Chapter 81

The demons who were robbed of their sight were first fearful in the chaos, then furious, and violent, until finally, even the faint light released by relying on their own magic power could only illuminate the distance that was close at hand.

Subsequently, it was quickly extinguished.

In general, demons have long been accustomed to the dark world.

But such chaos has never been felt.

Nothingness, emptiness, nothing can exist and cannot exist except chaos.

In contrast, the abyss, although equally dark, is much more "lively".


For the first time in their lives, the demons felt fear.

Until this fear gradually turned into despair, it seemed that some existence hidden in the chaos emitted a low sneer.

And faintly, it seems that there is a huge creature in the chaotic space.

Its figure is like a thick fog, blending with the darkness.

Occasionally, when it looms, a palpitating yellow streamer flashes away, and it can't even leave a trace on the eyeball.

Until the end.

Like a great sun close to the earth.

The uncontrollable high 16 temperature instantly invaded this chaotic world.

The temperature of the surrounding environment rose by more than 10 million degrees in an instant.

Under such heat, even the skin of demons, which was harder than steel, burned like dry leaves.

Then, in an instant, all the demons were wiped out.

Rhode was the only one standing in the field.

But at this moment, it is no longer a handsome human form, but the appearance of a humanoid insect.

The double horns on the forehead are as black as ink, and the yellow crystal on the mouth of the moon is like a beating heart, flowing with a pulsating brilliance.

It is obviously a figure that is only more than two meters tall, but it exudes a terrifying coercion that is enough to oppress the mountains and churn the rivers and seas.

Black ripples like flames lingered around its body.

But that's not the physical body, it's the reason space is burning.

If there were still people nearby, after seeing this terrifying life form, maybe even their sanity would collapse.

However, it is such a terrifying creature, after the silence around it, it shows a very human thinking appearance.

After all, Hypajeton does not exist in miniature human form in the original work.

It is just a simple humanoid weapon.

However, before Rhode started, he suddenly wondered whether he could use the power of Hypajeton to manipulate time and space to a certain extent to reduce his size.

Then, Rhodes succeeded.

Of course, although the body has shrunk to its current appearance, the weight of the body is still enough to maintain a weight of 40,000 tons.

After all, this is the result of Rhode's forced downsizing.

Because in order to ensure miniaturization, it is also necessary to ensure that the pressure becomes larger and the region collapses, and this form needs to continuously provide energy to maintain.

The energy consumption is greater than normal.

However, when Rhode studies the power of light more thoroughly, he will probably be able to integrate the ability of the power of light to increase and shrink at will into his other power.

Through the memories transmitted by the demon clan before they died, the demon cadres who gathered together in the underground enchantment were all like wood, stiff in place.

What was that just now?!

Even demons can't see the darkness in the direction.

Even demons feel terrified laughter.

Finally, there is the high temperature, which is simply impossible to resist.

Before you die, what do you see at a glimpse of the grotesque appearance?

Are you a demon, or are we a demon?

Don't give us demon face?

After a long silence.

The strongest of the demon cadres, the Bat Demon, tried to pretend to be calm and calm.

"You guys... Any new ideas? "

No one spoke up.

The bat demon had to continue to bite the bullet: "There was a little mistake in the planning process, but overall it was good, at least the sacrifice of our compatriots allowed us to figure out the strength of the other party. "

However, after saying this, there was still no one to pick up.

All the demon cadres were shocked by Rhode's methods.

This made some of them, the demons who had just risen from the abyss, at first when they heard this plan, from the attitude of "it doesn't matter, I will shoot" to now as quiet as a little sheep.

"If you let the master know that we have not improved, you will also know the consequences."

After a long time, a demon silently spoke.

"Maybe... Can we try to play a succubus to seduce him? After all, most people in this era eat this hand. "

After solving all the demons, Rhode was not complacent.

With a casual sweep of the line of sight, even in the dark, he could clearly see the figure that was placed on the blood-colored altar and passed out. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Is that... Shiwa Kasumigaoka?

Lying on the altar of blood carved out of blood, the black-haired girl in cargo pants and a thin jacket was so unconscious.

How did these demons capture Shiyu Kasumigaoka?

Rhode quickly thought of a picture.

Shiha Kasumigaoka is ready to experience the feeling of "fear" at night, just like she told Rhode during the day, "Only by experiencing it can you write more authentic words".

In search of 950 inspiration, Shiwa Kasumigaoka decided to take a night walk to challenge her weaknesses.

Then it happened to be discovered by the demons and brought here to be prepared as a pawn in the sacrificial ceremony.

If that's the case.

That has to be said that Kasumigaoka Shiyu's luck is really extremely bad.

And the good end of the night does not stay at home, but also runs out to walk at night is thinking that he is too young?

Rhode shined his hand on the girl's face.

After a flash of light, Shiyu Kasumigaoka let out a dream cry and woke up slowly.

There was still a little confusion in the purple eyes.

It was not until he saw Rhode that he gradually regained consciousness.

"Rod... Where am I? And also... Why are you here? "

"You were kidnapped by a group of cult elements while walking at night, but fortunately, at the last minute, I successfully persuaded that group of cult elements to go astray and choose to embrace the light, and then you woke up."

Although Rhode's reason was very lame, Shiwa Kasumigaoka couldn't remember anything that happened when he was in a coma.

The girl stared carefully into Rhode's eyes, trying to see something in them.

But Kasumigaoka's efforts were doomed to be useless.

Rhode's eyes were very sincere, so that she could not find the slightest reason to be suspicious.

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