Chapter 87

However, at this moment, the chat group sent another reminder.

[Dingdong~~~, detected an increase in group activity, now turn on the group live broadcast function. 】

[Dingdong~~~, detected that the group member "Rhodes" holds more than 50,000 points, and now opens the advanced lottery function. 】

Two consecutive announcements silenced the group for a moment, and then exploded.

Erina: "Hahahaha! It seems that even the chat group can't stand it! "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Although it's a little bad to say that, why did I suddenly have a strong idea that I wanted Rhode to be a group member mission?" "

Amelia: "Me too!" After all, we have known each other for so long, but we still don't know what Mr. Rhode looks like, which is really a little unfair! "

Rhodes: "I'm afraid that you will be disillusioned when you see my real person, and I have no choice but to .jpg." "

Lei Dianzhen: "It's okay, it's okay, we're not members of the Appearance Association, you guys say?" "

Erina: "Yes, yes, even if Mr. Rhodes is an old grandfather, I will not be disillusioned." "

Amelia: "Personally, as long as I am not the kind of person who is a big adulterer, I will treat everyone equally." "

Poison Island Rinko: "That... I, too, was curious about what Mr. Rhodes looked like. "

Rhodes: "Wait a minute, I suddenly found a very serious problem. "

Rhodes: "Why does the atmosphere make it look like you're on a blind date?" "

Spider: "Blind date? All right! "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Forbidden yes, the reason why you think so is because there is only one boy in this group, isn't it supposed to be curious about you?" "

Lei Dian Zhen: "So, little brother Rhode, hurry up and show people what you look like, hehe~~~"

Erina: "嘤嘤嘤~~~"

Amelia: "Hehe~~~"

Spider: "Break the formation!" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "You guys... Alas... Forget it, as long as Lord Rhode doesn't mind'. "

The other side.

Seeing that the girls in the group were all like this, the corners of Rhode's mouth twitched.

Obviously, when chasing Fan, all of them have a cold goddess Fan.

Why did he think that these girls were a little difficult to say?


Animation is animation, reality is reality!

The characters in the anime are the product of deliberate beautification, and in real life, how can someone be so "perfect" all the time.

If it's in public, it's normal, but in private you definitely won't let yourself be so tired.

What's more, after the collision of different group views and various cultures in the chat group, the goddesses who were once elegant and noble in their respective worlds do not need to maintain their image in front of the public and let themselves go to a certain extent.

Rhodes: "V I 50, the next mission will start a live broadcast, let you see what is real." "

Raiden Zhen: "50." "

Erina: "50. "

Poison Island Tsukiko: "50. "

Amelia: "50. "

Rod: "6. "

And looking at the chat records of the group of friends, Rhode also couldn't help it.

However, since the group live broadcast function is also turned on, he does not plan to break his word, so he is ready to open a live broadcast the next time he goes to the world of other group members, so that the sand sculpture group friends can have a good time.

If nothing else, Rhode's current appearance can be described as flawless.

Not to mention that it will make people fall in love at first sight, at least it will make people very comfortable to watch.

And if you want to open a harem in the chat group, naturally you can't hide it all the time.

Erina: "By the way, did you notice the second new group function?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "I see, the advanced lottery function says that it can use more points, which can make the probability of shipment higher, and I don't know if it's true." "

Spider: "I see, isn't this the up pool in the mobile game?" As for the probability increase, even if the probability of 0.001 is increased tenfold, it is only 0.01. "

Spider: "In my opinion, it's just a trick to Krypton, except of course for Krypton guys and Europeans." "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Awesome, a high-level lottery requires ten times the points, and a ten-year draw requires a full sixty thousand!" If you invest so much at once and don't ship it, it will be a loss! "

Butterfly Shinobu: "The advanced lottery function seems to have nothing to do with us Africans and the poor." "

Poison Island Junzi: "It's out of reach!" "

Rod: "Except for me, of course. "

Raiden Zhen: "? "

Raiden Zhen: "It's too much, please stop your flaunting behavior." "

Spider: "Go away!" Don't get in the way of me holding the big guy's thighs! "

Late-night chat groups became lively because of group messages.

But after all, the time is too late, so after the enthusiasm at the beginning faded, the group of friends also said goodbye.

And Rhode's figure flickered and teleported directly back to the café.

The newly arrived 50,000 points, because the appearance of advanced lotteries does not seem to be so much.

However, Rhodes did not intend to use points to draw.

After all, just like Leidian Zhen said, once it is not shipped, it is equivalent to losing money. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

If it's just an ordinary lottery, it's just that it hasn't been shipped, but if the high-level lottery can't be shipped for ten consecutive days, it's simply a blood loss to my grandmother's family.

His 50,000 points were hard-won, and naturally he had to use the blade.

Rhode went to the basement and began to study the training materials of the Warriors of the Land of Light that had been unlocked in the bracelet.

If he had obtained the power of the complete Saiga, then he naturally did not need to learn everything.

Choosing teleportation, eight-point light wheel skill, Rhode used the power of light to begin perception and training.

The skill of the eight-point light wheel is quite fast to learn, after all, this is just another use of the power of light, and the principle is the same as the Spichum ray.

The difficulty lies in controlling the power and flight speed of the light wheel, as well as the maneuverability.

After all, this thing is not careful, and it is very likely to split itself.

Normally, it takes at least several months for practice to make perfect.

However, with chat groups there, Rhode naturally doesn't need to be so troublesome.

Once you learn it and become a skill you have mastered, you can use points to strengthen it.

Rhode took a deep breath and decisively filled the proficiency of the eighth-point light wheel skill.

Although he lost nearly 20,000 points, Rhodes gained new happiness.

As for teleportation, there is no hurry.

And so, after a few days of peace and tranquility.

When Rhode opened the chat group again, he saw that something had happened to the world on the other side of the poison island.

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