Chapter 62

"Whew, it's a great day!"

A girl who played with her classmates for a day, lying lazily on the sofa.

Staring at the ceiling, just thinking back to the experience of exploring the haunted house, Kitagawa Kaimon couldn't help but be excited and excited, and of course a little scared.

However, for girls, being able to play with classmates like before, scream together, and run away together is already earned.

The rest doesn't matter.

Kitagawa Kaimon looked at the phone, and the time had already pointed to one and two minutes.

"It's already so late, huh? You have to rest quickly. "

Kitagawa Kaimon rarely goes to bed late, after all, it is not good for the skin to do so.

The girl is a person who can think of it and act immediately.

So I got up from the sofa and dragged my tired body to the bathroom.

It didn't take long for the bath to end.

Because he was alone at home, Kitagawa Kaimei came out wrapped in a bath towel and headscarf.

The coral-colored blonde hair at the end peeked out from the gap between the turbans, and there was a faint moisture on the body, and the exposed skin was white and red, like a precious jade.

Although it is wrapped in a bath towel, you can still see the girl's beautiful curves.

At this time, the mobile phone rings with an SMS alert.

The slender jade feet touched the floor, and Kitagawa Kaimei walked to the sofa with bare feet.

After turning on the TV, listen to the late-night program, pick up the phone and look at the information.

It is a script killing game group message.

Kitagawa Kaimon has a wide range of interests, and in addition to socializing at school on weekdays, there are also many interesting forums on the Internet.

Script killing is one of them.

Of course, just as the chat in the novel group is all games, the script killing group does not necessarily have to talk about the script killing.

Anonymous group member: "Does anyone want to play the turtle soup game?" "

"Turtle soup game?"

Kitagawa Kaimon was a little surprised, what new type of game is this?

Is it a mobile game of cooking online?

Just when Kitagawa Kaimon was puzzled, the anonymous group member began to explain.

Soon, the girl understood the whole picture of the game.

The rule is very simple, that is, the question-maker answers the question and gives the soup noodles, while the solver asks the question-maker various questions, obtains information, draws conclusions, and gives the soup base.

And the question-taker will only answer yes or no.

In summary, it is a text-type puzzle game.

Seeing this, Kitagawa Kaimon instantly became very interested.

The original trace of sleepiness also disappeared with the uplifted spirit.

Posted a "I want to play" message in the group.

Anonymous group member: "Then the game begins." "

Although no one else in the group replied, Kitagawa Kaimon was not surprised.

After all, it's so late, and it's normal that she is the only one.

Anonymous group member: "You went home late at night, because of high spirits and couldn't sleep, want to go to the balcony to watch the wind to relieve your mood, just when you are comfortable, you find that there is a person on the opposite balcony not far from you who is stabbing another person with a knife, obviously, the victim is dead, there is no resistance, but the perpetrator has been stabbing the victim with a knife." "

Anonymous group member: "At this time, the murderer on the opposite side seems to have found you, he stopped, faced your side, raised his hand and pointed with a finger, you couldn't see his expression clearly, you closed the window in fear and returned home." "

Anonymous group member: "What is he doing?" "

Kitagawa Kaimeng suddenly felt cold when he saw this, but his face showed a more interested expression.

So I replied in the group.

"The assailant was seen by me, so he is cursing me?"


"Isn't it?"

Kitagawa Kaimeng hesitated for a while, and then suddenly realized.

"The perpetrator must be extremely vicious, and now that I have discovered the murder scene, the pointing action must be counting which floor I am on opposite and want to kill me!"

Anonymous group member: "Yes. "

The girl secretly exclaimed that she was really smart, and guessed it so quickly.

Anonymous group member: "You are afraid to hide at home, ready to call the police, but at this moment, there is a voice outside the door. "

Anonymous group member: "Dada da... Knock knock..., knock... Dah... Da, the sound is getting closer, you hide under the bed in the bedroom, look at your mother, break down in fright, and scream out. "

"Ah this."

Kitagawa Sea Dream is a little foggy.

How can this be explained?

A lot of it is a series of mood words.

"The murderer has found my house and is ready to open the door and come in."


Speaking of this, the girl was even more puzzled.

It may be the sound of footsteps, but what is the reason why you look at your mother and feel scared?

Kitagawa "Mom is the murderer and found me under the bed?" "



The girl really couldn't guess.

However, at this very time.

Kitagawa Kaimon suddenly heard a short sound of footsteps outside the door, accompanied by a knock on the door.

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