Chapter 76

Although it is said that Shikigami can deal with evil spirits that can only be ignored with their heads bowed in the past, when it is time to be afraid, Yotsuya Miko is not vague at all.

She has only been alive for more than ten years, and she has only been in the dark for less than two and a half years, even if she has the benefits given by Rhodes friendship, her personality will not change much.

It's like Rhodes traveled through the world before he traveled.

Obviously, there is nothing weird in the world, but people sometimes like to scare themselves.

However, I am afraid that the speed at which the girl recovers her calm is also different from ordinary people.

But in my head, I kept thinking that I must rent a room nearby to live in after that.

As for asking Rhode to stay in the shop, the girl was not very embarrassed.

The first time it was because I was so frightened by the evil spirit of fishing law enforcement that I couldn't help myself, I could only grab Rhode, a life-saving straw, and now under normal circumstances, it seems strange to ask for this again, right?

If it is too presumptuous, if Mr. Rhodes is disgusted, it will not be worth the loss...

All in all.

After meeting Rhode, Yotsuya Miko quickly entered a normal working state.

And the mountain god style 15 god and the two little fox demons under her help to fight, go to the back kitchen to brush some pots and pans, clean and so on.

As for Yotsuya Miko, she was taught by Rhode to make the confectionery recipe sent by Erina.

Ten minutes later.

Hot snacks are baked in the microwave.

The steamed dim sum has a gold-faced silver top, and the surface is slightly peeled and crispy.

Under the somewhat apprehensive gaze of Miko Yotsuya, Rhode picked up one of the crystal cakes and tasted it.

After dissipating the temperature, the puff pastry on the surface and the cool tongue of the fruit embellished in the later stage ooze teeth, and after biting the inside, the custard inside slowly flows out, and the tongue feels the sweetness that is gradually filled.

Although it is not as good as the pastry made by Erina, it is not as good as the dim sum that Rhode made according to the cookbook before.

If Yotsutaniko's technique could be improved a little further, she could try making sweets instead of making coffee.

Sure enough, in terms of the degree of research on cuisine, it really has to be done by professionals.

If Erina, who comes here, any three-Michelin-starred chef will have to step aside.

"Next, you will practice more, and if you are familiar with the whole process without looking at the recipe, you will graduate."

"Well... Good! "

Yotsuya Miko nodded, her expression a little nervous, but her chest was full of energy.

What could be more gratifying than being praised by Mr. Rhodes?!

But near noon.

The café welcomed a special guest.

As the door was pushed open, the wind chimes hanging from the eaves made a light and pleasant sound.

“Oi! See the sauce! "

A girl with short orange hair walked in, and after coming in, she first probed her head and looked around, and after discovering the acquaintances who worked behind the counter, she immediately said hello with vitality.

"Who called me?"

Hearing this voice, Yotsuya raised her head suspiciously.

How do you feel that the voice just now is very familiar?

“Oi! It's me! I didn't expect that the place where you worked was in this place! I can't see it at all! When you asked you before, you didn't say anything, the two of us are still not good friends! "

The orange-haired girl walked over in three steps and two steps, with a slightly complaining look on her face.

"It's not that I don't want to say it to you, it's just... I'm still an intern, so there's nothing worth talking about. "

Seeing the arrival of her friend, Yotsuya Miko's face first appeared joyful, and then she answered the girl's question with a helpless expression.

"Also, can you stop calling me Miko-chan outside?"

It would be fine if it was called that by acquaintances, but if she heard it by the store manager Rhodes, she would feel embarrassed and ashamed. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

"Huh? Why? You usually call me Xiaohua? "

Yotsuya Miko's words made the orange-haired girl ask rhetorically.

Just when Yotsuya Miko didn't know how to answer, could she directly say that she didn't want to be treated as an immature little girl by the manager of Rhode?

That will definitely be gossiped by Xiaohua!

But before Yotsuya Miko could answer, Yurikawa Hana's nose twitched slightly, and then like a foraging puppy, he looked at what Yotsuya Miko was tinkering with in his hand on the side.

Cream, puff down with separated egg whites and egg liquid, and a dough that is fermenting on the side.

The sweet and fresh fruity aroma burrowed into the tip of the nose, so that Yuri Chuanhua, who was a foodie, involuntarily began to secrete saliva.

The eyes of the same color as the hair color also flashed with curiosity.

"Miko-chan, are you making pastries? It looks delicious! "

"Delicious? How do you see that now? "

It is clear that it is the first step in the process, and his friend has already begun to secrete saliva.

Miko Yotsuya sighed.

However, she also knows her friend's body, and every time she brings a box to school, she is full of boxes, and she often can't eat enough, so Yotsuya Miko can only give her a part of her bento.

Of course, the most critical is. 643

This good friend of hers, no matter how she eats, she can't eat! .

The place where flesh grows all over the body is not the face, not the waist, not the arms or the legs, but the shape and height of the increasingly turbulent Mt. Fuji.

Damn it!

Why don't you have such a good developmental physique!

At this time, the girl's eyes caught a glimpse of Rhode's figure.

"Sorry! Xiaohua, she is my friend, and I don't know why she came over today! "

"In my eyes, am I such an unsympathetic person?"

Rhode said and laughed while looking at the proud girl of heaven in the original work.

Although there are not many lines in the anime plot, and every time it appears, it is a natural appearance of a foodie, but in the entire anime, the sense of existence can be said to be the second heroine higher than Miko Yotsutani.

The reason why I say this is completely because of the pure life energy that girls are born with.

Compared with ordinary people, the existence of Yuri Chuanhua is like a small sun.

Some weak baby ghosts will be roasted to death as long as they touch her.

However, relatively speaking, some relatively powerful evil spirits will also be attracted by the life energy of Lily Chuanhua.

I have been waiting for the day when Yuri Chuanhua's life energy weakens, and then wait for the opportunity to divide and eat.

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