and then spoke.

"Although I know it's true, do you like to speak out in front of others?"


And after realizing this, Ganlu Temple Miri's cheeks were completely red, and it was wrong to hold her hands in her arms.


Outside the house, another person walked in.

"Sister Miri, have you stolen food here again?"

Diamond-shaped highlights, cherry pink lips slightly open.

The dark hair is combed into a one-sided ponytail hairstyle, and under the Qi bangs in front of the forehead is a pair of pink-purple eyes.

He is also wearing the uniform of the Ghost Killer Squad, but he looks a few years younger than Shinobu Butterfly.

After entering the kitchen, the girl noticed that there was more than one person in the room.

And the girl's eyes also froze after looking at Rhode.

For a while, the atmosphere was quite weird.

However, Rhode took the lead in breaking the strange atmosphere and beckoned to the girl.

"Are you Pear Blossom Rak Kanahu?"


The girl nodded somewhat mechanically.

"I've heard about you from Shinobu and Kanae."

Hearing these two names, Kanahu's expression relaxed.

Then Rhode looked at Ganlu Temple Honey Li lying on the table: "I also know you, a girl with a lot of strength in the ghost killing team." "

"You... You actually know me!? "

As if harvesting a precious treasure, Ganlu Temple honey glass's eyes flashed with excitement, and both hands were folded in front of the moon, and her body was trembling with excitement.

"Luo... Lord Rhodes, I am you... Your fans! It was you who eliminated all the ghosts and led our ghost killer team out of trouble! "

Although it is said that she followed Yaoya Shiki, she came to Tokyo after that.

But from the oral accounts of other people in the Ghost Killing Team, he also learned what kind of "heavenly god" Rhode was.

Therefore, the girl who worshipped the strong naturally secretly paid attention to Rhode.

At last night's banquet alone, nine minutes of ten minutes were spent paying attention to Rhode, and the remaining one minute was peeking at Rhode while eating and drinking.

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