Chapter 75

The Points Boost feature gives Rhodes a big shortcut.

With the investment of 10,000 points, Rhode soon felt a warm current gushing out of his body and quickly spread all over his limbs.

And the perception that Rhode needed to strengthen this time was also amplified to an ideal extent.

Originally, I could only feel the vague location of the strange aura, but now, under this ability to release perception, everything around is like Daredevil in the Marvel world, or its enhanced version.

Although it is not so much that a speck of dust can be clearly perceived, every grass and tree around, every flower and leaf, and the mosquitoes flying in the humid and hot grass cannot escape his perception.

Not only that.

Rhode also found that even if he closed his eyes, the environment with a radius of hundreds of meters could still be presented in his mind in the form of three-dimensional modeling.

And that's just in human form.

If you transform, the range of perception will only expand even more.


Even if he encounters an enemy in the shadows in the future, or encounters the weak demon before, Rhode can find it at the first time, instead of treating it as an ordinary mosquito, and subconsciously ignore it.

Thinking of this, Rhode also had to thank the demon just now.

After all, what he lacks now is not strength at all.

Not to mention the power of Hypajeton, even the power of light, which is not perfect at present, is enough to kill the vast majority of enemies in seconds.

Therefore, for Rhode, what is most lacking now is that auxiliary ability.

For example, teleportation.

This skill is an advanced ability in the Land of Light, and is almost only used by Ultramen who have been sent to Earth and graduated with honors.

After use, it can be teleported to almost any place in an instant.

Although the convenience is not as convenient as Hypajeton's teleportation, the distance is much farther.

However, those upper skills cannot be unlocked all yet.

Of course, even if it is unlocked, the warrior of light who became a monk with Rhode Halfway is not something that can be done in ten minutes.

In general, the investment of 11,000 points is a steady profit for Rhode.

However, after spending eleven thousand points, Rhode now only has more than three thousand points left.

Because the seven-day world shuttle card costs three thousand points.

If you want to stay in other worlds for seven days, you also need to spend 3,000 points to buy a world shuttle card.

Just in case, you still have to leave three thousand points.

And after the points were distributed, Rhode opened the Cheng Ge pot again.

Today I won't sleep in the café in the evening, and go to play in the pot in the pot inside Chengge.

Because it is the first time to use it, the scene of the hole in the pot has not yet been set.

Other functions are the same as in the game, if you want to farm, you need to exchange Dongtian Treasure money for various materials.

However, Rhode was surprised to find that there were originally only five kinds of Cheng Ge pots to choose from, but now he actually added another one.

Luofu Cave: An island in the sky suspended in the sky, except for the main island, the sky and the earth are vast, and nothing can be seen.

Trinity: A towering mountain.

Qingqiong Island: An ordinary island surrounded by water.

Eki Garden: An island surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Miaoxiang Forest: Branches and leaves that extend from the towering giant tree, hanging high above the sea of clouds.

Ghost Castle: A Japanese-style castle built with the art of blood demons.

"Isn't this the Infinite City where Wu Miserable lived?"

Rhode was a little surprised.

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The additional discovery was indeed a bonus, but Rhode was not interested in Infinity City.

After choosing Qingqiong Island as the current cave sky scene, Rhode went to NPC to exchange a large bed and put it in the center of the island.

While listening to the sound of the waves, I entered a dreamland.

"Manager, good morning."

When she came to the store early in the morning, she had a light smile on her face that she was finally able to relax...

The girl was dressed in a beige simple dress, her pure black hair was slightly messy, her little face was a little red, and she yawned lazily when she walked in.

And the mountain god girl who followed behind the girl also looked a little tired, and followed behind Shitani Miko, yawning a little weakly.

One person and one ghost opened their mouths one after another, so that Rhode, who was concocting raw materials, looked at the two of them and showed a somewhat funny expression.

"Wasn't it supposed to be a night owl yesterday?"

"It's not, store manager, it's just that yesterday the exorcism of ghosts on the evening was driven until three o'clock in the evening."

Speaking of this, Yotsuya Miko seemed to recall something, and a look of fear appeared on her white and tender cheeks.

And in the girl's recount, Rhode also knew what happened to the two of them yesterday evening.

It is nothing more than the "Yin and Yang Eye" physique possessed by Yotsuya Miko.

To be able to see ghosts means to be able to attract them.

At first, after the mountain god was brought home by Miko, he immediately expelled all the evil spirits in the girl's house.

However, after a few days, evil spirits began to appear near Miko's house again.

And because of the existence of Shikami, he deliberately gathered in the girl's house.

Subsequently, it fought 0.9 until the early hours of the morning.

And the ability of Shishen also just verified the truth that "blackening is three times stronger, whitewashing is three points weaker", and the strength of the mountain god girl is not as good as before.

But Rhodes also knows why.

Although the mountain god is also a type of ghost, in the past, after all, it had its own shrine and was worshipped by people.

Now that the shrine is gone, there is naturally no shrine, and it should be weaker.

But that's not a big deal.

Anyway, what Rhode originally thought of was to give Shitani Miko, an employee, a means to save his life.

Not good anymore.

After that, you can also make a prop that injects the power of light, which can also prevent some evil spirits from approaching.

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