Chapter 73

After that, the female white-collar worker complained to Rhode here.

said that he was defrauded by his gambling boyfriend a lot of money before, and after forgiving him many times, he finally stole her to gamble, and he said that he would turn over next time.

The female white-collar worker was overwhelmed and broke up with the gambling boyfriend.

Now I live alone, and I often hear strange noises in the evening.

The female white-collar worker also warmly invited Rhode: "My family is quite big, if the boss doesn't mind, you are welcome to come to my house to play, if you are tired of playing, you can sleep directly, no problem." "

After speaking, he also blinked.

That look and eyes always make people feel that there must be something else to say besides playing.

Rhode glanced at the female white-collar worker, avoiding the woman's enthusiastic eyes, and politely declined the other party's invitation to see the stitches.

Say that I am very busy in the store and can't spare time.

And the female white-collar worker showed a very disappointed expression and stayed here for a while, and then left step by step.

Rhode said in his heart, this world always felt the same as in the past.

Wrong... It seems to be a little messier than in the past. 580

At least on the side of the Ghost Slayer Blade World, the butterfly sisters are single-minded about his feelings, and although they are also very active, at least they will not invite a strange man.

What's more, although Rhode himself likes to pursue beauty, he is not very interested in this kind of undead person.

Moreover, the exquisite undead in the two-dimensional world are much better than the white-collar workers just now.


There are finally fewer customers in the store.

When I was bored, I glanced at the chat group and found that there were no new topics in the group.

However, the group mall was put on the shelves by butterfly Shinobi, as well as some nikki knives.

After the absence of ghosts, the Nikwa knife is more resistant to slashing than ordinary knives.

The uniform price of the breathing method is two hundred points, which is really cheap.

With general luck, you can exchange an exercise for four or five days after signing in.

However, according to the attitude of butterfly Shinobu, I think it must be the lowest price stipulated by the chat group.

And the Nikki knife is cheaper.

Fifty points can be redeemed for a handful.

Bedd refreshed again, and there was one less Nikki knife.

Poison Island Junzi: "What a good knife." "

The girl looked at the Nikki knife in front of her, glowing with a faint cold light, and her face was filled with admiration.

Even the tai knife handed down from the family cannot be compared with it.

In this way, when the chaos breaks out, she will have more capital to save her life.

Erina: "It's kind of a way to earn points, but I don't have anything on my side." "

Rhodes: "Actually, you can also put your dishes in the mall. "

Erina: "That's not okay. "

Amelia: "It's okay, and it's also made by you, Miss Erina." "

Erina: "But no matter what, it's just cooking..."

Although as a chef, she should not take her own dishes lightly, but in terms of the extraordinary abilities that other members have, her cooking is really ordinary.

Lei Dian Zhen: "In fact, the two of them are right, after all, you really don't have any ways to get points there, it's normal for the hard-made dishes to be sold, and if you keep sending us food in the future, we will also be embarrassed, if you spend points to buy, you won't be embarrassed." "

Shinobu Butterfly: "That's right, I also support Miss Erina's doing this." "

Spider: "So you won't be able to eat delicious snacks in the future?" Just kidding... If I spend points to buy it, I will be more comfortable and eat it! "

Spider: "Besides, let's not talk about it, this spider is now running away for survival, and I found it!" After I crossed into this world, I actually promoted the system of this Western Chat Group upgrade system two golden fingers! It's just earned!! (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Rod: "Still have time to chat when you run away?" "

Spider: "Because I have eight legs?" "

Raiden Zhen: "? "

Erina: "? "

Butterfly Shinobu: "? "

Amelia: "? "

Poison Island Rinko: "? "

Rhode: "Okay, seeing that you are still so energetic, then I will be relieved." "

In fact, in the current chat group, whether he reminds him or not, the impact on the future of the spider is not very large, that is, it can provide some help when upgrading and choosing the evolution route.

After all, when the spider chose the evolution route, he did take a lot of detours.

It's time for twilight.

The whole city is shrouded in a bright sunset, slowly darkening.

The twilight quadrangle, the last slanting sun still caresses the horizon nostalgically, until the twilight becomes more and more intense, and the sky is as dark as a crow's feather.

Some of the raw materials in the store were a little insufficient, so Rhode went out to the market where he often came to buy them.

After selecting various materials, the boss helped carry the raw materials to the trunk of the car.

Following the boss's mysterious opening: "Xiao Luo, do you want your wife?" "


Rhode was a little surprised.

"It's like this, the old Wang family next door asked me to give his daughter a blind date, but that girl is demanding, and he sees you as quite suitable."

Rhode waved his hand: "No need, I don't want to get married yet." "

"It's okay, it's okay to talk, but in my opinion, that girl is indeed not as good as the little girl you just accepted, now the world is a little unpeaceful, girls should pay special attention to learning to protect themselves."

Later, the boss glanced at Rhode again and added: "Men too." "

Rhode nodded thoughtfully: "I'll pay attention." "

But consider your own strength.

It is more important to feel how others can ensure their own safety.

Can hurt him, he has not found out for the time being.

Even in this bizarre world.

After saying goodbye to the boss, Rhodes drove away.

Halfway through, we took another turn around the night market.

When I was about to get home, I suddenly felt a cold behind me.

A cold wind blows.

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