Chapter 80

After Shiyu Kasumigaoka left, Rhode took the time to go to the dust song pot.

After finding an NPC that is fat and round, very similar to a penguin, I exchanged it for ready-made wood and cloth, found a few of my favorite blueprints, and clicked to build it with one click.

At the same time, a farmland was reclaimed and some plant specialties from the continent of Teyvat were planted.

As long as the crop is mature, you may be able to eat hot sweet and sweet stuffed chicken in reality.

Or you can give Erina some special plants and let her develop some new dishes.

The dark night was like an endless thick ink heavily smeared on the sky, and even the shimmer of the stars did not exist.

The thick fog diffuses in the atmosphere, and the feeling of breathing into the lungs is cooler than usual.

The streets away from the city center were silent, only the street lamps flickered dimly yellow in the darkness.

Fly up the abandoned playground.

The breeze was bleak, but the sound blowing from the corner of the alley was like a demon whispering.

In fact.

The city really gathers a part of the demons.

In order to eliminate the mysterious creature who hindered the ritual, the demons gathered their dependents and companions, or other subordinate demons.

This is an amusement park that was abandoned ten years ago.

Because no one was willing to take over the development for a long time, it has been abandoned until now.

Even during the day, it is rarely visited, and no one wants to set foot in this place since a homeless man has lived in it for a few days and has not been seen again.

But the more sparsely populated the place, the more strange joy it gets.

In the dark part of the playground, a dark green pupil lit up, like a ghost fire in a horror legend.

After a while, a worm-like demon spoke: "The necessary hostages have been captured, and as long as we continue our ritual normally, we should attract that terrible fellow." "

"Watch the wording, worm demon."

At this time, a demon with flesh wings on his back and a body like a mountain of flesh spoke in a low voice.

In this world, only we deserve the word "terrible." "

"However, that mysterious fellow has already damaged several of our kindred."

A demon spoke.

"First the corpse demon, and then the parasitic demon not long ago, only to arrive and there was no news for a few days, could it be that it had already been given by that guy..."

A demon made a gesture of wiping his neck.

There was originally a fiery atmosphere at the scene, but it was quiet for a moment.

In the end, it was one of the stronger demons among them who stood up.

"There is nothing to be afraid of, even if that guy is strong, he is only one person, as long as he can be lured here, there will be no good fruit for him to eat!"

"What about the other demons? Why are there just a few of us? "

The lower demons, plus their respective developing dependents, are only twenty or thirty people.

But compared to the demon cadres who had descended a long time ago, those cadres were the main force.

"I have confirmed before coming again, they will ambush in the dark, so as long as you can lure that hateful guy here, you will find the gift we have prepared for him."

"You say, will he like this gift?"

The demons whispered, followed by a low laugh.

"Put that human maiden on the altar, be careful not to sacrifice her immediately, and you must lure out that abomination tonight!"

"The abyss... Banzai! "

"..."(Read violent novels, just go on Feilu Novel Network!) )

It's just that when the girl who passed out was just put on the altar.

A demon suddenly felt a little strange.

"Do you feel a lot brighter around you than before?"

"Nonsense, it's a full six hours from Ming."

"But the top of our heads is really shining."

After arguing for a few seconds, the scene fell silent for a moment.

Then, the demons subconsciously looked at the sky.

It turned out to be at an unknown time.

A figure like the sun was suspended in mid-air.

His brilliance is as warm as the rising sun, but to the devil, it is the most violent poison.

Like a high concentration of strong acid poured on the human body, the skin of the demons made a snorting sound.......

"I'm sorry to disturb your party, but the demonic assembly is illegal until you apply to me."

After speaking, Rhode waved his hand casually, his fingertips were entangled, and then in the next second, he turned a demon's body into flying ash.

Feel the experience points increase a little.

Then, Rhode slowly fell to the ground.

Demons: "..."

The demons looked at each other, and even the death of their companions did not make them react.

Say yes and need to lead the snake out of the hole?

Why did you come directly without saying hello?!

Coach, someone is hanging up!

The demons and dependents looked at the largest demon.

The latter paused, and then gritted his teeth and spoke: "What are you waiting for here?!" Since the Lord has appeared, do I need to say the rest?! "

This roar wrapped in magic power woke up the other demons, and then oozing magic power erupted from their respective bodies, either showing flesh and blood, or muscles, or dancing claws to surround Rhode.

However, Rhode swept at random, and let the demons take a step back.

Apparently it was a blow just now, which left a considerable impression on them.

In the end, it was the demon who was the leader who roared: "There is no need to talk about quacks and morality with such an abomination, everyone is shoulder to shoulder!" "

As if aroused by this sentence 1.9 ferocity, all the demons rushed into the sky.

Then it was like eight immortals crossing the sea, each showing their strongest ability.

Some stretched their heads and tore at them like giraffes, some released rotten gas that even steel could corrode, some relied entirely on rough brute force, and some demons who were good at mental manipulation tried to interfere with Rod's spirit.

But for such a siege, Rhode shook his head.

"Mantis as a car... I don't measure myself. "

Subsequently, Rhode's body gushed out inky black mist.

Before all the demons could react, the surroundings became invisible in an instant.

Even if they inhabit the abyss, they can't see anything clearly because of the chaotic darkness.

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