Chapter 84

The demons looked back in unison at the place where the explosion occurred.

I saw a corner of the enchantment explode, and a black, humanoid creature walked out of the thick darkness, and a faintly flickering pale yellow halo illuminated its silhouette.

The darkness seemed to retreat with its progress, like a nightmare cloaked in night, and the foggy darkness could only follow the footsteps behind it.

Such a strange appearance suddenly made the demons stunned.

The image of this scene is like a brand, deeply engraved in the heart of the devil.

The demons didn't know what to do for a while.

Although it is in human form, it is definitely not a human being, is it another demon god who descended from the abyss?

After a brief stagnation.

The demon in the form of a leech seems to be the one who recognizes it, and only has a head with sharp mouthparts like an ancient worm dancing ~ claws shaking.

"Here it comes! He is the culprit who killed my equivalent clan! "

"It's the sacrifice that the master needs!"

"Kill him! Kill him! "

The dim halo of light swayed in the dark subspace, and the residual images projected by the demons on the ground were like life, surrounding the transformed Rhodes.

As expected.

This is indeed the devil's lair.

It's just, these demons... It seems to be much stronger than the previous ones?

Rhode stepped forward, but the demons took a step back in unison.

"How? It's obviously your territory, why did you retreat when you saw me? "

Rhode spread out his palms.

And the action made in this posture of Hypajeton added a bit of inexplicable oppression.

For these demons, the slender figure in front of them seemed to contain great terror, and for a while, no demon dared to take the initiative.

After all, Rhode's previous record was more or less a psychological shadow for them.

Not to mention the gun shooting the first bird, all the demons are waiting for a warrior who takes the initiative to attack the temptation.

However, they did not want to make a move, but they were watching their owners in the abyss, but they were already waiting impatiently.

The dark mist surged violently like the rising tide of the sea.

The demons felt the urging and anger of their masters from the black mist, and could only roar and rush towards Rhode.

The bat demon stretched out its black flesh wings, which were several times wider than before, and leaped into the air.

The leech demon, on the other hand, stretched out a dozen tentacles that could easily be torn apart even by steel, and the ends were covered with sharp teeth.

The tactics of these two demons are still a bit operational.

Attacks are launched up and down, and it is difficult to deal with them at the same time without timely responses.

Coupled with the other demons who came up from all directions, what stood out was a "go together" tactic of punching the teacher to death.

It's just that in the face of the siege, Rhode does not dodge or dodge.

Or rather, there is no need to dodge at all.

The yellow crystal before the moon flashed away.

The demons that surrounded them were like hitting a huge piece of transparent glass.

The countless tentacles of the leech demon piled up into a ball, and the terrifying terminal port was as if it had been run over by a hydraulic press.

Followed by.

The black tide surged around Rhode's body, and an indescribable aura evaporated from his body.

As if a chemical reaction had occurred, the thick darkness transformed into a flame dotted with crimson in just an instant.

Those demons that came from the impact of their teeth and claws were vaporized the moment they came into contact, and they didn't even have time to feel the pain of death, and they disappeared like this.

This is a blazing heat far hotter than the core of the sun.

Even the hardest flesh cannot resist baking at this temperature.

Moreover, this is far from the limit of the temperature that Rhode unleashed.

But even so, the tidal black fog, along with the space, almost collapsed in this violent temperature.

Only the only bat demon left at the scene that did not die immediately.

When the other companions rushed forward, it deliberately kept an eye on it and slowed down the dive.

It is indeed the right decision.

Its companions died before they could get close to Rod's body.

This scene made the bat demon frightened.

This is not a battle at all! But outright slaughter!

I have to run immediately!

The bat demon made a decision in an instant.

What is the difference between fighting such a monster and sending it to death?

So, immediately waved the flesh wings, rolled up the wind, a crack appeared in the subspace, and the bat demon directly drilled out and entered the human world from the subspace.

Ideas tie hands, the wind is tight!

Although there are also superiors and subordinates between demons, there is no master-servant and brotherhood, and since ancient times, the tactics of selling teammates have been brought into full play.

After coming to the human world, the turbid gas in the air filled the lungs of the bat demon, but he had never felt so relaxed.

After the strength is improved, the biggest feeling is that I fly faster. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

In the blink of an eye, it flew thousands of meters into the air.

Scold! Can't beat you, can I still run you?

After thinking about it, the moment he lowered his head, the bat demon went into cardiac arrest.

I saw a blazing brilliance that seemed to come straight from the abyss.

Before it could make any other moves, the endless heat completely engulfed the bat demon.

Then the fireball continued to rush high into the air, until the atmosphere was thin, and then automatically disintegrated and exploded into a fireworks.

Rhode, who is still in subspace, of course, it is impossible to let the bat-shaped demon go.

In a circle of demons, he could feel the most experience given by the demon that escaped.

And that's exactly what happened.

After blowing up that demon into a cloud of fireworks, the feedback gained more experience points than several demons tied together.

"A bunch of trash!"

Subspace domain.

The majestic and husky voice sounded like a large bell hanging from the roof of the church, lingering and echoing in this space.

But no demon can respond to it anymore.

The black fog surged like life, merging together to form a ball, and then a hideous and blurry image appeared on the surface of the spherical mist.

The head is like a goat with two horns left and right, and the eyes are darker than the night, looking down condescendingly at the figure in the mist.

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