Chapter 63

Hearing a knock on the door, the girl instinctively wanted to open the door.

But halfway there, I remembered that it was now a little after one o'clock in the morning.

In addition, she is usually home alone, and her friends are all classmates in school, so it is impossible for anyone to visit so late.

Not only that.

There is also the "turtle soup game" on the mobile phone just now, and the story in it is also the bridge where someone knocks on the door.

Kitagawa Kaimon couldn't help but breathe heavily.

The sound of heavy breathing was a little too heavy for a beautiful girl.

Although the night program was still playing on the TV, Kitagawa Kaimei was terrified.

She didn't dare to speak up.

But the knock on the door started clicking every few seconds.

Kitagawa Kaimeng endured the panic in his heart and cheered himself up: "Cheer up, Kitagawa , how can anyone in this world want to kill themselves, and it is such a coincidence, maybe some classmate deliberately ordered a night delivery." "

After all, they had just separated from the haunted house.

It is normal for someone to deliberately do this in order to trick themselves.


Is anyone really going to take orders so late?

The girl almost moved to the entrance, looked out through the cat's eyes.

It's dark outside, and you can't see anything.

Not even the lights.

Kitagawa Kaimeng touched Yuehun and forced himself to calm down.

But at the moment of turning around.

The girl suddenly remembered something.

She remembers that there was a street lamp in front of her house.

It should be easy to see outside through the cat's eye.

Even if the power goes out, you won't be able to see anything.

But just... It was pitch black.

"Dah... Dah... Da..."

A rhythmic knock on the door sounded again.

Kitagawa Kaimeng was frightened in an instant, even if he had just taken a bath, the cold sweat behind his back all broke out again.

And right at this moment.

The screen of the phone in his hand lit up again.

Kitagawa "Is he outside?" "

What's going on?

She hadn't even touched her phone!

Kitagawa Kai dreams of exiting the page alarm.

No matter what happens, she doesn't want to play this game anymore!

However, no matter how much she swiped the screen, there was no way to cross the page away from the chat group page.

Anonymous group member: "Yes. "


The girl was completely panicked.

The delicate body trembled gently, and there were crystal tears rolling in her eyes.

Kitagawa Kaimon is prone to tears when emotionally agitated.

And now, she was not only excited, but also terrified.

The phone typed on its own, couldn't return, and the TV didn't know when it turned into a snowflake dot, and the lights in the home began to flash and flicker.

Kitagawa "Will he open the door?" "

Anonymous group member: "Yes. "

Seeing the Q&A on her phone, Kitagawa Kaimeng's hair completely began to numb because she heard the sound of the doorknob turning.

A great sense of fear hit like a tide, and my heart was pounding wildly.

Kitagawa "Is he coming in?" "

Anonymous group member: "Yes. "

The screen of the automatic question and answer appeared again.

Kitagawa Kaimeng's pupils constricted, and then she retreated frantically, and the bandana on her head fell and fell to the ground, but she didn't dare to pick it up at all.

Then, without knowing where the strength came from, Kitagawa Kaimon ran to the window behind and wanted to leave here.

But she found that the windows were sealed, and she did not loosen her strength to eat.

In a violent panic, she returned to her bedroom as quickly as possible, locked the door behind her, and hid under the bed to make no noise.

At the same time, he also covered his mouth and nose with his hand to prevent the sound of his breathing from attracting the "person" outside.

At the same time, Kitagawa Kaimon also began to regret it.

Regret why you went to play what turtle soup game!

She should not look at anything after taking a bath, lie directly on the bed in her room, sleep peacefully, and then welcome the arrival of tomorrow!

She held her breath and listened.

Because the door... On.

With a clicking sound, a pair of school-issued school shoes for women appeared at home, seemingly searching for something at home.

Finally, came to the bedroom.

The footsteps seemed to stop.

But Kitagawa Kaimon did not dare to make any sound at all.

Because the owner of the shoes was parked in her bedroom.

Kitagawa began to pray desperately, but also desperately hoping that this was just his own hallucination, after all, aren't all supernatural movies on TV acting like this?

She was just playing in a haunted house with her friends.

When I got home, I was already asleep, and now I am dreaming!

However, this thought disappeared when a strand of long black hair gradually came into view.

The huge sense of fear almost numbed the girl's consciousness, and in a trance, she seemed to become the heroine of a horror movie, and she could only watch the monster discover herself little by little, until she died.

Then, the vision suddenly brightened, as if it had suddenly arrived at daylight.

At the same time, there was a violent crash, like a fall, and a blue-white face was completely plastered to the cold floor.

The sudden change made the girl exclaim, and the tear ducts were completely tight.

She climbed out from under the bed, raised her eyes and looked, only to see that in the room where she was alone, I don't know when a second "person" appeared.

One has a human shape, the body is diffused with a rainbow-colored halo, the body is silver, and there is an interweaving of lights, and the moon hun has a striking crystal.

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