Chapter 74

The parasitic demon is the lower demon who came to the human realm from the abyss not long ago.

However, due to the characteristics of its own ability, its ontological strength is half a chip weaker than that of other kindred, and there is no suitable parasitic object in the abyss, plus the abyss is the same for their inferior demons, so it is impossible to leave the abyss.

It wasn't until not long ago, after devouring a large number of worm demons in the abyss, that he was able to break free from the gravity of the abyss.

"This is the world, what a rich taste!"

Parasitic demons, as the name suggests, are special demons that parasitize the bodies of other living beings.

Then absorb the host's flesh and blood and soul as nourishment, until the host has no use value, and will look for the next lucky one.

During this period, the power of parasitic demons is enhanced.

It can be said that compared to other demons of the same type, although the starting point is relatively low, the upper limit is higher, and it has the potential to break through the lower demons~.

The only weakness may be that the early stage is too weak.

If it were not for the fact that they all served the same master as other kindred, the parasitic demons would have been eaten by other demons in the abyss, or ghosts and gods.

After all, for the rest of the demons, parasitic demons that parasitize other creatures have a more delicious taste than ordinary demons.

If other demons are, then parasitic demons are-smelling stinky tofu.

The parasitic demon that rises from the abyss, after digesting an unlucky egg, leaves the rotting flesh and goes to find the next target worthy of its parasitism.

For parasitic demons, it is difficult to have parasitic life forms in the abyss, but the human world is a huge treasure.

Because what is easily obtained will not be cherished, this parasitic demon has also become picky.

Keep looking in the city late at night.

Eventually, it locked up a youth who had left the night market.

The parasitic demon smiled cruelly.

The taste of rooted in flesh and blood is inextricable, and the life breath of the man in front of him seems to be higher than that of others.

So, the parasitic demon got into the man's car and waited for the opportunity.

It's now!

The parasitic demon left from the shadows and turned into an afterimage and flew towards the back of the man's neck.

However, before the parasitic demon could rejoice for too long, he felt the huge heat coming towards him.

To die or to die or to die!

Incredible heat.

It's like a big sun burning.

The flesh and blood under the human skin concealed huge energy, and before the parasitic demon could pounce on Rod, the tiny body like plankton burned.

How could a human being have such fiery power?

The survival instinct from the creature made the parasitic demon subconsciously want to escape, but it was too late.

The moment it touched Rhode, it was as if it was a drop of water on the surface of the sun, and it was evaporated in an instant.

At the last moment before life is gone.

The parasitic demon produced infinite chagrin.

How dare you mess with him?

Rhode felt a cold wind blowing behind him.

After glancing sideways, he realized that the rear window was not closed.

But then he carefully screened his memories again, only to find that there was an extremely faint strange residue in the carriage.

And this residue, when Rhode probed the past, dissipated with the last breeze in the car.

He should have been attacked just now.


To that extent, it may not even define an attack.

At most, it was blown by the wind, and it felt quite comfortable.

But then came some helplessness.

Because the weirdness of the attack was too weak, he didn't even have a chance to investigate.

This encounter made Rhode a little more vigilant.

After all, this time it was because the other party was too weak, so he didn't succeed, what if the next time there is a weird with excellent convergence ability and strong strength?

Rhode felt that he had to properly improve his perception.

Not to mention that he can understand the world like the immortal cultivators in the world of immortal cultivation, at least he can release his power and perceive all the existence around him.

Strong or weak.

When I got home, it was much easier to move the goods than before.

As soon as the space ring was collected, and then put away, everything was immediately placed in an orderly manner.

After taking care of the chores, Rhode went to the basement again.

Like a science fiction movie lab-like room, some workbenches made of modern equipment.

It was still early for bedtime, so Rhode planned to start targeted training now.

Hypajeton's strength, there is nothing to train, after all, it is the peak at the beginning, there is nothing to say.

It's just that there are still some abilities that have not yet responded. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

For example, "absorption".

In fact, Hypajeton's strength at the beginning could not be compared with Saiga.

But later, because of the devouring of a large number of monsters, as well as the despair and sorrow of the earth's humans, it had great power.

But think about it.

After defeating monsters now, he can also absorb experience points, which is essentially the same.

Compared with.

The power of light is the reason for the panacea.

Rhode planned to start from the power of light and expand his perception.

Then he quickly found the corresponding information.

Perception is a necessary part of training for the warriors of the Land of Light, and the final graduation still requires an exam.

Rhode found it and tried it.

After more than ten minutes of hard training, the perception of the external release finally had a little hint.

But the degree to which he could ideally use it was still a lot worse.

No matter how genius Rhode is, it will take many months.

"But I have another way."

Saying this, Rhode decisively clicked on the integral enhancement function that he had forgotten before.

Because it had just been strengthened, there was no reaction to him at all, so Rhode had temporarily beaten it into the cold palace before.

But now, it should be somewhat useful to use it to strengthen some auxiliary abilities.

The previous draw used up 6,000 points, plus the points after checking in on weekdays and changing the story mission, and now there are nearly 15,000 points left.

Rhode first tried to put a thousand points into it to test the waters.

A warm current drilled into the body, and there was no change in other aspects, but the new perception was relatively strengthened.

This discovery made Rhode a little excited.

Then without thinking about it, he directly invested 10,000 points into it.

Give me a plus!

Alas, as a writer, I can't continue to be so decadent.

Ace air combat, start on!.

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